Baller Wolf, Geno Smith, Gets His Peen Leaked By Angry Bird

screenshot_54the first of the year and we already for a pipe leak.
god i love 2014 already.
so everyone meet ^@1jackiepresley.
she is angry.
she got into a “situationship” with rookie baller wolf for the ny jets,
geno smith,
and it didn’t pan out how she wanted.
well you know what?
check the letter she sent to baller alert

geno-smith-jay-z-roc-nation-sports“My instagram/twitter name is @1jackiepresley. I am currently involved with NY NFL quarterback Geno Smith. I want you guys to tell my story on your blog. I recently found out that he has a girlfriend & he has been flying me out to cities to see him & never told me. I dont want to be anonymous. He is an ass hole. He meets women off the internet & tell them to come to whatever city he is in or to his house & he has a damn girlfriend. Smh.

I logged on to my instagram about a month ago & seen that Geno had followed me. I looked to see who he was & I saw pics of him & Jay Z & saw that he played in the league so I followed back. Immediately he wrote under one of his pictures & asked for my #. I gave it to him & he contacted me asap. So we were talking via facetime for like 2 weeks then He told me to come to Charlotte for his game. Thats when I first actually met him in person. Long story short we had sex at the Marriott. We continued to talk via text & facetime then he told me to come to NYC for Christmas so I did. All this talking & texting, he NEVER mentioned a girlfriend. I went to his house Christmas day, we had sex & I spent the night. I finally found out he had a girlfriend after snooping around on his close friend page. And he didnt officially tell me he had a girlfriend until we fell out recently. So he is a asshole, who has a girlfriend but literally BLOWING me up to come see him. And we had unprotected sex.

Smh but he never mentioned a girlfriend not once ! These athletes are disgusting & cheaters. I blame myself too! He deleted his Instagram page because of me. He even offered to pay me not to talk but I dont want his money now.” 

Santana-snickeri’m sorry.
i’m snickering because she is a fuckin’ DOOFUS.
first of all,
lets call a spade a spade.
she only followed back because she saw “jay z” and “played in league”.
her pussy got crazy wet when she found out that info.
i would have too.
he was flying her out because she was easy pussy.
not because he liked her.
i won’t even address the “we had raw sex smh” comment.
that’s when i really confirmed she was a dumbass.
no wait.
it was when she said she turned down a paycheck he offered for her silence.
so you’re tellin me all she got was:

  • some facetime
  • raw and possible dirty dick
  • a couple blog entries
  • memories

i need her to get up,
walk fifty paces back into the street,
and wait for incoming traffic.
giphy-1she did leave his peen leak for review tho.
i guess this helps:


kinda stubby.
welp i dunno who i’m more embarrassed for now.
him or her?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Baller Wolf, Geno Smith, Gets His Peen Leaked By Angry Bird”

  1. Loool ist always the same story
    2.number or whatsapp or facetime
    3.both knew what it was , they had sex.
    4.there is always somebody who catch feelings after the sex…oohh I forget its actually infatuation but we humans tend to think it’s love, we are so thirsty
    5.bitch found out there is a gf invloved
    6.bitch got mad , felt used , bla bla bla issues come in
    7.the nigga got leaked

  2. I agree with you, Jamari Fox. He’s attractive and she’s attractive. But with a little dick like that, he should not be posing it for pictures! And as for her, as you mentioned, she went after him and his dick when she saw big bucks and her pussy got wet (for the money). She had unprotected sex in the age of AIDS with a stranger because she saw big bucks. And he’s stupid too. He had unprotected sex in the age of AIDS with a stranger and she may have had unprotected sex for big child support bucks. She should have taken the money and the memories and not have made a fool of herself by spreading knowledge of her foolishness on the Internet.

    Who am I more embarassed for him or her? Let’s see: He has unprotected sex with petty prostitutes behind his girlfriend and he has a small penis. She has unprotected sex with men that have money and is a petty prostitute and she turned down some money to keep her mouth shut. Who is the biggest loser? He is. She could have hit the jackpot if she had gotten pregnant to have his child. (Ask Dwayne Wade’s just minted baby momma.)

    She should have known that proballer dick is often times known as “community dick” and that many of them have a man and/or woman in just about every city that they play in–an more.

  3. She dealing with a pro athlete, so she should have already knew the deal. I’m sure girls will be breaking their necks to get to this guy with the small thing since a pro athlete.

  4. First of all, Geno needs to be on the damn field practicing for next year. Have y’all seen him play? A nigga with no arms could throw better passes. You read that right.

    What is wrong with these hoes tho man? These men do not care about them. It is all about the pussy, and only the pussy.

  5. SMH is this all people do now and days.It’s grating that people look at sex like it’s no different from a snack.I look at sex as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    It’s getting to be very hard to find these athletes attractive.Seems like all of them are hoes.I don’t know why women want these dudes so bad.I don’t know why they’re so proud to get some dick that 20 to 40 other bitches done had already.You ain’t special.

    1. ^but zen,
      its not like gay dudes arent doing the same!
      AND WORSE!
      shit we got some muthafuckas out here getting smutted out for FREE!
      online street walking for some nut and a few likes.
      at least get some bread out the deal.

  6. LMFAO… this is too funny for January 1. You cannot make these things up. She is a dumb ass bitch as usual- professional whore to athletes. SMH NEXT

  7. IS it just me or does he look dirty? Like bummy dirty needing a fix dirty in that second picture? Shyt from the looks of her, he can do better, with the type of money he pulls in. Bet money a baby is coming, trick knows her cycle why else would she go raw

    1. ^i meannnnnnnn…
      she shoulda took the bread for even dealing with that little fucker.
      she fucked him a few times so she probably liked it.

    2. That is what I was thinking, she is trying to get pregnant.Putting her health and life at risk for child support payments.
      He is an idiot too
      I read on TMZ that Ludacris groupie or jumpoff just had a baby In December.He has a long time girlfriend and now he is turning over financial records for child support.

      1. Bossip has pic of baby mama
        Downgrade from his Girlfriend IMO
        Luda is pulling a Bow Wow claiming he earns less so he can pay less in child support
        Luda only makes $25K a month GMAB

  8. *sigh* she needs to have a seat. i’m so over these females or males who sleep with ballers and then get mad when they’re played…THAT’s the GAME if you don’t like it then DON’T PLAY…the men in the entertainment industry aren’t looking for a wife for the most part, many of them are young, successful and attractive they’re just trying to get their dick for the dick pic i think that pic was at an angle and not a good shot…smh people can’t be quiet anymore i HATE my generation NO discretion and no respect lol

  9. I wasn’t even sure that was a dick until I took a second look. But wow that’s a small dick.

      1. I just burst out laugh I can’t believe you said that.

        But not trying to be rude or anything I’m really surprised he got a small peen because unattractive men usually make it up between the legs with the length and width.

      2. That’s weird I was thinking the same about being punished by God.
        But damn you are shady…. I like.

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