UNApologetically (Mi) Burning Bridges

Burning-Bridgeunapologetically speaking…
i actually admired those who are unapologetic about their lives.
that often means they don’t give a fuck about a lot of things.
nothing bothers them.
that problem is: they don’t give a fuck about a lot of things.
when you live a life when you truly have no fucks to give,
and don’t care who you step on,
you often burn a shit load of bridges in the process.
mi has been lighting bridges on her path up to my den.
well her time maybe up shortly…

i had a nice talk with the landlord today.
i called him to apologize.

not for my behavior!

tumblr_no926oWwdk1qld3a2o1_r1_540i’m the shit.
i actually did it for mi.
she has been completely disrespectful about paying her rent on time.
since she is too “entitled” to do it,
i wanted to reach out so this wolf doesn’t think i’m like that.
he told me that in no way did he ever think so,
but he tried to help my cousin.
he said the last time they spoke,
she was completely “no fucks to give” about being late.
he told me that if she doesn’t have her rent on time,
by next week friday,
that she will be asked to leave.
i saw a text convo she had with him.
she had the money,
but then she decided to go out that night and claims:

 “i lost the rest of the rent when i went out”

giphyi couldn’t believe what i read.
i don’t communicate with her anymore so i didn’t know this was happening.
she wouldn’t even text him if she was late.
she would tell him that day.
i was surprised he was being so nice to her,
but he thought she would get her shit together.
so when i confronted her about it today,
she was like:

i told him i didn’t have the money.
what did he expect me to do?”

she said that.
she could afford this tho:

IMG_2450one of which she drank all by herself and is in “hangover city” right now.
oh i also forgot a few things to mention!

– quit her second job without having another lined up
– hasn’t been looking for one
– has been leaving after 1230am to fuck some hood wolf
– been letting him in the crib when i’m at work

giphy-1i’m actually estastic she may go tho.
i left it alone and let her unapologetically burn her bridge.
i don’t know what she will do and where she will go next.
her issue.

lowkey: she always reminded me of “jenny humphrey” from gossip girl.
she took a page out of her book.
cute young vixen turned rebellious entitled brat.

all trying to keep up with a life she couldn’t handle.
she ended up burning all her bridges.
look what it got her.large

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “UNApologetically (Mi) Burning Bridges”

  1. You’re doing the right thing by staying out of it and letting her burn on her own. People like mi need to be taught a lesson the HARDEST way possible before they learn something.

  2. When she leaves make sure you change the locks asap. Like you said she gives no fucks so be really careful with her, I don’t want her to attack or do anything to you.

  3. Exactly why I don’t fuck with family that isn’t trying to do right.

    You try to do right by people because you’d want someone to help you out, but eventually you accept they aren’t you.

    If someone ever let me crash with them they wouldn’t have to tell me to clean up after myself or get and keep a job and pay my rent.

    1. My comment got deleted!* 🙁 lol, but I’m with JAY 100% on this one. If I were in her position I’d be beholden to you, and agree to any terms that you set, because you’re allowing me to stay in your place. This is not a privilege but a FAVOUR.

      I try to be nice to family, but I don’t have time to coddle people who aren’t appreciative or who don’t even know their place. If you do anything to jeopardize MY security of a living space, bye, I’ll see you on the streets on the way to work.

      Her behaviour is unacceptable, and she’s contributing to your stress and depression. This needs to stop!

  4. Hopefully she will learn all the lessons that you tried to teach her at her next residence, but you got to think what would she do if you were not there for her, she would have to figure it out and she would. If she cant appreciate someone who is genuinely good to her and have her back let her appreciate those who she spends her time with and spend all her extra money on. You gotta show her better than you can tell her. You need to put her out right now and when she comes to you with a excuse, tell her that she can save it because she is wasting her time. I would tell her, you sitting on your money maker. Beat your feet to the streets and make it happen. She needs to be the Hood Wolf she is giving that good thang to problem, not yours. Good Riddance to this leach wrap up in family blood. She means no one no good including herself. I would be Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder to her bullshit.

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