All Dogs Go To Heaven

rhoa-s6-ep12-kenya-velvetwatching #rhoa tonight,
i really felt sorry for kenya moore.
of course people were laughing at her online,
but only certain kinds of people would understand.
if you didn’t see the episode,
then you shouldn’t go underneath the break…

so kenya’s dog of seven years,
was murdered by another dog outside her home.
kenya was a wreck.
she actually witnessed her dog die in front of her.
i really was torn up for her.
i felt her pain because i am an animal lover (duh).
animals always seem to love me as well.
i often hear people say:

“my cat/dog doesn’t like people so watch out!”

…but then they would be shocked because that same cat/dog would be over me.
i’ve even been dry humped by a big ass dog.
i don’t even want to talk about it.

big-bang-theory-tiredso my family had a cat that we had for like 5 years.
the cat came from an abusive home and we were told she was scared of people.
when she first came into our crib,
she literally ran and hid.
i went and tried to calm her down because i knew she was in a new environment.
she came out shortly after and never left my side.
my father,
who hated animals in general,
drew really close to her as well.
after my mother passed away,
i had to move in with my aunt and i couldn’t take the cat with me.
i made the decision to take her to animal shelter to find her a good home.
i didn’t want to,
but there was nothing else i could do.
the lady allowed me to have a moment with her before they took her away.
it wasn’t until they took her cage,
and i heard her meowing like crazy,
that i started bawling.
i mean i was cryyyyyiiiinnnngggg like this was a human being.
they told me they would keep her for like 30 days,
but if they couldn’t find a home for her,
they would have to put her to sleep.
due to lack of space and how old she was,
they put her to sleep in 10 days.
i was so depressed and cried for a really long time.
my aunt who passed away,
being the megatron bitch she is,
didn’t get it or understand why i was so upset.
i told myself after that i wouldn’t get another pet,
but after being around people who have animals now,
i would try my luck with another.
maybe a dog this time.

people who aren’t pet lovers wouldn’t understand kenya’s pain.
hell you probably wouldn’t understand mine either.
i’ve seen wolves broken down because they had to put a dog to sleep.
my godmother had to put her dog down and she was bawling.
i remember being young and hearing her screaming from the waiting area.
you get attached to these animals and they become your family.
years go by and they damn near in your will.
maybe kenya will probably try her luck with get another dog.
 nothing will compare to the one she lost.

BklAzE_CYAApMgkrip velvet.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “All Dogs Go To Heaven”

  1. Aaaawwwww!

    To be honest, I’ve never cared for animals. i don’t think it has anything to do with them tho. It has more to do with me being raised around people that never took proper care of their animals. I’ve seen the worst of the worst. Major hair shedding, malnourished, rough and wild. I formed the opinion in my head that animals were nothing but stinky dirty creatures that left their hair every where they went. I still can’t stand them because of those awful childhood memories I have of them. I can see where you’re coming from. I used to think “Why are they crying for a funky ass animal.” It wasn’t until they started those animal abuse commercials that I realized I actually do have sympathy for animals. I don’t wanna see them abused or hurt. I was around two dogs that came from abused homes but of course my dumb relative didn’t take good care of them and they both died painfully horribly slow deaths.

    I’m thinking about getting a pet just to see them from a different perspective. I’ll take care of pet real good, unlike my dumb ass family members. My pet would probably end up being a smug bitch because I’d spoil it. I thought about getting a cat but I’ve never heard of Black people owning cats. I was surprised to read you had one. The only cat I know of was owned by the same dumb relative that didn’t take care of the two dogs. I don’t know what happened to it but I think it either ran away or died horribly.

    That little cute puppy was murdered tho. That’s so sad. 🙁

  2. My eyes watered a little as I watched that scene. I do not like seeing women break down and cry like Kenya did, I do not know what it is. I have always been like that. I guess that comes from my straight side lol. When my girlfriends cried, it made my eyes water a little. Seeing people sad sometimes makes me sad. I can admit that as a man. RIP Velvet.

    The therapist who came for Kandi and Mama Joyce was FINE as hell man. He was built too. I just flipped it back to watch him.

    1. ^yeah i nearly teared up watching that scene.
      she seemed genuine about the dog’s death.
      as she should.
      seven years she got to know what dog.
      for the dog to be murdered like that.
      real sad.

    2. Man, the same thing happens to me when I see people(especially females) cry.

      I also thought that counselor was fine as fuck.

  3. I feel Kenya’s pain…idk what I would do if something happened to my dog. She’s my ride or die lol. Cynthia’s reaction was priceless. I replayed it like 3 times

  4. Well I can’t watch that scene .I love animals especially cats.My current cat who I got in 1999 is having health issues so I can’t handle watching her grieve her dog’s death.RIP

  5. I love animals to some they’re just pets but to those with a better understanding they can be the best friends you’ll ever have in this world.

  6. Jamari: I understand your love of animals. I was raised with a menagerie — dogs, cats, fish, hamsters even a parakeet. My mother is a great animal lover as well — I have known her to cry harder for a lost dog than a dead relative, no lie. My family dog died two years ago from cancer. My ex-wife would not even wait for me to get back from Puerto Rico to take him to the vet and be with him when he was euthanized. That was one thing made me realize how crazy and insensitive she was. I commute between DC and Baltimore so having a dog is out of the question. But I’m thinking about a cat. I think I will name him Del Gato.

  7. I am not an animal lover, but I felt so bad because one thing I believe in life with all creatures and when people laugh about another living creature dies then you obviously need help.

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