Your 26th Thought… (26)

A heavy 3-some I approve of!

Looks like two of my favorite “whatever they are” are hanging tough lately.
Well, I got a picture I want some thoughts on…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Your 26th Thought… (26)”

  1. So was I the only one who thought dude in the back of the first picture was fondling his nipples?

    And I think they’re fvcking too – though Chris(tina) does nothing for me.

  2. Chris Brown’s ruined his body with all of those tattoos.
    A few are alright, but he’s gone beyond that.

  3. Trey: I bet that niggah Bow Wow can’t beat that pussy like me, nigga aint even swole as me

    Chris(tina): Oh Trey Daddy, you just make me wet when you talk like that

    Trey: yeah tell Mom-I mean-Daddy all about it

  4. Eh…

    I see wolves/foxes like this daily in VA, being that CB & T are VA ninjas.

    CB is looking skinnier than usual though.

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