the shocking twist in the andrew gillum scandal

ya know,
i’m quite shocked.
i didn’t expect this to go in this direction.
as you know from recent entries,
andrew gillum was thrown out to the jackals.
he pissed someone off and they are out to collect blood.
the general public has been shaming him for getting caught up,
calling him all kinds of “f” bombs,
but i’ve noticed…

A majority of the gay community has been really sympathetic.

forgive me for being pessimistic,
but most gays can be downright nasty.
they can be as bad as the straight oppressors.

what has happened to andrew seems like it was sent to destroy him.
he was sloppy af in banging some lowly escort,
but it seems like this wasn’t a genuine “you fucked up“.

It seems like he was pushed.

from how everything was looking in that room,
to the bare white feet as he is laying in his own bile,
it all seems rather “set up“.
i’ve been enjoying reading the foxhole’s commentary,
but i’ve been really impressed with the empathy being shown.

We don’t have to always tear some apart for their mistakes

i’m all for a public shaming,
but sometimes those same mistakes are used to fuel you.
next thing you know he comes out with a super muscle bawdy,
announces he’s gay,
and becomes a co-parent to his cubs while maintaining a new relationship.

it could happen.

let’s hope andrew can bounce back from this.
i’m concerned for his mental health than anything else.

18 thoughts on “the shocking twist in the andrew gillum scandal

  1. Thanks for this post, JamariFox. Outside of this site, on YouTube, on some popular Black sites like Mediatakeout and on gay sites like Data Lounge I see a lot of very negative, homophobic and/or moralistic comments about Gillum’s situation, so it’s good to read positive, affirming and understanding comments about the situation on here.

    Whoever got him into that hotel room seems to have had a plan to take him down. The staged pills, tha photo of him, all of it is so fishy. How they were linked to Candace Owens is an ongoing question but I think you or someone else mentioned that one way he could respond is by viewing that leaked nude photo as revenge porn. The right wing gay white writer who posted that image on Central Florida Post or whatever that rag is called really was coming for Gillum. Who knows what the network is behind this takedown. It’s bad, thouogh.

    He probably still has to come out or publicly deal with the “men in the room” issue. It’s one thing to be passed out drunk in a straight bar or club, but another to be so sick you can’t even flee or speak, with a male escort overdosing in the next room beside you. I hope he can find healing, love and support. A beautiful young brotha with so much promise is now in a bad place, and he needs all three, especially right now.

    1. You are absolutely right, that is the million dollar question he is not going to be able to avoid. If he got balls, plead the fifth and let the story die and force them to look at your career not your mistakes.

  2. He looks like he has some great ass though. Mildly thick with a tight hole.

    You said you hope he can bounce back. I wish I could be there for any of his bouncings back.

  3. What I don’t get or what I find extremely suspect is how quickly this thing escalated. It has been said that he sexuality was the worst kept secret on FAMU’s campus. If that was the case, I don’t see his wife accepting his marriage proposal, not based on my knowledge of her; our fathers worked together and she & I attended the same schools. She also attended FAMU.

    Regardless, Andrew managed to be elected mayor of the capitol of Florida and missed being Governor by less than 40k votes. How does he get that far only to screw up so publicly when it is reported that he is on the list of possible VP running mates for the Democratic nominee? I just don’t see anyone with that much to lose being that reckless.

    1. ^i read that she allegedly chased him down.

      his sexuality was the alleged talk,
      but she still wanted to be with him.
      i don’t know how true that is tho.

      i think he might have been the typical alleged insecure dl male.
      got the wife and kids,
      but it was a mask to divert those from witch hunting into his sexuality.
      if this was “the talk” amount people,
      and he wanted political power,
      of course he would marry and procreate with any vixen who was on his tail.

      1. I don’t think it was a mask. You have to have strong balls to be a black gay politician. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot got balls. Which is fine because we do have gay politicians but not that many are black. I believe that whoever is behind his political career, is forcing him to put on a wife and kids with a white picket fence agenda and its eating him alive. If this man is known around a campus for dick slinging or you know taking dick, he not living a lie. He is acting. I don’t know too many calm black women who gets the news her husband was found naked with drugs and a gay escort who claims they was never there to celebrate a wedding. What’s also funny is nobody backed up his story of a wedding either. This seems like a political arrangement that is falling apart. We might be looking at this wrong. Maybe he not hiding. Every excuse he is giving out is textbook. After hearing that the escort wasn’t charged and he decided to get a lawyer, I knew more was coming from this. This sounds exactly like something on Scandal. Why are you lawyering up? This definitely sounds like a setup. All of a sudden now pictures coming out… but no charges are being filed. Whoever it is, definitely is out to destroy him. They made sure the pictures came out. Then she chased him down to be with him. The more you keep reporting sounds more like this is a setup. Like think about it, she chased him down to be with him, yet she calm he was found naked with a gay male escort and she knows he wasn’t celebrating somebody getting married. That’s not adding up.

        1. Your theory is reasonable. Maybe I’m too close to it because I grew up with his wife. As far as I know, she has no political agenda, so her chasing him despite the “rumours” doesn’t jibe with who I know her to be and her personal family background.

  4. At the end of the day we all have done things we look back at and say “damn I did that”.
    He is human. He felt living a lie was the way to go to achieve his political goals.
    I wish him and his family well. 🙏
    Less judging more loving 💞

  5. I’m legit worried about his mental health. His moment of indiscretion cost him SO much, coupled with the humiliation. It’s one thing to have been caught, but the photos…….. I’m not sure I could survive that. I feel so bad for him. I hope he has good people around him who will lift him up. I hope they don’t abandon him now that he has to piece his life back together and will likely lose access to the powerful rooms he once had. I feel horrible for his family, his wife, his kids. These ppl sought to destroy him, and it looks like they won. It’s sick.

  6. I think it’s because he seemed like a good caring guy. Had he been some anti gay Republican or some attentionisto who constantly looked down on other people I can see people being a lot more vicious. It comes off as sad instead of, “I knew that asshole had things in his closet.” Has he ever given off, “I’m better than you,” vibes to anyone?

    1. ^he seemed very humble to the public.
      had a lot of support from black folks in the industry.
      obama was backing him.

      him being married and dl is the only thing that brings him to judgment.

    1. That we aren’t assholes to every other gay/bi man who is in a vulnerable position.

  7. I doubt him and his wife will get divorce, but this incident may privately end their relationship. The politicians and their wives have to keep up appearances and we know how that goes. Andrew has probably been privately living this way since his early twenties, he was bound to get caught up eventually. Where were the NDA’s though????

    1. Exactly! If you are a politician and you are hiring a gay escort, always have a NDA

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