Can We Talk About Gil Roberts?

i just turned on my tv to watch the olympics.
as soon as i did,
this ^this sexy sprinter wolf graced my screen.
his name is gil roberts.
all i let out my mouth was…

“oooh ooohhh…
oooh oooh oooohhh….”


…and immediately went to google.
it seems gil roberts doesn’t have much information out there.
i didn’t find any social medias.
all i know via sniffin’ around:

home state: oklahoma city, ok
college: texas tech
resides: lubbuck, tx

i want more please.
i’m hungry.


*pictures credited to gil roberts | owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Gil Roberts?”

  1. I won’t even fight you over this one, because he is blah, but what about the snow folks being upset about athletes being outed at the Olympics?

  2. There have definitely been some attractive men of all races at the Olympics competing. A few times I have double look at my TV that someone attractive was running or jumping or swimming

  3. the original article is no longer on sandra rose and gil roberts is from lubbock texas texas tech u I think

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