TysonKobieCanFuck? | U Wanna See Him Beat? (2)

So, you ever wondered if the new “IT” boy on the scene, could lay that pipe?
I know I have.

W ell,
Either he has a twin brother or there is another redbone with that good meat.
Either way,
“TysonKobieCanFuck?” is tearing up this female’s koota.

We already done saw his meat and the ass…

so lets see some back breakin’,
shall we?

I mean, is this dude, “TysonKobieCanFuck?”

U be the judge.

Where else could you go see it?

So is this TysonKobieCanFuck?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “TysonKobieCanFuck? | U Wanna See Him Beat? (2)”

  1. So, I guess you’re a super-sleuth, or something along those lines.
    I just have one question, though; Why is my husband getting knee-deep in a chick? lol

    1. LOL

      I was actually at the site on the video. When I saw it the first time, he looked familiar. I knew it was him. I guess he is bi-sexual.

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