A Word For (and With) Nicki Minaj

tumblr_nxn3rexcHz1u1u8nwo1_500ya know,
i like nicki minaj.
something about her…
i mean i can say i’m a fan.
i own most of her music and some of her mixtapes.
so as a fan,
i’m entitled to my opinion when she posts this rant on twitter…



















giphyoh nicki…
can we talk for a second?
i feel like everyone should have a “jamari fox” in their life.
i’ll get you on the straight and narrow.
you know how sad i was when you released,
“anaconda: the lost verses”?

here i am thinking it was going to be a whole new song.
a new beat and some new verses.
as soon as “baby got back” came on,
i turned that shit right off.
that has got to be the WORST song from your collection.
i feel you need to pretend it was a mistake.
sort of like what we do when we think of george w bush.

for you to say you go “toe to toe” with our favorite male rappers…
well of course you will always stand out.
you are on tracks with all dudes.
we sit and look forward to what you gonna spit.
“monster” being my favorite verse of all.
eminem murdered and ate you for dinner on “roman’s reloaded”.
just sayin…

if you want to really show your “skills”,
hop on a track with all vixens.

remy ma
foxy brown
salt n pepa
queen latifah
mc lyte
yo yo
missy elliott
…or your arch nemesis,
lil kim

…and body them.
that is when we will call you “queen”.
remember when female mcs would do shit like this:


…aahh the good ol days.
now that was music.
i don’t know what this new shit they trying to pass off is.

so of course you are great right now nicki.
you have no competition.
none whatsoever.
your ass and titties have nothing to do with it.
a little,
but not a lot.
i’m a little confused how people are not giving you props tho.
didn’t you win a shit ton of awards this year?
for me,
jamari fox,
its all about the music and right about now,
you are winning by default.
if this is the “music” you are putting out to win,
i’m def gonna need you to get back in the studio.
“the pink print” was the start in the right direction.
lets try to challenge ourselves even further for 2016,
shall we?

i look forward to seeing you next year.

lowkey: …and do you have to date meek mill?
he is okay,

but he is bringing your “stock” down mama.
do better.
there is a “russian billionaire” somewhere out there with your name on it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “A Word For (and With) Nicki Minaj”

  1. I like Nicki, at first I wasn’t really a fan of her music, but I have come around. I prefer her when she’s the guest in someone else’s song, because most of the time on her own singles (when it’s just her rapping) it be kinda weak with the two exceptions being Boss ass bitch and Looking ass niggas for me. I don’t care for her when sho does the whole bubble gum pop side but I know it’s for this white coins.

    This whole rant is unneeded, she’s not the best female mc out here. Like you said Jamari she’s the only one at the level she at for right now. Nicki humble yourself you haven’t had one album that has been amazing to the point where I’ve seen you grow as an artist.

    1. ^”boss ass bitch” was pretty damn good.
      i’ll even give her a pass for “lookin’ ass pineapple”.
      she is always better when she is a guest.
      she makes a lot of mistakes.

      she is not humble.
      this is why people want to see her fall.
      maybe nicki needs a break?

  2. I hollered just now this entire entry is how I feel like the only thing I’ve seen her on with multiple was the video for my chick bad remix with Eve, Trina, Diamond however her actual verse is only on the original version with Luda. Nicki isn’t the best lyrically. Da Brat was spitting better than that in the 90s, not to mention Brat was the first platinum female rapper .Missy sold millions with her clothes on so again like you said Nicki is winning by default but hopefully 2016 will bring diversity to female rappers in the game tired of Nicki always complaining. A queen doesn’t have to keep reminding folks she’s royalty it’s already a given.

  3. Nicki has no receipts though. She doesn’t push albums and lyrically she’s just ok.

    She was hungry on that Monster verse but she has no classic songs.

  4. I don’t see the point of telling Nicki to humble herself when there are tons of male rappers who are less talented and wayyyy more cocky. That’s the mindset that Nicki seems to want to eliminate. She articulates that time and time again but it seems to go over people’s heads. I guess she can be less abrasive when delivering the message? Idk.

    However, I do agree that she can step her music up quite a bit (especially her solo music) but a lot of the “criticism” she receives is really rooted in misogynior, in my opinion.

  5. Your right she has no competition! That’s why she competes with the Males… It’s not her fault that female rap game is in the toilet and if it wasn’t for Nicki’s success then none of the labels would even be letting female rappers have a budget for they album… And that goes for female rappers both past and present..: I can’t hate, she gets nothing but respect from me! I actually like how cocky and confident she is… The male rappers talk about how they the best and the King of New York and don’t nobody have nothing to say about that!

  6. I don’t know why she need to on track with female to proove herself, she did good with male and that’s good enough. eminem ate her, eminem ate Jay too but Jay is still GREAT. Is nicki at her level? No but she’s great too. She doesn’t need to humble herself, people need to let her live and give props where props are due. Male rappers are so cocky but it’s only when a female stand for herslef that her “cockiness” is too big. Nicki is write she accomplished so many things that a female mc could only dream of. To say she winning by defalult is a lie, they’re pleny of good female rappers, they’re just not on nicki level.

  7. I can’t take you seriously caping for Nicki when none of her solo albums have been good or anywhere close to classic.

    I’ve listened to Lil Kim and Missy Elliott albums all the way through and jammed every single cut, Nicki maybe has two decent hard cuts per album.

    She’s a feature artist.

  8. Lol! Shame on you for expecting something better from Anaconda. I saw the name and with Nicki already knew what it meant.

    Jay is right, she may be more popular than Lil Kim now but i don’t think she’ll be remembered as long as Lil KIm or Missy Elliott. I’m not a fan of rap but i have to admit Missy Elliott is fire!

  9. I think when people make fun of her for songs like, “Anaconda” or “Stupid Ho”, they missed the point of why she wrote them.

    She didn’t write them to prove she’s the best rapper, she wrote them because they have greater mass appeal. They will cause more controversy, and that drives album sales up. And, most of all, White people like music like that, and they BUY music.

    Not everyone wants to hear dope bars, some people just want something they can get turnt to while driving to the club.

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