Wendell Lissimore: The Model Wolf of Dreams and Declarations

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the delicious model wolf wendell lissimore.
i remember when i first saw him.
he was on some show on centric.
“model males”.
“males 4 models.”
“modelling males 4 models.”
aww hell i dunno the name,
but i do remember he was beefing with some other male model.
either way wendell stood out as someone i’d let smash.
nice ‘n’ hard.
would you?…


“hey wendell.
whas yo age?
whas yo sign?
i’ll let you how i like it from be-hinnnnne…”
rap segue over.
anyhoo his look has changed since i last saw him.
he looks different.
i have never seen anyone with a face like his before.
he still fine as hell either way.

photo credits: troy phillips / bruno staub

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Wendell Lissimore: The Model Wolf of Dreams and Declarations”

  1. Well Wendell is a REAL model, who is getting a CHECK, and not these fake models y’all worship around here. I’ll take a paid man over a broke one any day.

  2. tyson owns that ass trust me…. and he was physically abusive to Sessilee, so i really belive he is gay

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