The Attentionisto Who Is An Alleged Racist?

tumblr_njkgtpv8eB1tfl4yfo1_1280okay sooooooo…
^he did something to get the dragging he has been getting.
his name is gio and he is an attentionisto.
well gio allegedly is a racist as well.
i say allegedly because he had some sex leakage and well…










okay now go…

….sooooo how he is a racist,
but smashin’ that dark skin fox?

mWXqrmaybe i’m missing other parts of to this story.
this is what an f-bi sent me:

Jamari did you see the video of Lethal Escada? I don’t know if you remember but you posted him a while back and I spilled his tea on being a cross dressing escort. Well apparently he’s a racist too. They are dragggging him on  ( x myvidster ). he can still get it tho…

he is handsome with a crazy stacked bawdy..

…but if he is a racist,
then he is obviously a bad one!
that’s all i can take from this story.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “The Attentionisto Who Is An Alleged Racist?”

  1. But isn’t he dating a dark-skin black twink tho? I remember seeing his fotos on tumblr with his black boyfriend and isn’t Gio African American? So wait, who is he racist towards?

    1. Hey, Lindo!

      Just to correct a few things in your post. 1) Gio’s last boyfriend is the guy in this pic ( I don’t know if you consider him dark skinned or not, but that’s debatable. 2) Gio is actually Puerto Rican but likes to tell people he’s biracial, half black half Rican. He is anti-black and yes he has had sex with black men, but so too have slave masters. He was dragged for filth when he said Michelle Obama was a “damn uneducated black ass tranny” on his first Insta, which was quickly deleted. I was there when he tried to say Michelle’s Ivy League degrees were no different than a University of Phoenix (really, dude?). This guy works at TMobile and sells supplements on the side but loves calling black people ignorant, stupid, ect. He has issues with who he is and venerates whiteness at all costs. Not here for him.

  2. “So how is he a racist but smashing that darkskin fox?” That’s not how it works Jamari non black people can fuck a darkskin and have kids with them and marry them and still be racist as fuck. It’s called fetishization and it is apart of the reason somebody can be racist and still stick their dick in a black person. Look at snowflakes with black men, if you have ever seen the movie Mandingo you’d know that they will do what ever they want with a black man and still think they don’t mean shit because non black lighter skin people have power over black people and so fucking us don’t mean they will be anyless racist. whites used to force black men into fuckin them and then would get them arrested for rape (and quiet as its kept that still happens today).

    1. ^delonnie…

      thank you sincerely for correcting my ignorance.
      im appreciative for the comment.

      that should be a foxhole tag line:

      correcting my ignorance

      …or something to that effect.

      1. No problem I’ve been a lurker for a little bit and I finally found a post that made me have to make an account and put my two cents in, btw you’re not ignorant it’s whites who have trivialized the true social context of racism, making it about who you say you don’t like or who you stand won’t next to when it’s so much deeper than that, and they indoctrinated us all so don’t feel any type of way if you don’t know cause that’s their plan it’s not your fault.

  3. Based on the comments from Myvidster he made some pretty nasty remarks about black women on his instagram

  4. Stfu, what I can’t deal with is them comments on myvidster!😂 Jamari that is a jackal in disguise, he wears drag. He was in the comments trying to slap back and they came with the receipts on him.

    I still didn’t find out how this clown is racist but has sex with black men? It must be a fetish to him.

  5. I followed him for a while on Instagram and he makes more ignorant racist remarks than a white person about dark skinned people and black women. I unfollowed and blocked him I was so disgusted.

    He’s a prime example of a dumbass biracial person that makes the others look bad.

    I think his boyfriend whooped his ass and he posted the photos on Instagram for sympathy and I couldn’t muster up any for him with the stupid shit he says and posts.

    1. I was about to say something similar! I thought he was so attractive, but one night he posted a disrespectful meme about Black women (dark-skinned Black women if I remember correctly) and I had to unfollow him because I was so mad. Needless to say, I no longer find him attractive.

      1. Yes, I unfollowed him on IG too for the same reasons. So pretty on the outside but so ugly on the inside. What a waste.

      1. Bruh shouldn’t no grown ass man be getting his ass beat like that. Hell, I wouldn’t even be messing with no man that was capable of kicking my ass like that. Had me like “Damnnnn did he even poke the dude?”

      1. He posted multiple offensive memes concerning Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, dark skinned women, and black people in general. Almost like he does it to get a rise out of people so he can go off in the comment section.

        Only an idiot would still be attracted to him after seeing the dumb comments and posts he’s made.

        All that light skin doesn’t compensate for his ignorance and stupidity.

      2. He has photos all on the web with a quick web search on Bing or the Goog with his whole entire balloon knot showing, with a nice little ring of curlies surrounding his nice tight hole. That nigga definitely can and has taken cock. Look at it, and try and lie to yourself that you A) wouldn’t dine on it, B) that it hasn’t been jabbed to the prostate, and C) that you wouldn’t plow it for all it’s worth for your whole nut.

  6. i haven’t commented in a long time on here..but yeah this dude is DEFINITELY RACIST..he blocked me on IG for commenting..hes a handsome guy with a nice body no doubt..he will post a trey songz as a MCM but then also makes posts against Michael Brown, Treyvon Martin etc. He supported George Zimmerman. and most of the other memes he posts but are at black folks expense and he either blocks or deletes anyone that tries to educate him on his political views

      1. He is vary misogynistic and stricky dickey. a lot of girls follow him but he block them. He mean post about women. He ture down women when they try to ask him out

    1. Sadly Mikey, most of them do. They have some issues!!
      I used to mess with this phine ass dude many, many years ago..and he was the most insecure person I’ve ever known to this day. Most girls I know that have very handsome boyfriends always talk about their self esteem issues and how much they have to assure them, or that they are either possessive and obsessive (dealt with that too).
      Now when I see a very handsome dude, I’m always thinking in the back of my head…what are his issues? Brotha ain’t trying to be no babysitter and/or therapist. LOL

  7. His nude photos are all over the tumblrs. Several of him spreading for all to see. I don’t know why I thought he was hispanic. Frankly he looks like someone whow is no so intelligent.

  8. Did anyone see the video someone posted below on myvidster of this man dancing to Brandy?
    All that masc swag he tries to portray himself as being completely disappears.
    In typical fashion he won’t acknowledge his racism.
    That’s all people know how to do when confronted now and days.
    Just cover their ears and go “la! la! la! la!”.

  9. Chile cheese , go on Instagram and you see the mess. He openly supports all things republican, so him sleeping with black men may be a ego boost for him. He has a body , nice cakes , the dick in some pics look shopped , but other then that nothing special.

  10. My comment to Lindo is awaiting moderation! Jamari, I’m offended lol. Nah, it’s probably because of the Instagram link I posted to prove a point.

    Anyway, here’s an earlier video of Gio before all the muscles ( Gio claims to be a top yet his hole is as open as the grand canon. I don’t get it haha.

    And here he is before he decided to be a masc top bahahahah (

    I used to think that he was so attractive, but the anti-blackness that he posts on his social media (instagram and facebook) make my stomach hurt, literally.

  11. A. That isn’t the first time he has posted a sex clip there is one of him pre chest days of him smashing some dude. He has ass I’m sure those cheeks are mad loose.

    B. His ex have him one good ole best down, he posted receipts on his old IG page, you can click on the lipstickalley link in that myvidster comments section.

    C. Hes from Connecticut

  12. he fucks black to show us that he can get any black he wants despite being racist, he knows unfortunately how the blacks have a weakness for the lighties,with some tatts and a rough look (he has that masculine face that suits lighskinned men),i feel sorry for him to have such a hatred regarding a race of people that is part of,you can clearly see that he has negro in his bloodline
    stupid self

  13. Trump had two wives that were mexicans and he’s still racist. Plus even if Gio isn’t racist he’s an an a**hole

  14. Never really saw the hype over him. After I saw his nudes all over Tumblr, I’m like oh…he for everybody, nothing special.

  15. Personally, I do not think he is all that. Judging from what I have seen, I agree with the rest of you guys. This dude ain’t shit.

  16. Listen. I posted on Myvidster saying that he was racist af. I wasn’t the first to say he was racist but it type suprised me because I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I unfollowed him twice offa the Gram cause of the negative bullshit he would post about black women. He cute and all but I love my black people DOWN too much to be lusting over some fuck boy who works at T-Mobile as a sales associate and escorts on the side to make ends meet. Ain’t he a Revlon? Hmmm…. In my personal experience, I found that hispanics and other people of color are waaay more vocal in their disdain of blacks than whites are. So yall can carry on liking this piece of duck shit cause he’s light skinned and whatnot, but I know a fuckboy when I see one. Giovanni is a fuckboy, straight up and down.

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