a foxholer has smoke for shaggy and his claims on homophobia in jamaica

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if ya’ll know the caribbean as i do,
i feel like those two flags would get up and start fighting each other.
you know how jamaica is with homophobia.
some of them probably see a rainbow in the sky and think the sky is gay.

so the entry about shaggy got the conversation started in and on the foxhole.
as you know,
or didn’t,
shaggy said that most homophobic attacks in jamaica happen between gays in crimes of passion.
( x see it here )
 a foxholer who lives in jamaica and chose to remain anonymous wanted to dispute shaggy’s claims.
this is what he sent me on ig

i certainly believe it.
i grew up in barbados and they would shame anyone for being gay.

Storytime: there was a male that lived in the gap behind my grandmother’s crib that was gay.
I was told he was crazy and wore women’s clothes.
He never left his house because of it.
I was told not to ride my bike behind there because he would snatch me up and rape me.
Needless to font,
I always rode my bike past his house because I was a rebellious little one.

One of my female cousins,
whom I don’t know,
told me how she and my mother were actually cool with him.
My mother would pick him up and they’d hang.
Hearing that made me wonder if my mother would have accepted me being gay.

i’ve always heard rumors of how it’s really dangerous to be gay in jamaica.
it was never crimes of passion like shaggy claims,
but hyper-masculine jackals expressing their hatred.
in a nutshell…

Shaggy is full of shit.

you can’t pull the wool over the eyes of those who actually lived in the caribbean.

lowkey: i’m gonna font something controversial…

I’d have a hard time dating any male from the Caribbean or Africa tbh

there is too much un-resolved shame many males from the caribbean carry with them.
it was hard af for me to even accept i liked males.

they are comfortable being a thief in the night for your buttcheeks.
i’m not saying we gotta hold hands in the streets but sheesh.
the dick can be goooooooooood but it’s like you gotta throw away the human attached to it.

Am I wrong for thinking this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “a foxholer has smoke for shaggy and his claims on homophobia in jamaica”

  1. Yeah, Shaggy is full of all kinds of shit but the truth ain’t nowhere in it. I met a guy online from Jamaica who used to video me on Facebook and WhatsApp crying and begging me to help him leave Jamaica because he was so scared for his life and dying. He’s told me MANY horror stories about gay males being beaten, burned, and chopped to death. He said they’ll even do it to tidied they suspect are gay so I don’t know where Shaggy is getting his lies, I mean, info from but it’s false

    1. I think everyone knew that, even if Shaggy wasn’t intentionally being full of shit, he is, in the least, out of touch. He doesn’t know what’s going on in the trenches over there, any more than Jay Z knows what’s going on in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Hell, I get annoyed listening to ‘The Breakfast Club’ and hearing them talk about ‘black issues’ as if any of them have a clue what’s really going on. Did yall catch the episode where they were saying how men over 30 ‘shouldn’t have roommates’ and be ‘sharing toilets’, (but of course, it’s ok for women). 0 consideration for expensive cities, because their board op who just bought a home was vouching for why, w high ass rents, yes, str8 ppl, EVEN MEN have roommates. Still, 0 ‘ding ding ding’ moments, but they’ll be the first ones talking about how covid has ppl struggling.

      My bad on the diatribe, but it’s shit like that. Blk ppl put sooo much juice into celebs, and most, are out of touch, and eventually, start thinking from their stock portfolios. I get it, but don’t pretend to speak for regular nigas from bk because ur black and have a mic. Fuk that!

      And I hurt for that young man in Jamaica. All I can say is, I hope he can rustle up enough money to make his way here to the states where he stands a better chance.

      And Jamari, blk ppl every where are dealing w trauma. A sensible man from Jamaica beats a hoodrat niga from Georgia, any day.

      1. ^ i need more sensible and less idiotic.

        a majority of black men are dealing with trauma.
        gay or straight.
        generational curses run really deep.

        1. I had started a podcast on that

          I think the double standards that seem to favor women are because when a group is marginalized they’re allowed certain grace . Black women are some of the most disrespected on earth by Black men, even. So there’s a new movement to level the playing field and disgusting behavior is respected in the name of “feminism”

          Womens rights are constantly at stake so people almost laugh and mock things like abortion on social media (which makes me cringe) I’m pro choice but why are tweets going viral like “he got me pregnant but I’m sending the baby back to God! Hot girl summer!” That’s so crass to me

          And the delusion perpetuated, that every women thinks she’s gonna wind up with a Russell Wilson , despite not being near Ciaras caliber (people forget she was a Grammy winning multi millionaire when Russell was a teenager )

          But is Shaggy even a resident of JA? I know he’s from there and relocated to New York . I mean nicki is born in Trinidad but she’s not living there and hasn’t in 30 years . Not sure if he knows first hand what he’s talking about

      2. Jason, you make a good point so the diatribe is fine.

        These folks talk like they’re out here struggling, when that’s not the case. That is why I give no credence to these celebs/radio & television personalities when they speak like they really know what’s going on in the “hood” or “burbs”. At one point they may have, but their situations may have changed. They no longer live that life. If they do go back to where it all started, you can bet they’re not staying there long! LOL

        They more or likely get their info from friends and family that are still where they once were.
        I don’t listen to radio anymore, and never listened to the Breakfast Club (even though I think Envy is a cutie) but even though Charlamagne can talk some sensible points at times…I don’t hold his word as the gospel, like so many folks do. He is a messy dude (still), and folks like that I don’t “f” with.

        But to your point, they are acting like it’s easy to live here in NYC. That’s not the case…at all! The rents are ridiculous for the space you get, and you more than likely have to get a roommate if you want a nice place. Blacks aren’t getting the great salaries like their white counterparts, who can go out and get a $2K-$3K monthly rental. They’re talking that hyper-masculine BS, and when guys do that it makes me wonder about them more than the folks they’re talking about.

        1. Exactly. But then Charlemagne will turn around, while there’s a woke female guest who he has deemed worthy of not being disrespected, and talk about how much of a problem toxic masculinity is. I used to listen to them on my drives, but I had to unsubscribe immediately after that. The audacity of rich ppl sitting in the studio minimizing real world struggles. That show is toxic.

  2. OK full disclosure- I’m Gay and I live in Jamaica, not al my life but since 2018. So where do I start on this issue? This will be lengthy , but bear with me its complicated .

    Let me start by saying a lot of our cultural norms that exist in Jamaica, and by extension the other Caribbean islands, became the norm because of our history. Homosexuality was used as a deterrent, a demeaning of the black man’s image, to ensure he was docile and to remind him to whom he belonged. Like whipping, flogging or lynching, sex by the white man or forcing a black man to rape another black man was abusive and it was seen by the slaves as abhorrent. These sexual activities happened in front of the slaves. This psychological trauma is probably the single reason why our CULTURE abhors homosexuality and especially the out spoken and unbridled display of homosexuality. History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are but, more importantly, what they must be.

    Homosexuality exist in EVERY FACET of the Jamaican culture, from the home to the hallowed grounds of government. It is a part of the human existence. We cannot get away from it or get rid of it. The world knows this and Jamaica knows this. 90% of Jamaicans CHOOSE to keep their sexual lifestyle PRIVATE for many reasons, the other 10% choose to live their lives out loud. That 10% are the ones that have problems. To break it down even further, within that 10% is a class hierarchy. The Upper Class that live out loud are seemingly more ‘safer’ than the dirt poor or the OUT working class. Poorer people will be chopped or mobbed and forced to leave their home if it is discovered that their lifestyle is gay and most importantly if they engage in sexual acts. So the Jamaican Fox is right. The Class structure also creates a gay problem as each class USES each other for their own sexual gains. 3 times out of 10 this causes death by gays on gays. In this respect Shaggy is also RIGHT. What he conveniently forget to talk about is the class structure that causes this.

    When you KNOW the culture you are in you tend to abide by the ‘rules’ and tend not to stick out like a sore thumb. Judging from my perch if ALL the men involved in gay or man to man sex or man fantasies to suddenly become green, the country would be the new Amazon forest! Why? Because in Jamaica there is a STRONG homo- normative affection for another man who is commonly and culturally refereed to as BLOOD or BREDERIN or MI PARTNA and this is prevalent within the poorer class. The unbreakable bond is you HAVE to KEEP A SECRET and most of them do. What prevents them from dealing with this peer to peer love is the lack of education and the under development of their emotional hormones.

    70 % of our young boys are ‘taught’ not to cry, not to show feelings, blah blah so when this is shown, as it sometimes does, the community is alarmed. That suppression of emotions is again the single most important reason why Jamaican men act violently towards women who constantly pressure them as opposed to finding a safe place with their BOYS who they will leave their GIRL friend and go hang with for a long time. That’s is also why most men are not married. They shun commitment. They are technically MARRIED to their bloods than to their common law woman. Men understand MEN. Men feel comfortable around Men but ironically they are also told not to show affection towards Men.

    I will close to say that our people in Jamaica are suffering from TRAUMA, trauma handed down from our colonial past that has seeped into our psyche and become a part of our culture. That trauma, in its purest form, has become a life sentence causing us to struggle with understanding the complexities of being HUMAN. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Most of our people are simply not there yet.

    1. Boohoo get over it. You jamaicans love to pop your shit all the time so I don’t know why you can’t man up stand up for yourselves? You jamaicans always act so hard and tough but you can’t fight against the homophobia in your own barbaric country? You guys are the lamest Caribbean country out of them all I swear.

    2. I’m sooo tired of ppl trying to make ‘buck breaking’ fetch happen. Even if that happened to 1, 2, 5 slaves, that was not the running norm, nor is it why Jamaicans are homphobic as fuk!

      Jamaica, like most blk spaces, feel like ‘we have sooo much against us alrdy, why would you wana add on ‘being different”? Most ppl don’t care nearly as much about anyone’s sex life as much as they care about being on the ‘right’ side of group think. The bible is just there as a convenient crutch for supporting the ‘don’t be different’ argument/condemning gays (the minority) but is conveniently ignored when it comes to all of the out of wedlock kids, because that has become the norm (majority).

      The other part w Jamaica is the reggae music. Like the misogyny in hip hop, the narratives shape the way the audiences think. Like I said, the random 38 year old Jamaican man only ‘hates’ gays because he and everyone him were told to.

    3. ^thank you for sharing this kwesi.
      you shared so much and its really appreciated the time you took into writing this.
      as someone from the caribbean,
      i def understand.
      i feel like a majority of caribbean folks are mentally fucked up and need therapy tbh.
      from the men and the women.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for jamaicans. In fact I laugh at the homophobia they have to deal with. jamaica is truly a gutter country full of gutter people. They have no manners. The women are so ugly (look spice 🤢) and the men are dirty perverts. The people of jamaica all bleach their skin and praise criminals like ashy vybz kartel and they’re a barbaric group of monkeys. I mean chop people up?? Wow. But truly I don’t care it’s not my problem. Just keeping it a buck. 😂😂😂 poor jammies 😢😂😂

    1. I actually think Spice is beautiful and has a dope personality. Even if you don’t, there’s nothing about her that is 🤢. Your comment reeks of anti-blackness towards a dark-skinned, unambiguously BLACK woman.

      You come across as bitter due to having had some bad interactions with certain Jamaicans. As a result, you’ve chosen to lash out with xenophobic and hateful comments condemning a whole group of people. I don’t know what race or ethnicity you are, but you had to have your comments would be out of line on a blog like this. Please do better going forward.

        1. Who’s a troll? Just because I don’t kiss ass and I tell the cold harsh truth instead of sweet nothings and what you want to hear I’m a troll? Have you not read my username?
          Man up and realize that not everybody is going to like you.

  4. This is crazy! I grew up in 🇧🇧. It’s so small if I ask two people a question I might find out we’re cousins! Lol! Yeah…homphobia in Barbados has made it difficult to just be.

    There’s such an insanely direct relationship between religiosity and hatred all over the world, but it can be particularly difficult in small places where there are no safe spaces. While I agree with you that this makes dating a challenge because it’s a numbers game, the fact that you and I manage to exist means there are probably more like us willing to embrace truths.

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