When We Role Play… (37)


so you meet him at one of the Foxhole’s Meet N Greets:

he is great.
he has a job.
is really affectionate.
has the potential to be amazing in bed.
this is all great…
….but there is an issue (we couldn’t role play without an issue)…

his EX and him recently had a bad break up.
every time you guys chill, it is all about his EX.
he even cried one night during a scene in a movie because it reminded him of something his EX did.
you really want to pursue something with him,
but he has a bad case of the EX files.


Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (37)”

  1. toss him in the back there rotation. He has too much to resolve. I would keep in touch with him but I’ll wait until he gets together or fuck him good to make him forget his ex

  2. Simple: Leave his ass with his snotty tissues and memories of his Ex! This is the WORST! I ain’t those kinds! UGH!

  3. Can’t deal – he’ snot over him, and I’m not feeling dude based on the picture anyway…so deuces!

  4. I’d actually sick around because I understand how it is to be stuck on an ex. Thank God I had you guys and my friends to take my mind off of mine when I experienced my break-up but its not always easy when you need disclosure and haven’t figured out how to get it. They talk about their Ex because they cared for them deeply, which shows they have the ability to care for me that deeply also.

    In the end if he in-fact has time to heal with you there by his side, he will have appreciate your being there for him when he was at his worst, and your ability to help him see that it gets better with time might make him fall in love with you immediately.

  5. job..shouldn’t he have one of those by default? i dismissed him, my scenario was more dramatic. he’d hit me up for over a month chattering about feeling my swag, glad im on the low etc, shows up we chill eating pizza and start up about this whole dude thing, 1 story led to me telling him about some ny dude i felt was full of ish and he keeps sendiung me pics, i show dude a pic and his resolve changed. turned out ny boy was his ex who he cheated on cus he felt ny dint apopreciate him , says the sneakers and all that flashy ny gear(typical ny fresh) he bought for ny. im speechless at this point and lil heartbroken ex starts asking me how long we’d talked etc how he liked dude and im wondering this dude who i cut off twice (clearly sent him a text to loose my number twice and he kept going dont do that my nigg jus tryna chill etc) and ends up chilling in my house has a case of the ex…dismissed

    ps im 19 house and car , every older dude should have that

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