Your work out buddy has some nice cakes…

… too bad he is straight.

(or he is?)

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (32)”

  1. No straight man takes a pic like that. And since this gym is obviously fairly private, we can get a workout in right over on that incline bench…I love lil shorties w/a phattie

  2. No str8 wolf takes naked ass pics and I nice ass it is. I’ve been told I have a great ass while I was doing squats by some old white women at my gym

  3. LAWD! He’d have me dropping a dumbbell on my foot staring at that thing!

    Look at those calves too. Clearly he oiled that wagon he dragging down and thats already suspect.

  4. I know of this dude low key, he is fairly popular with the tumblr bloggers and his twitter page is sorta funny he has a nice sense of humor

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