When A Familiar Presence Visits You In A Dream

i’m currently at struggle city right now.
that daylight savings time knocked me completely off my tail.
i’m so tired because i didn’t get enough sleep last night.
3 hours is probably what i ended up getting.
i tossed and turned the entire night.
during that brief time i slept,
i had an intense dream…

all i remember is i was calling out to my parents.
i remember saying “i miss you…” and calling their names.
i was in this dark room,
laying on a floor,
and i was crying really bad.

now in real life,
before they passed.,

we use to have this really sweet cat.
it was my mother’s cat,
but that cat loved it some me.
she would always follow me around and sleep in my bed with me.

in the dream,
that cat showed up.
only thing that it was as big as a tiger.
it laid next to me and started to hug me like really tight as i cried out.
i felt like a warm presence around me that caused me to wake up.
it felt like i was in a deep sleep,
but it also felt like i was awake.
it was really weird.

i don’t know if it was the cat or my parents that paid me a visit.
either way,
it stood with me most of the day today.
i had to wonder…

Can your favorite pets visit you in dreams?

this isn’t the first time i’ve dreamt about that cat.
she always comes around when i’m going through something.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “When A Familiar Presence Visits You In A Dream”

  1. Well. I think the Egyptians believed cats to be supreme beings and would carry them over into the next life. Cats are special, so maybe that’s why it shows up for you. I swear they act like people. Very discerning people.

  2. Anything/anyone that represents something/someone important or special to you can show up in your dreams. I think the fact that you were calling out to your parents and your moms car showed up to give you a hug is symbolic of your mom giving you a hug. A dream like that in the time of you going through would be them coming to bring you comfort and to let you know everything will be alright.

    1. Exactly, I believe your mom was hugging you and telling you everything will be okay. Better days are headed your way Jamari.

  3. Maybe as a child the cat was the only one you were comfortable showing that much affection too or was open to receiving that much affection from. The cat’s size may symbolize the love of both of your parents and the cat all comprised in to one. Everyone’s love came together to show u love during one of your struggle moments

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