Jamari Fox VS The Ghetto Black Employed Bitch

article-walmart-1210“well dey not gon erase nothing since you not here.
you out of luck.
i really don’t need dis tone eitha.” she said

that was what i was told when i finally contacted unemployment today.
some black ghetto hoe without a care in the world.
i could hear the neck rolling from the other line.
i bet if she was in my shoes,
she would be cursing up a storm.
all morning i’ve been trying to reach the main office.
the “800” joint.
trying to speak to a human and nothing.
they tell me they’ll call me back at a later time,
but every time slot is unavailable.
you know how many times it hung up on me on purpose?
i finally reached someone at the harlem branch,
hoping they could help me…

“did you contact someone at da main number?”
“well you pose tah call dem to let dem know you going out of state to look for work.”
“i didn’t know that.”
“well i’m tellin you.
its in da handbook.
did you not read da handbook?”

“i didn’t even receive a handbook.
how could i even contact someone if the main number isn’t even picking up my call now?”

“well you ain’t gon get anyone from a florida number i know dat.”
“i’m calling from my new york cell phone.”
“…*silence* well i’m sorry deres nothing i can do.”

thats when i wanted to throw my phone.
i imagined me throwing it at her.
there’s more…

“is there anyone i can talk too?
someone who will listen to what i have to say?
i am stuck here,
i have to pay my rent,
and i have no money.”
“well dats not my issue sir.
you should have taught of dat when you left without contacting us.”
“who was i suppose to talk to?????????
especially if the phone was not answering?????”
“…*more silence* look would you like to speak to da supervisor?”
“well her name is mrs. torres.
she is out to lunch and won’t be back until 230pm.
i can transfer you.”

…before i could say anything else,
she hung up.
i’m actually leaving florida on the 8th.
so that means 2 weeks without any money?
this is just fuckin’ great.
not to mention left decides to start shit with me  while i’m battling her.
jesus be a knight and shining rescue ranger for my life.

lowkey: so this rude bitch got a job,
but im unemployed?

13 thoughts on “Jamari Fox VS The Ghetto Black Employed Bitch

  1. Jamari God if taking you through some heat now to refine you, burn off all of the impurities and make you a better man in the end. Hang in there. You will get through this. I was unemployed for 9 months and I know your pain and your frustration. Just know that there is something better waiting for you on the other end of this.in the meantime write a letter of complaint to the head of whatever agency there handles unemployment. Also send a letter to your local congressman or councilman or state representative. believe me they will listen. And your action will help the next person on the 800 line who has to put up with such bullshit.

  2. I think many government agencies go out of their way to hire the most ignorant Black females they can find, and they promote them to management so bad behavior is never put in check. I checked one with a letter to her supervisor instead of getting ignorant on her level after one got real fly with me a couple years ago when dealing with my city over a citation to my property. The next time I seen her she was sweet as sugar lol. But seriously, I have worked in government agencies and these same women have different kids by different wolves who they only see on their paydays and this no stereotypical exaggeration, I am telling you what I witnessed first hand. They are mean, bitter, usually very religious and very homophobic. Most are barely making it themselves but feel some type of superiority over the less fortunate that they serve. Again Bro, just hold on, your breakthrough is coming, just think about the people who have lost it all through bad choices, or bad luck but rose up again. As long as you can wake up, you can get up. I am telling you this and myself as well. I have been going through a difficult period as well these last few weeks but Im not worried anymore, somehow, someway its going to work out.

    P.S. Thadd whoever you are, man that thing you said about “not settling for less” stuck out to me, I settled for less and end up regretting it, instead of following my first mind but I didnt want to seem ungrateful at the time and I ended up getting burned really bad.. You have spoke a word to my soul tonight brotha. Never again though will I settle for less than Im worth.

    1. ^thanks t.
      your words,
      and everyone,
      were very inspiring and im glad i can vent when i need too.
      this shit is ridiculous and i hope god can somehow open up a way for all of us.

  3. Jamari, I was unemployed for two years straight. I was laid off from a good job with benefits once they merged with another company. I feel your pain. I had to deal with the Unemployment Office Workers who were very condescending once they found out I had a M.A. degree. Caught nothing but shade and snide remarks about “was an education worth it.”

    That whole bit about the 800 number is so true and once you get somebody they are very unprofessional and rude to say the least. My advice to you is DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. I know that sounds crazy when bills are to be paid but once you settle for anything less you get stuck and trying to get unstuck is very sticky.

    Its a humbling experience and it will make you a better person. Greatness shines through suffering like a diamond.

    1. ^thanks thadd.
      i feel you on that “not settling for less”.
      i felt down so i turned off my phones and wrote that story above.
      i needed to keep creative before i fell in some depression.
      not on my watch.
      i hope you guys enjoy it.

  4. I was in the same situation
    And this is what I did I recorded my conversations and took pictures in person and I gave all the information to my council man and the better business bureau and everyone I came in contact is now unemployed. You hate to be that way but you have to do what you have to do

  5. That is the way the unemployment office is from what I have heard. They ain’t shit. Most of them do not even like their own jobs to begin with.

    Do not call back again today, it is getting late in the day. Never call a place of business after 3pm. People are ready to get off and their attitudes stink.

  6. Do you have that black ghetto bitch name? If so make sure you report her ass because there this thing called professionalism. Black women like her give other black women a bad name, it bad enough they are on the bottom but they keep on digging!

    1. ^i just spoke to the supervisor.
      she listened as I explained,
      but she didn’t give a fuck either.

      “well sir.
      there is nothing we can do.”

      i often wonder how people would act if they were in the other person’s shoes?

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