x Marks The f0x: I Want A List of all The Vixens You Have Smashed… Ever.

Sadly for Allen Iverson,
we may n0t have that kind of time…

The estranged wife of NBA legend Allen Iverson has done a complete 180 — after first saying their divorce had nothing to do with other women … she’s now filed court documents asking Iverson to turn over the names of any girls he slept with while they were married.

Back in June 2011, Tawanna Iverson told TMZ her split from Allen had “nothing to do with another woman.”

But Tawanna has changed her tune and earlier this month filed documents requesting A.I. “give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial.”

It’s unclear why Tawanna is requesting the list … but it’s most likely a power play to make Iverson look bad … in an effort to push a favorable settlement as quickly as possible.

Tawanna is also asking to see all of Iverson’s financial info as well as any purchases he’s made over $1,000 since they got hitched. She has previously claimed Allen has been spending money on himself … leaving her and their five kids hard up for cash.

Calls to A.I. were not returned.

Source: TMZ

 I have heard about Allen’s hate relationship with condoms in the past.
I think she caught something that 2 pills and a cream won’t get rid of.
At this point, Allen has gone from non-factor to “who?

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5 thoughts on “x Marks The f0x: I Want A List of all The Vixens You Have Smashed… Ever.”

  1. WoW what a story!!! But it did make me think – how many people have I slept with since say 1990? I couldn’t even give an accurate number let alone names.

    Interesting mental exercise.

  2. Damn, this is some shit right here. She is not playing at all. It’s strange how ballers mess up when they have good women. I bet Allen has slept with over 500 women.

  3. Damn he had it all and look how far we fall out of the spot light. He was one of my first J.O.Bs OMG he was so cute. Let this b a lesson… No scratch that I’m tired of trying to teach these baller wolves it’s time for them to start paying attention. Instead of buying these tramps gifts for pune

  4. That was my thought as well. Not that she’s looking for more money from him because she could get that without getting the names.He probably gave her VD.

  5. Wow my first thought was a STD, or else women have been harassing her and flaunting in her face that they have him instead of her, or another baby has pop up that he is taking care of and not taking care of the kids he already has. Women get evil when they feel they are getting played over another woman. This dude is pathetic to say the least, I hope they get it together.

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