You Wear “Insecurity” Well.

This just in!

Insecurity is the new black!

Wear it proud and wear it well!
Everybody is doing it and you should too!

Not Jamari Fox…

So tonight,
I complemented a dude who I follow on Twitter who is cute.
I mean he is standard hood boy cute.
Young, wearing POLO and a Louie belt…. so you know he thought he was hot shit.
As he should, he is attractive.
I usually don’t do this but I liked his default so I said, “Hey, why not?”

I didn’t come at him on some “I want you to stick your dick in my mouth” type of nonsense.
I wasn’t even trying to take it to that level (and if it did happen, whatever…)

You can just GUESS what happened next.
His female fan club went ape shit.
I thought it was cute.

Not like I give a shit myself anyway,
and I’m not going to take back my comment because he and “she’s” were assholes.
That should be a red flag to any female that is interested in him.

He is insecure.
No biggie – we all can be but dudes are WAY to insecure and I am starting to see that.

Why is a woman can tell another woman she is attractive and no one gets riled up?
Woman “A” can be strictly dickly,
but will take that compliment and say a simple, “Thank you”.

I’ll admit that when I was going through my insecurity phases when I was a young Fox.
I did not want to be associated with anything gay.
Movies especially, because it took me a long time to watch that movie when Wesley Snipes, John Legozomionioosnos (or whatever his last name is) and Patrick Swayze were drag queens.
I remember I stopped watching Dawson’s Creek when that gay character was introduced.
It use to make me feel uncomfortable within myself so I blocked it all out.

Now that I am in my 20s and more secure within myself,
those things do not bother me anymore.

Because guess what….?

If women still find me attractive and men find me attractive…
then what that answer is?

Even though I am not OUT,
I accept the compliment and say, “Thank you”.
No need in getting disrespectful because I wasn’t insulted.

…and 9 outta 10,
those dudes who get riled up are usually the BIGGEST closet cases.

there ya go.
I was suppose to be in bed but I had to write this.


6 thoughts on “You Wear “Insecurity” Well.

  1. I definitely needed to hear that. And fuck them! People cant handle honesty. I’m certainly learning how to handle honesty.

  2. AMEN to that..I mean’s not that serious folks! 🙂 Cute folks know they are cute, you don’t have to tell them because 9999 people have already told them, far be it from me to be the 10,0000th person to tell them.

    If you are secure in who you are people are more comfortable around you; they can accept you for YOU and IF THEY DON’T show their simple brain a$$es the door! Our people (African American, Blacks, Nubians or whatever we call ourselves this week) need to really stop being so *bleeping* hypocritical!!!

  3. A compliment is a compliment. Men who are insecure don’t know how to separate the feelings they have about themselves from the views of others. I wouldn’t doubt that he only RECENTLY got cute as well lol. Some boys are late bloomers. I normally don’t tell boys that they are attractive because it tend to go to their heads. But i applaud you for being open and honest.

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