andrew gillum and the hotel room that sealed his doom

what a way to fall from grace.
at least andrew gillum partied like a rock star before he fell off his pedestal.
so there was reports they were gonna release footage of the hotel room.
as you know,
he was caught up in a gay orgy/crystal meth sex scandal.
( x see past story here )
they said the room was a mess,
but i didn’t want to believe it.
the pictures were released and well via ““…

those glasses on the floor look like the ones andrew wears.

i’m hoping the bodily fluids are because of the overdose.
if they are because of anything else,
i’m gonna cringe.
ain’t no gay escort should be shittin’ all over the place.
there is no reason someone was overdosing in that situation.

here is an alleged picture of andrew in his own filth:

did someone record him on their phone???
my foxy senses feels like this was a set up.
what if they were allegedly hired to ruin him?
all we need is sex tape footage and it’s “over over“.

there is a valuable lesson to be learned here:


see: the rona.
if you have something to lose,
it can end you.
you have to be careful with who you get yourself involved with.
andrew was being backed by obama and other black celebs!!!!


you thought you were having a fucked up week because of the rona.
try being andrew gillum right now.

Imagine if he was elected governor of Florida with this kind of scandal?

i guess he was rejected for a reason.
let’s hope he learned something from this.

low-key: they said this was the year of karma.
i think we are all gonna experience karma in some shape or form this year.
good or bad,
it’s coming.

pictures cc: dailymail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

45 thoughts on “andrew gillum and the hotel room that sealed his doom”

  1. Yikes!! This ain’t pretty at all.. You think they set him up?

    This definitely isn’t his first rodeo I can say that much.

    1. ^this smells like a set up or something.
      that naked foot at the bottom is a big clue.
      it looks like a live video too.

      what if they set him up and he fell for the bait?

      1. Jamari, I definitely agree that it was a set up. It was all planned. Why would they take a phone of him naked like that. Why is the drugs on the bed? Did the escort even have a heart attack?

  2. I don’t see how he can recover from this. Not just his political career but I think his tv career is over.How can people watch him as a tv correspondent or give a speech and not think about these pics.I’m sure they drugged him but he still needs to explain why he was in the hotel room.And if there’s a video of him engaging in a sex act…This is bad, he needs a fixer.

    1. Y Colette

      “There was also a small bottle of an injectable medicine containing alprostadil which is typically used to treat erectile dysfunction and shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol”

      ^^^ they use injectable medicine in gay porn to keep the performers erect for hours. It’s injected into the penis…….yikes 😬

  3. Jamari I see another clue, Gatorade by the sink often mixed with GHB. Damn J, you definitely got the story of the day and I was waiting for it !!! This is why I don’t party and play. This could be a modern day movie of that 1980 “American Gigolo” now that movie was good!

  4. Why are people coming up with “set up” conspiracy theories? What did they have to gain by setting him up? He wasn’t a powerful governor nor a senator. Now if these are proven NOT to be evidentiary photos taken by the police then I’ll entertain the possibility of a “set up”. Until then it’s stupid talk. Andrew must take responsibility for his actions.

    Anyway, where did these photos come from? Were they taken by the police? If so were they leaked ? Omg

    1. ^if you were on my floor,
      throwing up,
      and i took a pic of you for whatever reason,
      would you be upset?

      lets say you were a public figure.
      you might have not been a governor nor a mayor,
      but you were backed by powerful people.
      you could have elevated to run once the current governor’s term was over.
      not only that,
      you were on often on various news sources.

      i think this is some bts drama that we don’t know about tbh.

      1. Okay, according to the Daily Mail those photos were supposedly obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. My question is, WHY is there a “barefoot” shown in one of the photos? Travis Dyson (the escort) was said to be unconscious and overdosing when police arrived. So who’s barefoot is in the photo? 56 yr old Aldo Mejias was the one to call first responders. He claimed to have found Travis and Andrew in the room when he arrived and immediately called police. Did he take he shoes and socks off? What in the cinnamon toast f*ck is going on?

        1. Maybe Aldo lied about when he arrived.Also I just read the police report there is nothing about Andrew being naked in the police report or about anybody being naked.I wonder why that wasn’t mentioned.Also there is no mention of the pills or the bottle of ED medicine.The report only mentions plastic bags of suspected meth.

  5. Ok the man was wrong, but this shit is just vicious and completely disgusting! I’m confused tho!? did the police release ALL these pics? Or Did the nude one come from someone else? Cause this just seems like a gross and DELIBERATE invasion of privacy!!! We dnt even see PRISONERS shown like this! And why the fuck is he the only one being show! If ur gonna release it, show that damn white man “convulsed” on the bed TOO! WTF!!!

    1. Bryan

      I agree.. where is the photo of the white prostitute? Also, that is clearly an unconscious Andrew Gillum laying on the floor with possible vomit or feces. Why and how was he allowed to go home by police after witnessing him in this state? I’m not saying he should’ve been arrested but perhaps taken to the hospital. Something isn’t adding up.

  6. Central Florida Post said with the “help of GOP congressional candidate Enrique Tarro they obtained a photo of what appears to be a methed out Andrew Gillium.”

    1. Thank you, Y Colette.

      More than anything that nude photo of him saddens and disturbs me. They could have just snapped his face on that vomit-covered towel, but they made sure to get images of his genitals too. It’s almost like a corpse photo, which is extreme upsetting.

      You can see some white feet, one standing on his hand in the bottom left, and it’s a livestream, so it makes me wonder if someone was livestreaming to someone else (in the GOP?), because cop videos usually are not live and no cop would be taking off her, his or their shoes during a crisis call like this. Who was behind this? Whoever it was, they are out to destroy this man, and they’ve pretty much done it.

      Fault him for being there, but all the signs (the GHB/gatorade, all those pills, the meth, etc.) suggest a situation that got out of control and now they have proof to ensure Gillum never can run as a politician or be on TV again. He should come out, ask the public for forgiveness, and get his story out before that escort does, though.

        1. Some people who use it mix it with Gatorade to dilute it and make it drinkable because it allegedly tastes terrible.

          Another interesting thing: there are lots of photos of the escort and now this horrible photo of Gillum. Are there any photos of Aldo Mejias? Who took that humiliating photo of Gillum that has “Live” at the top left? Also what streaming app or service has that logo?

  7. They didn’t set him up his dumbass made a stupid decision. BLACK MEN IN POWERFUL POSITIONS need to be held accountable for their decisions. Everytime they screw up we, the Black community, look for an imaginary boogeyman who set them up instead of calling their bs out. They bought a bad sample of meth and caused them all to screw up and be in a bad state of mind. The moral of the story is a bad decision can destroy your life and career. Also clearly he isn’t happy because he’s living a lie and it caused him to make reckless decisions. And also these Men are always so quick to get a white boy toy yet they turn on you the fastest. He had his nigga wake up like Paul Mooney said

  8. I agree with the folks in here who believe something is amiss. That photo with him naked on the floor was NOT taken by police. That barefoot suggests otherwise. If the police are still investigating this, why were the photos released? If they’re not investigating, why were they released? I’m unconvinced it’s Bc of an FOIA request. Candace Owens and other conservative trolls were the first to report this story. She tweeted Andrew was found naked, but nothing in the police report indicated this. How did she obtain this information? Was she tipped off by police? The escort? Someone else? These people have every reason to want this man’s career destroyed. It’s in their interest. He was their biggest threat. Something is not right here. It’s very possible Andrew met up with this man to have sex…. but things aren’t adding up to me.

  9. Candace Owens knew about the pics when the story broke. In the police report no one was described as naked. They said Andrew was leaning over a toilet throwing up. There is no reason for anyone to have pictures and on top of that to release them. His dumbass put himself in that situation but someone is trying to ruin his career. Candace nasty ass has something to do with this. That evil bitch.

  10. I could definitely believe it was a setup, but Andrew was in photos with this man being all chummy.

    He’s lucky he wasn’t arrested and charged with something as well in addition to all this humiliation. Although I can’t imagine why they didn’t arrest him…maybe they felt the fallout he was going to deal with would be enough.

    Still the fact remains he was hanging around some shady characters and had he been home with his wife and kids none of this would’ve happened.

    1. Andrew Gillum was not in photos being chummy with the escort, he was photographed with a former lobbyist, Adam Corey, who may have been his lover. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any photos of Gillum with Travis Dyson, the escort, or with Aldo Mejias, the “Dr.” who “discovered” Dyson and Gillum in the hotel room that the Dr.’s credit card paid for. If you have photos of Gillum and Dyson or Gillum and Mejias, please post them.

      Again, I feel really bad for Andrew Gillum. A sex scandal is one thing, but that nude photo of him is a tool to bury him and his life and career. It’s absolutely horrible that someone leaked it to Candace Owens (who said there was blood and feces on the bed, which there isn’t), the Daily Mail and anyone else.

  11. Gillum was set up. Probably by the so called “Doctor”. The room looks like it was staged to prove Gillum was hard partying and passed out. I think he was drugged, again by the doctor.
    1. look at the way the pills on the floor are spilled almost perfectly. Notice one pill bottle on the bed while the contents are artfully arranged on the nightstand.
    2. look at the towel beneath Gillum’s head while he’s passed out on the bathroom floor. Again, the towel seems arranged so that whatever that mess is on the towel is directly in line with his mouth. If he was throwing up, in that position, he probably would have choked to death. And there would be vomit outside the towel, not just perfectly caught with no leaking onto the floor. No one dribbles vomit, vomiting is an explosive act.
    3. In that same image, whoever is shooting the video is using their left foot to hold Gillum in place while they shoot the video. So clearly they were not looking to help him but rather to get what seem to be blackmail images. I suspect there are more images out there.
    Some other thoughts and questions:
    1. How did that vile Candace Owens know, well in advance, that there were images of Gillum in the room, and what the images captured?
    2. What’s the “Live” logo in the upper left corner of the supposed video stream? I can’t find it on any live streaming app that’s out there
    3. Were these images live streamed to Candace Owens or one of her cohorts? That would explain why she knew in advance what the images contained.
    4. Why are there no images of Dr. Mejias anywhere?
    5. Gillum has nothing to lose at this point. He should come out publicly and state-
    1. He has always struggled with his sexuality
    2. He had a substance abuse problem
    3. He was drugged and taken advantage of
    4. He is suing whoever took the pictures under revenge porn laws

    1. According to WPLG Local 10,the ABC station in Miami, Aldo Mejias is an “unlicensed physician”.I wonder what happened to his license?

      1. …and again, why are there no images of him anywhere. Is Aldo Mejias an alias? Did the police verify his ID?

        And yet more questions- Is it Mejias’s foot in the photo with Gillum passed out on the floor, holding him down? Did police review hotel video footage to confirm the time Mejias claims he arrived is actually true?

        I clearly have no answers for these questions, but I sure hope Gillum’s attorney can find them.

    2. Exactly. This is it. This was a set up. Candace Owens has her hands all over this, and she would want nothing more than to destroy a “liberal” in order to boost her public persona.

      1. Also notice the white foot holding down his left hand while he’s laying on the floor. This was deliberate.

    3. 💯 !!!! And REMEMBER this Florida we’re talking about!!! SCAM CENTRAL!!! I definitely believe the End goal was to have blackmail pics & video!!! They wanted to be PAYED for daysss!!! That man needs additional income to keep Dyson happy & posing for them damn Yacht pics on IG

        1. Wow.. so I imagine they’ll leak other images from time to time. I have a feeling there was no sex tape and the images being leaked are all of Gillum after they drugged him and he passed out.

          Gillum will have to fight back and hopefully is gearing up now with lawyers.

          Has anyone managed to decipher the watermark in the image? That’s a good place to start firing legal action against.

  12. In rehab he probably doesn’t have access to tv,social media,etc.When my cousin was in rehab she couldn’t make/accept phone calls for a period of time.I’m trying to look at the positive side of this hot mess.

  13. Wow this was most def a Right Wing Hit Job, they had to take him out because of his popularity in Florida, he was going to be able to turn out the vote big in Florida for the Democrats. They knew his weakness and exploited it,he had been up under FBI Surveillance before this, so he should have known better. No doubt the paid Snow Whore and even his old rumored white boo were all in on it and they used Black Bed Wench Candi to leak it so there was no white hands on it. If people dont think these Republicans are going to go down easy and lose power you better think again, these low down vile evil ass people will stop at nothing, and Democrats are sitting up being judgmental of their candidates and playing nice, they better get in the gutter along with them if they want to win. This is every Rep Conservative wet dream to humiliate a popular Black Male. They all stay up at night hoping they can get Obama like this, these people want to erase any positive Black males legacy. Andrew was not smart enough to see he was being set up. Thank you LostBoyz for seeing game on this situation. I hope these other politicians, entertainers, athletes and powers that be in the Black community need to understand these Snow people are not your friends, only use them to get your bag, like they use you for whatever you have they want. Just sad because this dude had the political smarts, the good looks and charm to go far in politics. I hope he can at least salvage something of his reputation to be able to still do good by the people.

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