you aren’t there because you haven’t accepted here.

there are Foxholers who have stood by my side since the beginning.
many of them have picked up pom poms and cheered when i couldn’t.
they have been with me during the good and the bad.
i started a patreon and they signed up just to show their support.
that means a lot.

I continue to create content for them.
Even if it’s only 20 people,
you give those 20 people a hell of a show.

they have stood by my side since i started this platform.
when people talk about albums that got them through difficult times:

Foxholers have told me that I got them through hard times.

that’s a blessing i have tremendous gratitude for.
this is acceptance of my own power comes in…

I’m not trying to be the next Shade Room
I’m not trying to be the next Hollywood Unlocked
I’m not trying to be the next Neighborhood
I’m not trying to be the next Jason Lee
I’m not trying to be the next Joe Budden

…and no disrespect to them because they are dope in their on way,
and they provide content that keeps me in business,
but i don’t want to be them.

I am Jamari Fox and I’m okay with that.

i have come to accept that in blogging or irl,
i will be the underdog.
i wanted the likes and to have the millions of followers.

That was what my idea of being accepted was.

so i attached myself to people or ideas that mirrored that.
all it did was make me even more unhappy and unsure about myself.
it was me trying to heal my trauma through popularity.
i tried to be myself in those circles and was instantly dismissed.
they were all social climbers who were not themselves.
i get the luxury of being myself in my own circle and on my own platform.
i’m gonna font that again because that read like an affirmation:

I get to be MYSELF in my own circle and on my own platform.

i didn’t realize how happy i am when i get to play by my own rules.
let’s be 100:

If I wasn’t an underdog,
I’d never respond to DMs or be personable with my supporters.

i learned recently that’s why all the wolves liked me in my present/past.
all i want is to:

  • Make decent money from blogging to make a living
  • Continue being inspired and in sound mind to write and make content
  • Continue to entertain and inspire those who support me
  • Write books and make successful movies/TV shows (maybe even act in them too)
  • Be able to get invites to attend cool shit
  • Wear cool shit
  • Date the sexiest wolves
  • Be able to turn on and off when i please

once we finally realize and accept where we stand,
that is when we will start to unlock our power.

so here is some homework for you.
ask yourself:

Where do you stand?
Are you trying to be something you aren’t?
What do NOT like about where you are right now?
What housekeeping can you do on the inside to change it all?

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