a “Jesus, give me strength” type of situation (my thought are unclean)

have you been in a situation,
i’m sure many of you have,
where someone took their shirt off and it was like…

give me the strength

i’ve been in many of those situations.
some on purpose; many by accident.
i’m surprised i didn’t spontaneously combust.
i put the following video on the foxhole ig today.
i want answers


give me the strength…”

thick daddy on the left with the ripped jeans >>>this looks like a marvin bienaime casting call.
does anyone know the origin of this video?
why are all these shirtless wolves wearing blue jeans?
and where can i sign up to apply baby oil?
someone help me.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “a “Jesus, give me strength” type of situation (my thought are unclean)”

  1. Experience guys with out a shirt on or totally nude will wreck your nerves. Don’t let be phine and sexy too. It will make you take a deep breath to calm down.

  2. I have this feeling with this sexy ass personal trainer at my gym who walks around in his vest and shorts whenever he isn’t doing his daily shifts with clients. He’s tatted, tall & muscular.

    He looks like Stevie Kush but with more facial hair (link below)


    Whenever I see him I freeze up mentally and try to look the other way because the man knows he fine so he loves the attention lol. And my thoughts just go to a dirty place. There’s another middle eastern guy who walks around my gym in his tight vest too and his body just pulsates through his clothing. I get the same feeling for him also.

    The gym can be a blessing & a curse at the same time. You can meet really cool people there & get your summer body but you will also run into very attractive people regularly where staring at them is the most you will ever get to do with them. It’s like mental porn whenever you see them.

  3. I think this is the fraternity Phi Beta Sigma calendar shoot from last year. Blue jeans because their colors are blue and white.

  4. I could be mistaken but it seems as though I saw this from a texas photographer who had a model call for physique/ underwear models for some project they were working on

  5. Spa settings are the worst, I’ve seen gorgeous man, get butt naked with my very eyes. They shave, groom, and talk to you naked as if it was casual conversation . Can’t tell you how many times I’ve focus my attention on other body parts yet I keep myself in control

    1. Damn, that would be torture for me and I’m the type of broad that likes to grab so I would definitely have to show some restraint but at least you get to have a front row to all of that oh to be a fly on the wall just for a day. 😂

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