“Tyrese Likes Men!” (Well, I Didn’t Say It)

i always find that straight wolves who constantly criticize vixens,
throw shade,
and are all around disrespectful usually have a story.
one that may come from a wolf, hybrid, or fox.
well tyrese has always been going in about vixens.
a few weeks ago,
he went in on ( x how vixens do their upkeep ).
there were other rants before that.
wendy williams put him on front forest on her show today.
this is what she had to say

if the alleged shade is true,
the straights can keep him if so.
i use to think he was sexy,
but he turned me off with that arrogance and reckless mouth of his.
he has a nice tail tho.
i don’t know if he allegedly likes males,
as he is married to a vixen now,
but i do think he has alleged issues due to his skin color.
he just seems off in general.
i’m sure he gonna rip wendy a new one pretty soon.

lowkey: tyrese was just at wendy’s show 2 months ago.

everything was all good.
she must be really sick of his shit to go “radio wendy” on him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on ““Tyrese Likes Men!” (Well, I Didn’t Say It)”

    1. No lawsuit. That statement is not defined enough from a clarity standpoint. Wendy knows what she is doing. Wendy would actually have to either say he is gay or he has sex with men.

      1. ^ The Man EXACTLY!! Wendy was very smart with her words. She never directly called him a homosexual or implied it, HOWEVER we all know how people can connect the dots since it’s pretty bold. But in the eyes of the law, Wendy is safe here. What she said isn’t heavy enough for a lawsuit.

  1. Lol. Wendy shaded him a month or so ago. She knows something. And I think she’s hit menopause and is not giving a flying fuck about what she says.

  2. I don’t really care if he is straight or not I am tired of him calling women hoes but not saying sh## about the men who are promiscious.Or criticizing our hair,make up,plastic surgery but not saying sh## about men who have plastic surgery,weaves,etc.

    He just got married in Feb.He needs to focus on his wife who had tested to find out she is 46 percent black.So he could broadcast that on The Breakfast Club like an idiot.The people who criticized his wife or not going to say,”Oh I am sorry I was wrong She is Black”

    Why does he care anyway ,if he loves her that’s all that matters.

  3. I think he is physically attractive and I used to really like him, but recently he has become a nuisance. Before he said what he did, he should have known he would have faced backlash.

  4. Welp! Back in the late 1990s when he pushed through with his Coke commercial, he was booked to perform at Houston Splash. He got all the way there, and he backed out due to management telling him that his appearance would cast a negative shadow over his appearance.

    Alicia Keys did the same thing when she first came out, when she was booked a Trax in Atlanta when she first came on the scene. She refused to get out of the limo.

  5. I agree with Y Colette, I don’t really care about his alleged sexuality his mouth has been annoying for a few years now. People like him Steve Harvey, and Tyler Perry are just nuisances. I’m tired of these black men thinking they have the authority to tell black women how to live their lives or what they should do to catch a black man.

    1. Agreed Mikey and Y Colette. That’s why I don’t like any of these fools. The arrogance is just unbelievable. They’re telling women about their “places” yet they don’t even know where theirs are. Way out of line.

    2. To your point, Im tired all these celebrities being the self appointed spokesman for black people. I need angela rye to come check these fools

  6. For some reason, from the start I have never felt a positive Vibe from him. In no way would I have ever wanted to Date him. This is before I really knew anything about him and it has just been confirmed over the years.I Trust those Gut Feelings, Yes Wendy Knows Something.

  7. Liked his first CD. Afterwards couldn’t care less about him. He sucks as an actor, and to me his roles are annoying as hell. I could do without his character in the F&F franchise AND the Transformers films because they’re annoying. Like Dwayne Johnson asks him in the new F&F trailer..why are you always yelling?

  8. Old news….Been there since the Coke commercial! No side eye required…I would even venture to say his type is, lightskinned and pretty Caucasian wolfves…Yeh, he’s married….Aaaannnd!?

  9. I am reading on blogs that Tyrese usually clapbacks when people come for him,he usually post a video or a post on IG.People are saying it’s unusual for 12 hrs to go by and him not address this,especially someone questioning his sexuality on a national scale.Maybe he doesn’t want to distract from his movie opening Friday.

    1. You actually hit it right on the nail. He better ask Isiah Washington what happens when you try to come for the rich white gays who basically run Hollywood. If Tyrese opens his mouth and says anything homophobic or close to it and it makes national news, because believe me it will, they will cancel him. No more transformers and F&F so he’s keeping it real cute!

  10. Never have liked his raisin in the sun dream deferred looking ass but that is beside the point, Wendy must know this tea I heard back in 99 about him in NYC at the gay clubs, at the time I paid it dust but it might be a little truth to it. Wendy knows the back in the day NYC Tea if she does not know nothing else. Maybe some of his old secrets are coming back to haunt him. Oh well it couldnt happen to a nicer guy.

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