Tory Lanez Teaches Us What To Do When We’re Racially Profiled

i’m legit entertained by ignorance.
it tickles me when hyenas are so damn stupid.
let’s font about rapper/singer/harmonic mumbling wolf,
tory lanez.
he went to a store calledΒ holt renfrew in canada,
but claimed he was racially profiled.
well he didn’t write a letter or drag the store with his influence.
he strolled right back in and…

he gave them a “nice end of the week” revenue annnnd….
he is out 35k.
sounds logical.
so after he got dragged from here to timbuktu,
he wrote this before deleting it on twitter:

i can bet he probably didn’t read his contract.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Tory Lanez Teaches Us What To Do When We’re Racially Profiled”

  1. I WISH I would. I don’t even make a purchase if I’m not greeted when I enter the store. I damn sure wouldn’t spend $35k after being profiled.

    Side note: My skin crawled when I heard how he pronounced “Givenchy” in the video

  2. Wow. He still spent money in the store after the employee treated him like crap. He would’ve made a better point NOT spending the money in the store and letting everyone know what happened. Better yet, he should’ve KEPT that 35K…he’ll be needing it soon. He ain’t that hot of an artist right now. LOL

    That’s like a former co-worker of mine. She went to a Mercedes dealer to purchase a car, and the salesman was rude and treated her like she was wasting his time. She was upset, but she turned around and went back to the same dealership, dealt with another salesman and bought a car there. We all said to her why did you buy a car at a dealership where you were treated rudely (she spoke to the manager but nothing was really done)? I just wanted them to see that I had the money to buy their car. SMH

  3. I enjoy Macy’s merchandise but having security check you out as if you about to loot the store is very very annoying and makes me feel very uncomfortable. However I know they have hot stuff there, and theft is a real problem at many high end retail stores. However if I go to an authorized Mercedes Benz dealer and those white salesman gives me the cold shoulder, i’m going to a rival manufacturer where my business is wanted or the sales man is black.

    1. That’s no reason to treat YOU different from some white person that comes into the store.
      They’ll more than likely boost something because they know all eyes are on YOU! LOL
      If I’m followed around a store, and I have been, I just leave. They don’t have to worry about getting my money.

  4. I’m surprised ( I know I shouldn’t be) that this guy is still a thing after his disaster of a performance at the pre show at the BET awards last year.

  5. Who says the guy gets a commission? Maybe all the employees get a bonus if the store reach it’s sales goals.So thanks to this idiot, they reached their goal.This guy probably called home to his wife and said,” Get dressed honey we are going out to dinner because some N word spent $35,000 today and we reached our weekly goal.”πŸ˜’

  6. This is what happens when poor people get money and aren’t taught how money works.

    You’re still supporting that store no matter if the employee get a percentage or not. That store will continue to be open and that person will continue to have a job dummy.

    The older I get the more I realize black men in particular don’t value themselves too much, even the richest ones.

    I’ve seen rich white folks refuse to buy anything made in Mexico and China and literally stand by it. We continue giving money away instead of investing.

    1. This isn’t about poor people coming up. I know plenty of poor folk who have made some cash who don’t act like that. It’s about an entertainment industry that encourages Black men to act like 15 year olds for 40 years. They see money as a replacement for maturity. They want to be the big man on the high school campus forever because they never learn how to be anything else. Look at Rodman pimping his broke ass to a North Korean dictator pointing nuclear weapons at us just to stay in the limelight at 57. There is something about developmentally stunted Blackmen that our society loves. If they cant look like Webster or Gary Coleman, at least they can act like children, thus posing no threat to the established order. We ALL know this pineapple is going to be broke before the apple drops on Times Square in 2020.

  7. Yes, support their brand by spending 35k so they can continue their shenanigans! Racists? Just give them money! Why not? LOL (<<sarcasm)

  8. So this dude really still spent money in a store and decided to show how much money he has that he can unnecessarily spend after they racially profiled him?

    And you want me to believe you can make sound choices? Because that was legit stupid af.

    Oh don’t forget the party on the boats afterwards because yoooo you made it. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  9. Pineapple Rich! ” Please, please Mr Blackman. Don’t punish me by buying $35,000 worth of merchandise that wont be worth $500 in a few weeks.”

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