your end goal should be the goal

the andrew gillum scandal from yesterday had me thinking since last night.
when we meet big deals in these forests,
it can be sorta intimidating.
i can attest when i went on a date with a nfl baller wolf,
i was shook af.
my situation was tame compared to others out here.

Ya’ll be ready to be in a full blown scandal

so i thought to myself how can i help the foxhole for situations like this?
i put together a list on how make sure you’re always good…

1) YOU will always be the enemy

if you are in any kind of situation with a big deal,
if some shit goes down,
you will always be the one to take the hit.
he has to always salvage his reputation.
you are disposable.
it doesn’t even matter if you both been cool or even in love..
if it comes down to you or someone’s livelihood,
the latter will always be chosen first.
you already know the world isn’t kind to black gay males.

2) What is the end goal?

so you met a baller wolf or a politician and he wants to see more of you.
what’s next?
sex and a few trips are cool,
but sooner or later,
he will find someone else to entertain his time.
i think folks don’t realize that these folks have a time limit.
from the time you meet,
the clock starts now.
so it’s either you’re strictly fuckin’,
partying together,
or hustling your way into the right circles.
what is the end goal?
whatever it is,
don’t take your eyes off the prize.

3) Say no to drugs

you are a grown ass black gay or bi male.
no one should be forcing you to fit in with drug use.
in these circles,
you should always be aware of your surroundings.
some of these folks don’t gaf about your well being.
never take any drug that will have you out here being an addict.
once that well dries up,
you don’t have the money to keep up that habit.

those were a few things that stood out to me.
i’m all for having fun and going on an adventure,
but when it’s time for me to walk away,
i can go back to doing me.
this goes for anything you do in life.

What is the best end goal you are hoping for?

If that doesn’t end goal doesn’t pan out,
what’s next?

i’ve learned if you don’t have one,
you’ll be lost af out here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “your end goal should be the goal”

  1. Very sound advice Jamari! Most ballers are too self-absorbed and we’re sometimes just a piece of cake, it’s too exhausting dating someone who’s in the limelight, ducking and dodging, hooking up when he can get away, not worth it. Been there done that! My advice. Head for the hills.

  2. The bishop eddie long situation taught me I would have got my things from him and kept it moving! I would have been on the next sugar daddy kept the body tight and been expanding my business

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