Objects May Appear Fantasy Than They Are

Ultimate fantasy, right?

I can see your Fox tails shaking at the sight of him.
Well he makes me want to jump inside those jeans…. head first.

Well stop……

He is a crackhead!


I think I have a type.
Red bone and fine.
Devin meets that description.
Then again…
I think I just like fine.
Fione is FIONE – and I hunger for all flavas.

Anyway, I don’t know that dude from a can of paint, BUT what if he was a crackhead?
Waiting patiently to get in your head so he can start getting in your wallet?
What if you get with him and he starts mopping the floor with your head because you didn’t cook a salad for dinner?
He beats you to a pulp because his form of “i heart you” comes from his fists….
What if he tells you that he loves you, but is fucking every available Fox over your Tri-State area?
What if he has some STD hiding underneath the flaps in his dick?
You put that thang in your mouth on it and PADOW – instant herps.


We build up these Wolves in our heads and make then our “ideal boyfriends”.
We start creating what he will be like, how good he would fuck us, and
how he would cheer up us and make our walls come down.
We do it with a lot with these celebrities too.
They are always complaining they are single and can’t find someone good
…. but will smash a fast ass groupie in a hot second.

But, in reality when you look past the smoke and mirrors,
you WILL get a regular human being with regular or ENHANCED issues.
If he works as a garbage man, in a cubicle, or he runs on a football field….

…you may actually get a DICKHEAD with a small dick, smaller balls, and bad breath.
Maybe even throw ear wax in there for good measure.
He might not be able to manage his money right or neglect you when you need him.

We see these fine sexy Wolves walking around here and in our heads,
we create these ideal fantasies in our heads…..
….but then we get the Wolf and be truly disappointed.
Or we find out he is straight and then we become defeated and depressed.

You don’t know how many times I have been bamboozled.

So next time you see a Wolf you maybe interested in,
ALWAYS consider what lies underneath all the sexy.
Just because the package looks good, doesn’t mean underneath is good quality.
Alot of nice looking things are sold on Canal street – but the quality is cheap and breaks apart easily.

Always ask yourself, “what’s wrong with him?”
You’ll look at Wolves alot differently.

Jamari’s honor.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Objects May Appear Fantasy Than They Are”

  1. Great piece as per usual. I love this blog. But back to the subject at hand, it doesn’t matter how fine a guy is ABUSE is never ok. Don’t ever let anyone degrade you or make you feel lesser than. ALWAYS but yourself first and make sure you feel safe and secure.

  2. Lol @ Bamboozled!! But i know what you mean. Sexy tends to come with baggage that leaves us wondering why he’s so fine in the first place. I wouldn’t say it a good idea to seek out the negatives in the fine ones though. I find that we tend to let small imperfections overshadow a good guy. Bad breathe can be fixed. A good tongue as we’ve learned can take the place of a lackluster penis. There should always be boundaries and a clear definition of what you will and won’t stand. Do we have to leave those who are visually appealing up in fantasy land and come down to reality and chose a guy who’s more on the pedestrian side of things? Why does life work like that?

    1. Vain I am lovin these comments! Bravo, my friend!

      …. And check it, I always feel you have to play the game anyone you are trying to be with a lot differently. Ill write about that in future blogs.

      1. That’s true. No guy is perfect but i can live with certain things if he loves, cares, and respects me. Does it have to be a game? What happened to just being straight up about things? . I’d like to read your views on that in future blogs too. I appreciate your posts. A lot.

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