when the foxhole first sent me the trailer for “bad boys: los angeles“…

…i thought it was a joke.
it is a real thing on zeus and bad girls club,
natalie nunn,
is behind it.


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it stars all the popular gays on rihanna’s social media.
milan christopher and andrew caldwell are two of them.

Sidebar: I guess this is the gay’s version of Bad Girls Club?

andrew caldwell claims he was sexually harassed while being on the show.
this is was his statement per his ig


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oh wow.
if the allegation is true,
this is serious if he had to get his agency to propose a statement.
i wonder if any other cast members were subjected to any abuse too?
i’m glad he spoke up for other victims to come forward!
no one needs to be sexually assaulted while doing what they love!
i haven’t watched,
and probably won’t since i don’t do reality,
but it seems andrew was bringing the drama on there:


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oh wow.
this is the type of entertainment that reality show watchers love.

lowkey: my reality show would be kinda boring.
it would be traveling the world,
getting cultured,
buying nice shit,
attending fly events,
and ridin’ my manz like a pony to these destinations.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. I watched the free preview on Zeus channel and this show is TRASH. Absolute. Trash! Andrew Caldwell was like a Roman candle of messy drama that burned out before the show got started. Then he hid and quit. He is pure absurdity in human form.

    All the remaining participants/contestants/whatever-they-are were not in the house an entire day and had FIVE fights, some of them so ridiculous it wasn’t even funny, it was just annoying AF. Two of the men are straight, supposedly, and one is a dumb homophobe. Then they have two random Blackified White queens. Uh, no thank you. The rest of the house is gworls who act like they are on something, drunk, loud, ready to throw down. Not a good rep of Black gay/queer folks at all!

    I don’t know if this is how people are operating these days but I want no part of it.

  2. I believe him.

    Remember when Usher had the herpes drama and everyone said the big girl was lying? She didn’t have herpes but DID have relations with him.

    That’s what happens. Because you don’t “fit the mold” people think you can’t be harassed. Look at who Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated with.

    Also, because it’s Andrew, people will say “He’s just looking for attention”.

    Let me tell you this, why hasn’t Andrew accused any of the men at those predatory churches he was at who clearly did something to him? I guarantee Andrew has an Eddie Long in his past.

  3. I figured the possibility of a sexual assault could happen. I am iffy on whether I believe it since Andrew is one of the biggest stunt queens in the gay community and Milan is not that far behind. The whole network is a entire mess.

  4. Milan did a live where he made elusive statements about production and crew being devious behind the scenes, and how it was unprofessional, I wonder if the two are related.

  5. The sissiness of it all. ♥️😁 👏
    A clacque/clique of bottoms.
    Everyone sharing tampons and maxipads. WOW. Waddaya expect? A 🔥mess.

  6. Well looks like this won’t get a Season 2. Its too scripted to fight. People already not feeling it. They was looking for a different version not the Atlanta gay version. Mr. Milan I don’t fight all of a sudden fights now. This shit is too scripted for them to fight.

        1. I guess you didn’t see Kordell showing his cakes and all of the gay rumors and that Porsha was a beard. DL men go for the prettiest women dude.

          1. Yeah but that don’t mean Kordell was gonna go from Porsha to broke Andrew. Let’s be real, a DL dude wouldn’t touch Andrew because he’s too mouthy.

  7. When I saw that he was on this show ( Any show) I was incredibly surprised. This dude is a LIABILITY!!!!

    He is so unstable. Like Kanye West without the Money and Talent. I really feel that he needs psychological assessment and help.

    Zeus network and anyone else who features Her…er… uhh… I mean…. “Him” get what they deserve for taking advantage of what I view has a mentally challenged individual

    1. ^the public made him a star so…

      he makes for entertainment since he is all of those things.
      folks love a train wreck until its a bloody mess.

      1. I hate the way us gays are constantly portrayed. It’s so annoying and taxing! They just breathe life into the stereotypes that I spend everyday trying to tear down. Smh!

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