When You Hurt Shemar Moore, You Hurt Yoself (Don’t Hurt Yoself)

eye-candy-shemar-moore-27you know where i use to think shemar moore was fine?
that movie,
“the brothers” with morris chestnut.
his bawdy in that drove me crazy.
that is when i wanted to ride him into the sunset.
well it seems someone else did…
and ran off with shemar’s 60k.
it is also someone shemar thought was a “friend” named keith tisdell.
one of these stories.
this is what the ny daily news had to say about it…

Shemar Moore is waiting on repayment of around $60,000 stolen by a bit player on the procedural show who was sentenced Wednesday for felony grand theft.

Moore, who played FBI agent Derek Morgan for 11 seasons, became the victim of the swindle after befriending fellow actor Keith Tisdell and inviting him to work with his retail company, a prosecution source confirmed.

Tisdell appeared in an early episode of “Criminal Minds” in 2006 and later scored a follow-up role in a 2013 episode that focused on Moore’s character.

The men became fast friends, with Tisdell posting more than a dozen Instagram photos since April 2013 showing the two attending industry events together and going on trips and bike rides.

Tisdell was arrested in January for stealing from Moore through the actor’s retail merchandise company Baby Girl LLC, which gives a portion of its sales to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, authorities said.

Tisdell pleaded no contest to felony grand theft in July and was sentenced to three years of formal probation and 45 days of CalTrans labor on Wednesday.

Moore, 46, appeared at the sentencing and told the judge that Tisdell hurt him deeply, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I’m not here for money. I’m here because he betrayed a friendship. This is not OK. You don’t do this to people,” Moore reportedly told the judge.

Moore said on top of the money stolen from his company, he also bought Tisdell $10,000 rims for his car, funded shared vacations and gave him up to $20,000 to help with expenses, the Times reported.

It was an audit that eventually uncovered Tisdell’s shenanigans, Moore said, but the friend didn’t take responsibility when initially confronted.

“In my mind, he wasn’t man enough to look me in the eye and fess up,” Moore reportedly told the judge.

“I’ve done a lot for him because he had me, my friends, fooled,” Moore said.

The Times reported that after the sentencing on Wednesday, Tisdell’s lawyer gave Moore $5,000 worth of money orders.

Tisdell must repay about $56,000 more to meet the terms of his probation and avoid jail, the newspaper said.

The day he was sentenced, Tisdell posted a photo on Instagram with the caption:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.21.44 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.21.50 PM

this is the jackal in question:


i’m just going to ask

Was they fucking?

the reason i asked is shemar spent,
and potentially sponsored some random who was extra.
the jackal’s last status was pretty interesting as well.
what did he “do” to get to where he needed to “be”?
either he is heartless or he realizes he sold his soul.
…or butt cheeks.

now don’t get wrong,
you can meet randoms and form a very fast bond.
the idea of “friendship” is still alive and kickin’ for some out here.
are these new found bonds worth 60k tho?
i can see some serious dick downs causing this kind of stupidity.
either this was a:

“gay for pay” gone wrong
shemar is a very trusting wolf

i’ve heard he has alleged parties at his crib in la.
he lets “whoever” attend.
i can see the “trust” and “naive” angle also.
shemar was just telling the world on his ig that he wasn’t gay.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.43.27 PMeither way,
shemar got jacked and keith could as well get fitted for prison.
i highly doubt he’ll be able to pay shemar back.
the potential blacklisting has probably already begun.
shemar needs to be more careful.
let this messy situation be a lesson for the foxhole.


lowkey: rumor had it,
shemar only allegedly liked to play in the snow.
this is very interesting.
i guess it goes to show you can get anyone you want…
if you are in the right place at the right time.

article credited: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “When You Hurt Shemar Moore, You Hurt Yoself (Don’t Hurt Yoself)”

  1. Was some of the money a GIFT or a LOAN ? According to Judge Judy if you buy your Boo👬 rims for their car and pay for you guys to go on vacation it’s a GIFT.You don’t get that money back😂
    Just kidding

      1. Where did he deny that he was gay? -_-

        Also, he would have come out better writing a book called – “Confessions, The Entertainers that are on the DL,” hell even if it was a lie he would have sold books since he can use that he was an actor and people would have been thinking that he was exposing Shemar. Well… Let me write him and give him this idea and he will get an advancement to pay him off.

    1. You don’t give what you can’t afford to lose. It’s a gift. He knows homeboys finances if he can’t get credit to fund these things that means he’s a poor credit risk.

      Oh they were getting it in. Shemar knows too many industry people that can afford to pay for their own vacations. Why doesn’t he go with them? Reason he paid for homeboy is he liked him a lot.

  2. Honestly, as far as I am concerned, I think Shemar Moore’s sexuality has been the whisper of the forest. I mean for the most part, many have questioned his sexuality because of his looks, but I beg to differ. I honestly don’t pay attention to his sexual preference because I’m not there in the privacy of his home to witness it (and I wouldn’t want to). At this point, I’m over people talking about and obsessing over whose gay, bisexual, trans, etc. in hollyweird. Just let celebrities live? I’m just saying.

  3. Yea, this sounds a little fishy, but I do not believe anything was going on between them. Even though Shemar did do a lot of the man, everything he did is something you would do for a friend. We know that men do have the habit of helping out their homies, it happens all of the time.

  4. I’m sure we’ve all heard rumors flying around about this man. I haven’t heard any about him only playing in snow though, I think that one isn’t true in the least bit.

  5. Sorry to read this I get the sense that he thought he found a real friend and like a lot of us nice guys give too much. Lesson learned the hard way

  6. This guy,Keith has 4 kids ,three sons and a daughter.His oldest son has a son who is about two years old.Keith seems to be a teacher/coach.His daughter is about 15 and is a cheerleader.His younger sons look like they are about 10 or 11 years old He seems to be an involved father.You would never guess this guy would be stealing money meant for a charity. How embarrassing for his kids.

  7. Well fellow actor Jamie Foxx had a similar situation years ago that was kept out of the press with an alleged “friend” who he help out who did basically the same thing but this friend did it with checks out of Mr. Foxx account. I was more surprised that Shemar hangs tough like this with another Black dude. I heard from a real close friend years ago when he live in Memphis, my homie worked at the Marriott and said Mr. Moore came to town for a charity even and had an Asian dude with him who was also friend/business partner, he also brought Mother Moore on the trip but it seems him and his Asian friend shared a suite together while Mother had her own quarters. He told me that it was obvious that they were a thing, but at the time, I told him that it might be innocent and only a business partner, maybe they were saving money sharing the room together. Of course every since that time, I have always thought Mr. Moore may like the boys and he has not done anything to convince me otherwise but I know when you are as good looking as him you will have the rumors when you have never been married, never dated anyone seriously and dont have no cubs. Of course many us here on the foxhole can relate, you live in a str8 world you are going to be put in that box if you dont have the wife and kids especially by the time you turn 40. Just on the outside looking in, this seems like they were more than friends and he had to have had some type of personal access to his information to lift that much money from him. I got some real close homies, but I be damn if I will give them my banking information, I dont even give my family members access to my money. I am going to say they were closer than close, it is not call Hollyweird for nothing.

  8. I met Shemar here in LA at the Santa Monica stairs. He was really nice. He had a very sexy Puerto Rican guy with him and they were trying to holla at my home girl. He referenced how he’s tired of the gay rumors way to many times doing his talk with my home girl and I. As a gay man I don’t have “gaydar.” But it did seem odd that he kept saying he was straight to my home girl. Usually a man who is comfortable in his skin and sexuality doesn’t have to let strangers know he’s straight. *kanye shrug*

  9. They were fuckin’..just put the shit on out there! Soul Train days…he was going at it strong and hard…landed the role on Criminal Minds to “toughen up his image”…yup.

  10. Sounds like relationship to me. He never said he wasn’t gay. Just that he loves women. I love my moma, sister, cousins. ..they are women…

    With a boy like that he can fuck a she goat. .get it shemar

  11. This sounds like a case of my boy friend stole my money. Usually if you see or smell smoke..its fire some where. I believe they were in a DL relationship. I would never give a friend that amount of money or share my bank info. They were fucking period.

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