will and jada pinkett-smith sure had us fooled, eh?

so i’m guessing jada pinkett-smith isn’t in sound mind for “girl’s trip 2”?
jada has been on 1,
and 4 lately and it feels like everyone is getting tired of her.
the word vomit keeps flowing and we don’t have enough bleach.
in her latest “oh more nonsense!” about her situationship with will smith



“first of all,
i’m really shocked cause mind you i’m not there,
we haven’t called each other husband and wife…”
was will on the same page as jada with this separation?

it feels like he was on page 23 and she was on page 6637843.
let’s chalk this cluster fuck up as a rebound gon’ wrong.

Two people who were not compatible,
thought it would look good on paper being together,
and both parties are confused and lost in whatever they are doing now.

you know what amuses me the most about all of this?

We all thought they were the black Hollywood royalty couple and they haven’t even been together.

august alsina is probably somewhere like:

“Me and my big penis are glad we missed that trip to Crazy Town…”

1 thought on “will and jada pinkett-smith sure had us fooled, eh?

  1. Two stunt queens. And she’s trying to sell a book hardly anybody is going to read. SMH.

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