Where is Work Wolf With The Damn Popcorn?

admit-one-ticket copy copy 2“you want to go to the movies tonight?”

that was the text i got yesterday from work wolf.
it was right after lunch.



i busted out my laptop and put up two entries.
i knew i would be home late.
i’m glad we are this place where we hang out now.
so after work,
i go down to his floor and he is there with…

…a vixen.
co worker.
works in the IT department.
he tells me she is going with us as well.
she is cool tho.
he isn’t trying to mess with her.
not his type.
i didn’t mind if she went.
i was actually surprised it wasn’t new vixen to be perfectly honest.
i won’t lie,
but he looked good as fuck yesterday tho.
he has been working out so you can see his arms in his shirts now.
i pray each and every time.

giphywhen we left work,
he would not leave my side.
he walked very close with me while we all talked and joked.
at one point,
we were in our own convo and she was in her phone.
i wanted to involve her as much as i could.
this is how people “assume” shit.
she cool and all,
but she still a co worker.

in the theater,
she sat between us.

“i love being in-between a fine man sandwich!” she said.

we saw jurassic world.
it was pretty good.
it had a lot of suspense and action.
special effects were pretty serious as well.
i was a little confused at the big fight scene at the end,
but only in the movies,

when we were leaving,
i saw this fine wolf.
brown skin.
tight ass t shirt.
he was with this short cute fox.
light skin.
actually had on something i would rock/have rocked before.
you could tell they were on a date.
i want that.

she hugged us both and then went to another station.
work wolf and i took the same train together.
he stood extra close to me.
full eye contact.
anyway he was having a bad day,
but he said we cheered him up.
i texted him as soon as i got into work today.

“i’m glad you invited me to the movies.”

“i’m glad u went
i had fun last night
i never have fun like that with new vixen when we went out”

she ain’t jamari fox tho.
he texted me later and said:

“how about we go next week?”


“i’ll let her know the plans
i’ll pay for you”

tumblr_mhj713JrYj1r7b0ono1_400thank god because i’m crazy “in between blessings”.
i don’t even mind her going actually.
she was mad cool.
i’m happy to have people to go out with now.
i’m guessing he feels the same as well.

Author: jamari fox

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26 thoughts on “Where is Work Wolf With The Damn Popcorn?”

  1. Glad you had a good time, kinda surpised he brought ol girl along, but as long as you guys had fun it’s whatever.

    P.S. What did you wear? 😉

  2. Aww that sounds pretty cool and fun. Wish I had the same. Kinda hoping to find the same Kinda people to hang with. Trustworthy. Fun.

  3. Mmmhmm. Im not gon say nothin extra lol. Anyway thats good yall gettin to hang out more as not just work associates. Thats when the real friendship begins. I can tell your feeling something between yall, yo fox senses are tingling. Idk.

    Work wolf must be hot. Care to give a description on what he looks like? When you saw that wolf and fox did you envision you and work wolf as them?

    1. ^5’10-ish
      light skin
      light eyes
      light beard

      … And I did.
      that wolf tho was FINE.
      I mean I had to wonder how those two met.
      hell how he got him to take him to the movies and not watch one at his crib.

  4. I’m happy you’re having fun you deserve it. There’s definitely sexual tension between yall. I think when you two finally get to the next level in your friendship there may be romance.

  5. I know y’all have done things together before but it sounds like he’s using her as a buffer to test out what it would be like to go on a date with you. Which is not a bad thing, that’s just how it came across.

    1. ^i see what you’re saying Irish.

      it could be.
      he was really close when walking with me today.
      he knows I’m gay so there isn’t a big secret.

  6. Jamari thought it was going to be him and wolf work alone, but y’all probably will next time. Either way, just continue to be his friend in a genuine way and stay in that role.

  7. I hope to see more post like this of you and work wolf. I think you should continue to go with the flow with him. Does he tend to touch on you a lot Jamari?

  8. Jamari all you need to do is get this nigga high. Smoke one with him and I bet you all his real feelings will come out.

  9. Jamari,

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. I would really advise you against getting too close to Work Wolf, but it seems to be working thus far.

    Off Topic: I’m pretty sure my Atlanta job is going to end in the next two weeks. I made pretty good money with this company and have become somewhat spoiled. I have a cute savings that can last a few months. However, I really wanted to apply my savings towards a house purchase. I’m also finishing a Business degree at Georgia State University at the age of 31.

    I’m getting nowhere with applying on job search engines. I submitted at least 15 applications today.

    Does anyone in the Foxhole have job search tips?? I’m willing to pay for a service but would like a guaranteed return.

    Sorry I’m off topic, Jamari.

    1. What cities are you looking in? Are you willing to relocate? I know Texas has plenty of jobs in the business field. The Midwest does too.

  10. Damn! That sounds like a good time Jamari! I’m glad to see you’re letting things just flow naturally. That’s how it should be done! Whatever happens happens!

    I’m really happy to see you can have some fun! You need it man! Kick your feet up and enjoy yourself and your friendships! You need that again! It would be good if you could experience some form of happiness again. You’ve been dealing with way too much without any happiness to balance that shit out!

    God work wolf sounds hot! I can kind of see why you’re caught up a little

  11. He sounds like a real genuine sweet friend. Keep him around Jamari! I don’t know u personally but I do, lol, but what I’m getting at is I like him for u as a homie.

  12. I seriously need you to keep posting updates between you and your co-worker. I’m low-key living vicariously through your homoerotic relationship.

    I honestly reminds me of Noah and Wade from “Noah’s Arc.” When he came over that night and you described what he was wearing, and how he called you “baby boy,” it was totally reminiscent of that show. I love it.

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