UPDATE: The Ugly Duckling Became A Cute Swan… and I Want Him Now! Help!

OldDesignShop_EnvelopeBack1887remember the entry:

f0xmail: The Ugly Duckling Became A Cute Swan…
and I Want Him Now! Help!

well that reader has an update for us.
lets see what has happened since then…

Thanks to you J – and to all of you who weighed in. It was hard to read but I can understand where it’s coming from.

UPDATE: So, I didn’t even have to tell D. I HAD NO IDEA he followed this blog but he saw the post, read it, and called me right after to ask if it was me. (I was gonna follow the foxhole’s advice and try to keep it cute on mute but I had to take this opportunity!)
When I admitted it was, he lit into me and I couldn’t do anything but listen as “read me my rights” just as I feared. I could tell he was getting some stuff off of his chest, and I felt like he was really being honest (about himself and about me) for the first time in a long time. Even on the trip, he didn’t open up like this.

He told me he always wondered what could have been if I wasn’t so superficial. He said he and B spent many nights talking about me because he thought he could be a good boyfriend to me for a long time but then one day he woke up and realized that he deserved a good boyfriend too. I can’t even lie – that hurt. He was always the good, honest, reliable CONSIDERATE friend and I know he’d be a ride or die partner. *sigh* But hearing him say my past ratchet was the cause for his pain AND his progress knocked the wind out of me. He admitted he still liked me and wonders what could be but also stated he’ll be nobody’s fool twice. He said he honestly misses the friendship and then followed that up with dropping the trust bomb and wanting to work toward building that back up.  So, he pretty much let me down easy… Can’t say I’m surprised but I am a little sad. I really did think (or maybe hope) he’d drop everything and give it a try and we’d fuck-live-laugh-love (and did I say fuck?) everywhere happily ever after.

But who knows what the future holds, right?

well i’m glad you got some kind of closure.
even tho the answer isn’t what you wanted,
it may have happened for a reason.
light and love to what the future may bring to you both.
i’m amazed that he was also reading the foxhole as well!
you just never know who is lurking up in here.
to all the baller wolves reading:

angelina-jolie-gif-12i don’t bite.
well unless you want me to.

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16 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Ugly Duckling Became A Cute Swan… and I Want Him Now! Help!”

  1. At least you guys can move forward with the friendships and maybe one day laugh about it. But this is so awkward right now I can feel it.

  2. “he woke up and realized he deserved a good boyfriend too”

    I read that 15 times and did 3 praise laps. Real talk!

    I’m happy for dude. He realized he deserved better and seems like he’s finding it.

    How many of us wish we could go in on someone that never really appreciated the effort you put into them.

    He gave closure to the situation in a mature way.

  3. I just raised out of the casket. Yo this shit just game me life. Ol boi was mad af. I’m sorry reader, but I can’t hold it together. On a serious note, the sad part of this was that he really liked you. Let this be a lesson to you for the future. You have to focus more on the inner characteristics of a person, not physical.

    I have an update as well, but I can’t share all the details after reading this. I was ready to tell all. You never know who is reading tho. I’ll say this. IT WENT DOWN. Yesterday, I talked to ol dude I have been feeling. The game I thought I had somehow vanished. He curved the shit out of me……at first. I was being awkward, which never happens, but I’m petrified of him. Then I was like no, I ain’t letting this kat get away. I don’t call myself “The Man” for nothing lol. My suave side kicked in and I made a comeback. I told him how I felt, he smiled a couple of times, which made me more comfortable. He let me have his number…….but…..he is not single. He told me to hit him up several times in our convo, but he has a boyfriend. Marinate on that shit. #DudeWantsToRiskItAll #MrStealYourBoi

    Jamari, I will be hitting your email to tell you the rest lol. It went deeper lol. I want to share to the rest with y’all, but I have to protect myself lol.

  4. the end result of this situation reminds me of a little word called:


    this is what will happen to many of us in the near future.
    we either will be blessed with what we were looking for,
    or we will realize someone who was good for us has moved on.

  5. Can’t believe he honestly thought dude would forget everything that was done to him! As the saying goes…you can forgive but you never forget.
    I’m glad dude laid in to him, because I believe that once he got the ass/dick…he would’ve bounced and dude would be hurt once again. But that’s just me.

  6. I’m sorry things didn’t work out, but like The Man said above let this be a life lesson. Start looking more on the inside of a person instead of the outer.

  7. If the guy reads this bolg, are you really going to continue to share this public space to communicate? Sounds like this friendship/relationship is going nowhere.

    1. Right!!! We did need the update, but this does not need to be talked about anymore. I’m uncomfortable myself. I’ve never see anything like this here.

    1. Wait what? Why did we have to know that run? I guess you have never heard of blackmail. It was one thing for you to be a reader, but the fact that you are a commentator is an issue. That info should have been withheld. I really don’t even want to hear about this anymore because both of you are being messy. This needs to be talked about elsewhere. I’m sorry.

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