Where Does He Plan On Sticking That?


I’M SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is fucking him?
I can’t imagine that thing going in anything but underwear.
I’m sure one of my brave Foxes or Vixens would like to stuff that cannon…

Jamari bows out gracefully.

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11 thoughts on “Where Does He Plan On Sticking That?”

  1. No one in their right mind wants that in them. That’s a home hysterectomy or colostomy kit waiting to happen…

    I don’t want nan part of any fox or vixen that can take that…no walls havin mofos

  2. You can only look, touch and give a BJ with that, anything else you have to be a very brave soldier!

    1. To do what – clean out your shower drain & toilet? Most rational people will run screaming when you unleash something like that…all you’d be able to do is stick the head in…maybe. Lol

      1. i would faint if some wolf pulled that out his boxers.
        that is really big.
        he will probably spend the rest of his life ALONE….
        ….or making great money being a porno star.

  3. Please, i’m no size queen, but i’ve fucked a few dudes with dicks that size and I haven’t had any problems walking, running or riding other dick.

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