“Why Do Men Like Booty hole over Coochie Hole?”, The Straight Man Wonders.

TV-Duck Dynastyfoxes,
would you sleep with him?
not even pull on his beard while he was on top?
well fine!
he don’t want cho ass no way!
no seriously…
phil robertson from that show “duck dynasty” doesn’t understand why gays have sex.
he is straight and a bible thumper so you know where this is going.
well this is what he had to say to gq magaizne

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson is blasting gays … and not in the usual Bible-thumping way — instead he’s going off about the benefits of vagina as compared to a man’s a**hole.

Robertson went on a rant about religion, homosexuality, and a bunch of other things in an interview with GQ — saying, “It seems like to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me.”

He adds, “There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on dudes! But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man.”

Phil continued his verbal attack by claiming society’s become too accepting of sin. He says, “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and those men … they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. It’s not right.”

tumblr_lv4pmk2kCY1r1ltgji don’t even know what’s a “duck dynasty”.
whoever this redneck is,
he’s entitled to his opinion.
like i am about people who still wear carpenter pants,
or why la la still has a show on vh-1.
it’s always those ones who do all this yip yappin about gays,
but get exposed in some scandal where they are balls deep in bootyhole.

“damn baby this is some tight shit.
oooh damn baby shit.
a pussy ain’t never made me nut like this before.”

not that i…
about that…
…or anything.

tumblr_m494ibDK0M1rv52u8o1_500anyway it never fails tho.
i just don’t get why people are so concerned and try to bash what we do,
but more times than not,
are usually low key curious about what we do and how they secretly want to do it.
the mystery of life i guess.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on ““Why Do Men Like Booty hole over Coochie Hole?”, The Straight Man Wonders.”

  1. He looks like he stinks and who gives any fucks what a dirty racist redneck thinks of them, I just wish these people would stop using the bible for their twisted thinking. What woman would let that nasty MF lay a hand on them. He should be concerned about his own anus seeing how it looks like he has never washed it. This gross hillbilly made me throw up in my mouth, I have never seen this show, nor will I ever look at it, he is the last of a dying breed who are trying to hold on to their White fantasy of what they think America should be, their is no room for the coloreds, the mexicans, the jews, or the gays or anybody who is not white right wing christian zealots. He can go “F” himself with a 12in dildo so he can be introduced to the pleasures of anal sex. He can rest assured no respectable gay man would want no parts of his filthy looking ass anyway so he can sleep well at night.

  2. straight wolves who travel in packs occasionally have that lone wolf who think like this. This lone wolf only does this to keep the wolves he suspects as being contrary to the pack in check. One of those dudes in the “Duck Dynasty” loves peen/booty.

  3. “damn baby this is some tight shit.
    oooh damn baby shit.
    a pussy ain’t never made me nut like this before.”

    This had me laughing so hard, because it’s so true.

  4. his comments are whats to be expected from rednecks who hang in the woods and hunt all day. i bet he’s probably against blacks also….everyone always talk about inheriting the kingdom of GOD and etc like people stop speaking for GOD especially by referring to the bible, which is a book full of contradictions and that was translated, ironically by a bisexual man…sN: historically speaking it’s been said that King James had a thing for men and was forced to marry by the monarchy in charge to maintain reputations and respect. he would go on to have children with his wife as well

  5. I love men, and I have many reasons for loving them, sexual and non-sexual. Don’t knock it until you try it Phil. LOL.

  6. Here is my problem: Why is it majority of ugly men always talk shit about gay men?
    I am starting to feel like they complain a lot more than attractive str8 men is because they don’t get any kind of attention period.
    That cracka need to sit his flat, wrinkle white ass down and shut up because nobody gives a fuck.

  7. First of all, I’m happy you covered this.

    But is anyone REALLY surprised that a 60 something white man & duck hunter from Louisiana is a homophobe? I would love to read his thoughts on African Americans or anyone who isn’t ‘pure’ white. I’m sure he’d give us some amazingly racist soundbites that would literally destroy his ’empire’ if he spoke them out loud. Instead he chose to spew his vitriol at the LGBT community since we’re easier to categorize as ‘sinners’.

    The sad part is there are many, many ppl (black and white) who AGREE w/ him!

    Despite how far we’ve come it just proves we still have so much farther to go in securing LEGAL protection from assholes like him who want to discriminate against us based on their fucked up ignorance on the issue.

    Even sadder, that gross ass beard he is rocking looking like a damn redneck hillbilly from 1875!

    1. ^he ain’t trying to go the “paula deen” route.
      i don’t get why when people get on tv,
      they want to start running their mouth?
      some things you don’t say to a mass audience.

      1. He talked about Blacks also.How we were happier before all that civil rights stuff ,Im paraphrasing.He talked more BS about Blacks in GQ interview than about Gays actually.BTW he has a Black adopted grandson.

  8. Does he realize that there are dudes that get into women booty holes as well.There are many women that have tried anal and actually like it and have it regularly penetrated by their boyfriends, husbands, and fuck buddies.It’s not just a gay man thing.And like you mentioned before, not every gay man does the anal thing.Some just enjoy the friction of their dicks rubbing together like women/Lesbians do with their vaginas.Butts do have some type of sexual stimulation built into them.I can’t remember the exact details but you can look it up.God knew what he was doing when he made booties.

    I must tell this story.Apparently a man was over in Africa, I can’t remember which part but he was around this tribe and the women had their breast out and were breast feeding their babies.The man told the women that they should cover up their breast because in America, men find breast sexually stimulating.When he told them that, they all started laughing and said “so men act like babies?”Basically, they looked at their breasts as something for babies, not as something sexual.He(Duck Dynasty) is just unaware of the sexual stimulation that can come from pleasuring the ass hole.Some try it and don’t like it and some try it and have a new found pleasure… hole.

    Why do men like booty hole over coochie hole?Well Dynasty Duck, why don’t you try it out for yourself to see what all the fuss is about.If you like it ya like it, if ya don’t ya don’t.

    1. ^really informative zen.
      lets hope duck dynasty is fuckin some swamp twink in the ass for us to find out.
      god forbid its him.
      i just grossed myself out.

  9. What really pisses me off about people like this is that they equate everything gay with anal sex. Does this hillbilly know that some gay men don’t even practice anal. When I think about straight people, I don’t automatically think about vaginal sex. Gays love just like straight people, have relationships just like straight people, and have families just like straight people. Sometimes I think these Christians are obsessed with sex.

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