ocd_logo_black1i think i have ocd.
a mild case.
i think…

i am very particular with how i like things.
i think i got it from my mother.
she was a SUPER clean freak and ocd prone.
it actually annoyed my father,
but he was use to her craziness.
its like she could tell if i moved something when she wasn’t home.
i grew up thinking she had cameras hidden everywhere.
tumblr_m2i6ssNsAm1r0oxugo1_500shit yes i was.
she hit hard.
either way,
her shit rubbed off on me.

so i got my cable back last week.
can we say,
“thank god”.
i been streaming for a while because i couldn’t afford the joys of live tv.
even tho i got use to that,
i missed watching tv on my big screen with the surround sound.
ever since i got the cable back tho,
i have been obsessed with making sure the hd is crisp and vivid.
i want the MOST of my hd experience.
i need every color to pop,
every flaw and pore,
curves on butt cheeks and potential prints,
and i need to feel like i’m there in real time.
tumblr_mmg2kwEA1l1s8olx2o1_500 tumblr_lr7zncl1fG1r2p1wjo1_500UH!
anyway i finally got it to a perfect setting after obsessing over it.
i could see the outline of king james jock strap as he played.
don’t even get me started on the curve of chris paul’s cheeks.
on his face.
yeah i’m a weirdo.
i guess this explains why i’ll check everything twice before i walk out the door.
i even unplug things only to re-plug them when i get back in the house.
don’t judge me.





vince_omgomg i can see you judging me!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “OCD (ONLY CREATING DRAMA)”

  1. You are not alone Jamari. I obsess over certain things too. I constantly play with the settings on my stereo to make sure I’m getting the best sound. If I pay good money for something, I want to utilize it to the best of its ability and get the best quality possible

    1. That is strange because all of the sounds sound the same to me. I hardly hear a difference. I just pic the one with the most base lol.

  2. Y’all Foxes are picky man lol. It’s cute tho.

    Are you the type that unplugs the tv, the microwave, and all the lamps before you leave home? I can’t with people like that lol.

  3. I’m the type that unplugs shit when I’m not using it. I don’t trust the government. Why does a light need to stay on to let you know something is off? That’s that sneak shit. Are bill is going up because the shit ain’t actually off.

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