Tre Melvin Comes Out As Bisexual

largetre melvin,
youtube extraordinaire,
came out as bisexual on his youtube channel for #nye.
i loved what he had to say tho…

i love his voice.
21, huh?
“hi tre.”
so this part kilt me:

“on the contrary my dear friend.
opposed to being a gay male as a bisexual male,
i can still FUCK Y BITCH.”

well he basically told everyone to:

Baby panda tries to escape from a cage…and don’t even think of moving.
good luck and many blessings to tre for 2014!
call me.

lowkey: i’m sure everyone blew up his inbox starting at 12am last night.

watch his channel: thisisacommentary
go: @tremelvin

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Tre Melvin Comes Out As Bisexual”

  1. He has cat eyes.I like what he said too.I still don’t understand why these dudes feel the need to come out though.Why is that a rule in the gay community.Just go out with dudes, you don’t have to announce it.When people see you with em, they’ll know.

    1. i think it’s more of a confirmation thing for themselves, some people need to announce it so that they don’t feel like they’re having to be secretive about certain elements of their character…however i do agree with you because with me even now the only people who know are my family and close friends, and some of my close friends are even skeptical still after i told them lol like they dont believe it haha

  2. i always had a feeling about him..but i love his wit, charm and sense of humor he’s VERY articulate too…is he only 21? he’s wise beyond his years, and not to mention handsome as all hell…he has my support as usual one of my fav youtube shows

  3. I have no idea who this dude is, but this reminds me that so many people out there are suffering trying to live up to others expectations.

    I am thankful, that I am free-spirited and live life by my rules, and do not care about others feelings. I am a grown azz man, young but grown.

    Dude is kinda cute, and has a nice set of eyes.

  4. I am not familiar with him but I got a little teary eyed when he got a little emotional.I rarely read YT comments when it involves a LGBT person but every comment I read was supportive.Good for him

  5. 1. I don’t like the us of the N word by him or by others. You’re either a part of the solution or you’re a part of the problem. By using the N word, he’s part of the problem that African Americans have been dealing with since the start of slavery of African Americans. 2. I liked when he said “If you can’t understand that, then you should be able to understand this: And then he extended his middle finger. Now, that was elloquent and well-spoken.

  6. Never heard of this dude, but good for him. We all got to live in our own truth to be truly happy. What a way to start off the new year.

  7. Sheneneh voice: wel wel weeeeeeel , deep down I always had the feeling that he was gay, see everytime my dick gets a tingle and my eyes get catty like his, thats my gay radar telling me he gayyyyy . On the other side , damn these dudes got us broken hearted and mentally fucked IF THE IS ANY GOOD GAY GUY LEFT IN THE WORLD HIT ME UP, but first sign up here that u will love me………yeah and here……. . anyway I feel him tho , im also in a stage were I dont care who might know but still im not ready do it like and britney (scream and shout) that im gay …….naaah! but its nice to know that we are not alone , i can relate to him cause my ex was bi we fell deep he even cried once, cause he was afraid of what he was feeling towards a man , thing that was prohibit on his list ,he hurt me just cause he chose to let go and forget than to build something with me , tre come to london I will baby sit you honey , I need me someone like you wish u all the best 😉 I know u are reading this lol

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