You Can’t Even Fuck Someone In NY Without Catching A Disease

new york went from the big apple to the rotten apple.

an f-bi just sent me an email that has my butt cheeks now locked

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A study by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has found that large parts of the city are plagued with soaring rates for multiple STDs – including HIV/AIDS.

The study surveyed the city’s 181 ZIP codes for concurrence in rates of HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and hepatitis B, as well as two non-sexually-transmitted diseases – hepatitis C and tuberculosis. The diseases often occur among the same populations, the study noted.

The study said 33 percent of all the ZIP codes in New York City were in the top quintile citywide for multiple sexually-transmitted diseases during a survey taken in 2010. Among the most severe examples is ZIP code 10474 in Hunts Point, the Bronx, where rates of hepatitis C, chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS all ranked in the top 20 percent of all New York City ZIP codes.

Faring even worse was ZIP code 10457, in the Tremont section of the Bronx, which ranked in the top quintile for all seven diseases surveyed. Forty-three percent of residents in the neighborhood live below the federal poverty line, the report said.

Overall, the Bronx also had the greatest percentage of ZIP codes – 68 percent – in the top 20 percent citywide for multiple STDs.

Nineteen ZIP codes with high rates of poverty in the South Bronx, north-central Brooklyn and northern Manhattan saw top-quintile rates of HIV/AIDS, chlamydia and gonorrhea, the study said.

HIV/AIDS and syphilis both ranked in the top quintile in 13 Manhattan ZIP codes – representing Chelsea-Hell’s Kitchen, Central Harlem-Morningside Heights, East Harlem, Washington Heights-Inwood, and Greenwich Village-SoHo, the report said.

HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C both ranked in the top quintile in 23 ZIP codes in the South Bronx, north central Brooklyn, northern Manhattan, Chelsea-Hell’s Kitchen, and the Rockaways in Queens, the report said.

Hepatitis B and tuberculosis were most prevalent in areas with large foreign-born populations, including ZIP codes in Flushing-Clearview, West Queens, Bayside-Little Neck, and Ridgewood-Forest Hills in Queens; and Sunset Park, Bensonhurst-Bay Ridge and Borough Park in Brooklyn, the study said.

Only Staten Island had no high-morbidity ZIP codes.

are you fuckin’ serious?
i don’t even want anyone to breathe in my direction these days.
i just got tested recently and i’m clean as a whistle.
i’m glad that i wasn’t have random wolves run up in me raw.
these new school jackals and hyenas running around here passing shit around.
it’s getting so bad, sexting is the new “safe sex”.

this is so sad to read.
everyone please be careful out there.
new york is about to be contagion.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “You Can’t Even Fuck Someone In NY Without Catching A Disease”

  1. I am scared to even kiss a dude now. I am SO serious. I am more afraid that my hormones will get the best of me and I will go dumb just to bust a nut…I wonder what what the stats are in ATL? You know a lot of the ATLiens are coming from NYC now…

      1. Yes sir. You better keep your dick in your pants if you want to be around, You know know half of these niggas don’t like going to the clinic about their manhood so they would rather suffer (and keep on fucking)!

    1. And that’s not just a gay/DL thing – bammas across the spectrum fuggin raw…me and my hands are gonna get better acquainted

  2. This is scary and is getting out of hand. So many people are having unprotected sex and not caring enough about themselves to even get tested, or they willingly pass it around. Please…if you are planning on having sex…protect yourself. I’m gonna continue my dick-free diet because I want to live to be an old healthy fly gay man!

  3. Jamari, you provide a major public service with this forum. Thank you. I had intended to respond to your World AIDS Day post but got distracted. When I came across this post, I decided I had to stop in my tracks and share some things with you brothers. And, this is going to get a little personal.

    I can feel the fear in the statements of everyone. And, yes, we have a very serious problem on our hands. I would suggest everyone take deep breaths for a minute. My generation was the hardest hit. I have lost well over 300 friends, acquaintances and associates to HIV/AIDS. I stopped counting after 353; it was too depressing. I am sure surviving brothers of my age, including me, are experiencing post traumatic stress syndrome, whether or not everyone knows it or acknowledges it.

    If you think things are bad and scary now — and they are — during the 80s, some of us were petrified. My partner and I in 1987 didn’t even have penetrative sex, because he was so scared. The HIV test had only become available in 1985 and neither one of us had yet taken the test when we began dating in early 1987. His job required him to take the test if he was going to pursue a certain career path before taking an assignment abroad; so, he took the test later in the year before departing. After he took the test, I took a deep breath and took it. We were both HIV-negative.

    Fast forwarding, I want to first stress I am in no way bragging or boasting and would be the first one to say, “But, for the grace of God go I.” I have negotiated the 31 years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic unscathed — no HIV and not even a single garden variety STD, and I have remained sexually active. In fact, any number of the 300 plus people I lost were people with whom I had sex. Some of whom I knew to be HIV-positive when we had sex. And, I am sure there are those with whom I have sex today who are HIV-positive. Just going by the numbers of black men who are HIV-positive, it stands to reason some would have to be positive. In fact, I have posted on here in much earlier posts that some of the most attractive and sexy brothers on some of these sex sites you guys frequent are brothers I have counseled and given their HIV test results. And, many of them are listing themselves as HIV-negative in their online profiles. All it takes is anti-retrovirals and gym memberships and you wouldn’t have a clue.

    I mention all this not to frighten you but to put things into perspective. We don’t have to wake up in the morning. Whenever we step outside our doors, something could happen to anyone of us on the way to work or to school. How many people who worked at the World Trade Center thought they would not return home for dinner on 9/11. A car or truck could jump the curb as we’re walking down the street. I could go on; you get my point. As I mentioned earlier in this post, take deep breaths, then reflect. We have all been blessed with minds, including that critically important sixth sense, which not all of us utilize. And, some of us only use it sometimes, myself included. But, I will say it has guided and saved me, in and outside the bedroom. We have it for a reason. Let’s employ it to the fullest.

    The one time I did not employ it when I was out cruising as a young man, I ended up regretting it. I went home with someone I had ruled out earlier in the night only to hook up with him after not meeting anyone by the time of that proverbial last call for alcohol. He went through my wallet, stealing money while I was asleep or in the bathroom. The two times I did not follow my vibes (6th sense) when hiring individuals who looked fabulous on paper and interviewed well were major mistakes I lived to regret.

    So, what’s a brother-in-the life to do? Breathe and live, responsibly. Take stock of our health and be protective of it. And, that entails having responsible sex lives. Something luckeystar said jumped out at me:

    “I am more afraid that my hormones will get the best of me and I will go dumb just to bust a nut…”

    This is the very reason we must not allow ourselves to become prisoners. The danger is we will end up being so pent up that we will burst at the seams and end up indulging in a manner we could regret with devastating consequences. The key is to use our vibes, that sixth sense we all have, and just basic good judgement. I used to tell folk, when they would try to get me to give them permission to do unsafe things, to ask themselves: are you willing to entrust your lives to these people? If the answer is yes, go for it. That’s a simple and direct question we all need to pose to ourselves before we do something that little voice is telling us not to do. I have attended many funerals of brothers who got mad at me for refusing to engage in some things I considered unsafe. Thanks be to God, I am here today, healthy and still turning heads and enjoying hot and intense safer sex, which I call responsible sex.

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