trans vixens are actually biologically female (who woulda thunk?)

i really enjoyed the show “pose” on fx.
i thought it was brilliantly done.
it showed me a side of the life i wasn’t familiar with either.
well one of the stars,
indya moore:

…who played one of my favs,
had this to tweet.
it caused quite the stir

…and i absolutely don’t agree with this.

trans vixens are not a biological female.
they cannot bear children,
experience periods,
or go through menopause because they have no uterus.
i mean…

Am I wrong?

i’m not trying to insult anyone in the trans community,
but i found this to be fraudulent.
if i’m wrong,
you can correct me on my ignorance.

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “trans vixens are actually biologically female (who woulda thunk?)”

  1. This whole comment smacks of transphobia. In one sentence you all say there is nothing wrong with being trans, and then in another you all read the trans dolls for going against nature. You all sit around and plunge one another in the cakes. Many straight people think that is unnatural as well. Get a grip. Stop coming for others when your own life isn’t perfect. It is actually disgusting. The trans girls really have NO ONE but themselves to support them. Their own LGBT community is fiercely against them, hence this comment section.

    1. I support them. People are stuck on what they can understand. I don’t understand being a woman. I don’t understand being trans. It’s not for me to understand. And I don’t have to understand or relate, to support.

  2. I thought you were going to say she was born a woman. I and my friend keep debating over if she’s trans or not. She is BEYOND unclockable and passing. Gorgeous girl. Not a wise statement, though.

  3. Hmm…how should I comment? Are they biological women? No. They want to be seen as women tho. These topics are always a bit testy of opinions….

    Look, not directed at anyone here but universally speaking. People, I try to be as straightforward on here as possible. I know we have others who are more consoling & all that…but I like being upfront and realistic. I might be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s cool but I speak and:

    * You are not biologically a woman.

    *someone who can bear children,experience periods,or go through menopause because they have uterus, then what does that say about those women who were born with a uterus but cant bear children, have periods, or go through menopause? *

    I don’t understand this.That would be fine and dandy…except men are born with dicks and women aren’t. Women are designed by nature to GIVE BIRTH, not men. Yes, what is stated in the paragraph above can occur rarely but that still doesn’t dismiss the universal designs of male and female anatomy. Think about it for a good minute.. If men could switch from male to female, what’s the point of having females on Earth to begin with.

    Ex. Male seahorses can get pregnant because nature designed them that way. The way they are made permits that. This isn’t the case with human beings. We are designed specifically to do what we do.

    We may can use our tools on each other (gay men) but the result doesn’t aid to the furthering of our species.

    Do I think homosexuality is against nature..Nope. nothing’s being altered except the overpopulation of mankind. The world is too overpopulated as is. Welcome to Earth gays..please balance that shit out well.

    That tweet above is utter nonsense.

    Transgender women. You need to get a grip. You were born men, and want to assume the role of a woman. Not biologically but through human energienerging. The cold hard facts: “That feeling” you have can get you killed. I mean through surgery because you are allowing another human being to alter your design. Basically, you are being a voluntary guinea pig. That feeling you have is just that: A feeling. Don’t set your self up for something you can’t reverse. Don’t look at the short term…look at the long term…Imagine what it’s like really living as a female for a long period of time. Keep in mind you will most likely have to get injections for most of your life. If it was natural, your body would naturally produce it in the right amounts all the time.

    Think about the possible medical complications later if you get ill.

    I am not trying to be mean or rude but realistic. That doesn’t make you less of a person or not a beautiful person but unless you were born a female, the same women you came out of your, birth mother, who is a biological female. You’re not.

    I’m not singling trans out. I’d tell the same thing to people that get narcissistic plastic surgery.

    This is probably the fakest generation ever. You have men getting fake man weave when they bald as hell (I though women were enough), fake pecs, fake asses, fake everything in high numbers. I always have problems with a lot of shit that goes down these days. I can be real af. I don’t like and can’t stand fake shyt, fake people, two faced, culture vultures, or anything of the like, period.

    Most of these people are only thinking about the short term. Their current image aka narcissistic stuff for their Instagram and SnapChat The problem comes in when they start to get older…shit starts to get scary then.

    I can’t tell anyone how they live their life. It’s their choice but they better think about it and think hard about the long term effects from body affects and so forth.

    Dammit, I don’t started this long posting shit again..🙄

    1. ^such a great comment.

      i’m so glad there is so much intelligence in the foxhole.
      it makes me feel great to be surround by such an amazing group of folks.
      thank you all!

      1. Thanks Jamari. I know we in the foxhole are from all walks of life. I know you have transgender readers and I don’t want my comments to come off as me being rude or anything. They deserve love just like the rest of us. I just need them to be a bit more realistic and think about this & how they identify themeselves. No hate for them at all and not trying to make them feel bad or anything. Just want people to think about the long term….the money going into all this. I would prefer for them to say that they can manifest emale energy to the fullest or something and not claim to be biological.

        Whether they see it or not, they are actually being offensive to natural born females when they think they are including themselves with them.

        In any case, much love to them either way.

        1. your whole paragraph was 100% transphobic and hypocritical.

          come on now… “voluntary guinea pig” and “narcissist plastic surgery”… really???… and you didn’t think trans people wouldn’t take offense; i’m not trans and i’m offended.

          the same thing that you stated about trans people can be stated about gay, lesbian, bi, and many other queer people.

          there’s humorous amount of biological born women who are born without uteruses, biological born women who aren’t able to conceived, biological born women who aren’t able to have minstrels, and so forth.

          none of the things that jamari nor you’ve stated makes women women; women are more than their bodies and organs of vaginal and reproductive systems; it’s more internalized through the mind rather than the assigned birth.

          i’m in agreeance with z; pertaining to what indya moore meant with her twitted statement.

  4. Biology is the natural science that studies life and living organisms, including their physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, development and evolution. Sex refers to biological differences between males and females. For example, chromosomes, reproductive organs (ovaries, testes), hormones (oestrogen, testosterone). Human X and Y chromosomes determine the biological sex of a person, with XX specifying female and XY specifying male. Although the Y chromosome contains a small region of similarity to the X chromosome so that they can pair during meiosis, the Y chromosome is much shorter and contains many fewer genes. SOOOOO last time I check, while you can change your testosterone levels by taking meds for the rest of your life which is simple a temporary fix and permanently altering your body through plastic surgery, you will never ever biologically be a woman. You can’t change you chromosomes last time I checked.

    You can never change your biological sex just your gender identity. Everyone keeps trying to challenge science. It’s been here for centurie and it’s not going anywhere.

    1. Biology is not so black and white as we like to think it is. What about people born hermaphrodites and intersexed? What about those people born with Klinefelter syndrome as in their chromosomes are XXY or born XXYY, or XXXY, etc? Are they not allowed to call themselves a biological male or female?

      Animals have been known to change gender as well. Google marsh harriers, cuttlefish, colobus monkeys, garter snakes, hyenas, and even lions for examples.

      And if we want to be really technical, all of us start off as physically “female” in the womb, it’s only when the genetic mutation of the Y chromosome kicks in that alters the physical body towards “male” or to remain on the female development tract. This explains why men have nipples and why females can also ejaculate.

      Since we cant change the actual brain without doing damage to it, if someone who is transgender wants to correct their physical body to be in alignment with the brain they were born with, I dont see the problem with them saying I was born a female/male of trans experience.

  5. I kinda see where Indya is coming from. I admit it was hard for me to understand this at first as it took me a long time to understand the transgender journey as I am not one. But from what I understand so far, If we’re defining a “biological woman” with the following criteria: someone who can bear children,experience periods,or go through menopause because they have uterus, then what does that say about those women who were born with a uterus but cant bear children, have periods, or go through menopause? If a women born with a uterus gets a hysterectomy, is she no longer considered a woman? If the condition of being trans is a birth defect where the brain develops one way while the body develops into the opposite gender, I dont see what’s wrong with considering a trans person someone born with a condition from birth. Their brain is wired and developed for a gender identity that doesnt match with their physical genitalia.

    Long story short, I understand why Indya may want to identify herself as a biological woman because she was born with a “female” brain in a physical body that has the condition in the brain she was born with doesnt match the physical genitalia she was born with. Sex and gender identity isnt just about what’s between your legs, it also includes the mind, environment, and so many other layers.

  6. A lot of these entertainers should stick to their craft and not activism. They mean well but make incredibly foolish mistakes like this.

    1. Probably for the same reason you and others seek out other men…Preference and attraction. I guess gay men shouldn’t be trusted either, since they’re stealing men from biological women and can’t reproduce together right smh. I’ll never understand the need of same-gender loving men, especially Black and brown ones, to shit on other oppressed people.

  7. I really hate to assume what Indiya is getting at but I think she is taking on the perspective of biology and not biological function per se. We all know the markers of male and female, and the functionality of those associated parts. But trans folks often express that they realize something is wrong early on in life. Maybe she’s saying that before wires got crossed in the womb and the life process was happening, she was female first, but then shit went haywire and she was assigned male genitalia. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    But she could also very well just be saying fuck society, and none of what I just typed.

  8. You’re absolutely correct they are NOT, & Im so sick of people debating the topic! Honestly trans serve a huge disservice to gay men who enjoy being MEN, & don’t mind having their dicks attached to them.

    1. FACTS!! Gender and sexuality are 2 separate things and I truly hate how they lump us all together. Trans people need to just let it go. I feel so bad for women because they are truly being disrespected because there are things that a woman go through that no one else would understand. The things trans go through is it’s own category as well. We should respect each other and stop trying to blur the lines. Side note: I love being a man and I have no desire to ever want or be a woman. That’s not my struggle. I do love to play with femininity but in my own way like Prince did.

    2. How is someone living their own truth a disservice to you, as a gay man? Is being a gay man a disservice to straight men who enjoy being straight and don’t mind fucking women?

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