the rona is trying to destroy new yawk

this rona is really real.
i don’t understand why folks aren’t taking this serious.
new yawk is looking like a war zone with this shit.
i saw this article just now via “the post“…

The coronavirus killed city residents at a rate of more than one per hour on Friday.

Between just 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., 14 people in New York City died from the virus, pushing the Big Apple’s total death toll to 43.

The toll had been 29 prior to Friday’s jump in deaths.

It was the first time that the city’s single-day toll had hit double digits.

And the city’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, warned New Yorkers that double-digit daily deaths may well become the new normal, at least for a time.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to a day when we have double-digits new people dying every day,” she said at a City Hall press conference Friday afternoon.

…and just had to calm myself down.
folks were outside yesterday because it was so warm.
no one was following social distancing or keeping themselves in the crib.
this is very alarming:

At 1,750 Brooklyn has the most COVID-19 cases followed by 1,514 in Queens, 1,402 in Manhattan, 736 in the Bronx, and 285 in Staten Island.

 i’ve realized something with all of this:

People think with their egos

ego will be the downfall of america.


folks can’t be with themselves either,
but that’s another story.
this shit is so wild that it feels like a nightmare.
i’m praying always for the foxhole.

article cc: ny post

8 thoughts on “the rona is trying to destroy new yawk

  1. New York not the only state. Florida doing the same thing. Them kids flocked to the beach and then 19 people got the virus, now the beach is shut down. That’s my thing, everybody has the right to do what they want but when your stupidity effects what I can do later, I have a problem with that. You rather be your own person and not listen to people so they shut it down for everybody else. Yo ass dies, now we punished and you buried. That’s not fair and it’s not right. They said two weeks and people act like its two years. You are free to go out and get some air, why do you need to be around more than 10 or 50+ people to get some air? I think its funny how they keep saying to prevent the virus wash your hands with soap and water. Yet people are steady looking for tissue, paper towels and masks. Nobody buying soap in bulk. Nobody washing their hands. That’s crazy.

  2. Half of all people in new York state live in New York city.
    If the governor mandated that all abandoned homes in the state get occupied by half of NYC, outside of usual self centered “not racist😶😒” white backlash, everything would be solved.

  3. 61,000 Americans died from influenza during the 2017-2018 flu season. The lowest number of people to die in one season was 12,000. (source CDC)

    Those numbers are astonishing, yet no lockdowns, no mass hysteria. If people are going outside it’s their right to do so. I don’t like the idea of the government telling me I can’t go to the f*cking park or beach for fresh air. And I don’t like Nosy Nancys and Karens trying to shame people who exercise their liberties. If you wanna stay inside and watch CNN all day while being driven to panic that’s your choice not mine.

    1. And that’s why people are steady dying with numbers like that. Yet you are right. There is nothing anybody can say to change that. Its a fact. The thing is, I rather the virus die then me so I will stay my ass in the house.

  4. Order from online groceries if you can. Wash your hands. Take garlic, vitamin C and elderberry supplements. These are the symptoms:
    Coronavirus=DRY Cough+fever NO sore throat&sniffles1st wk/1/5 vomiting/diarrhea day 3-8& 1/7 short of breath day 8+(seek care immediately if SOB)

    Influenza=sudden onset SEVERE muscle aches+HIGH fever (feel like “hit by truck”) often sore throat+sniffles, Bronchitis=green phlegm

  5. Not surprising really. Young people, I mean idiots think they’re indestructible anyway, that absolutely nothing will happen to them. Until it eventually bites them in the ass!!

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