Your Real World Sucks (Your Internet Life Is So Much Better)

i have been sucked into katy perry’s live streaming vortex.
i’m starting to get it.
i think the interest of being in someone else’s world,
but one who just happens to be a celebrity,
is what is fascinating to everyone.
i think this is why snapchat,
and all these “live” apps are so popular.
it’s another way to escape your world and join someone else in theirs.
well i was watching katy do a podcast interview with a snow wolf last night.
she made an interesting point about the internet that made me think.
we all know the internet isn’t real.
i think most of us do…

Do you realize we actually living between two worlds?

the internet
the real world

the real world is where we survive.
we go to school,
and live our every day to day lives.
the internet is where we can be who we want to be.
everyone looks perfect and no one has any problems.
unless we are watching ratchets in their natural habitats.

we go to bed in our phones and wake up there as well.
everything in our lives needs to be documented.
from the places we go to the food we are about to eat.
it all looks perfectly filtered and visually pleasing.
no one checks in to see how you are from the real world.
they just show their presence in your likes or the views on your programming.
family and friends are satisfied with coexisting in your internet reality.
we get offended when certain folks don’t like/watch our stuff.
we are ready to pull the plug on their real and internet lives.
we don’t even need to leave the house anymore.
it’s to the point we can order food,
have our laundry picked up,
and get sex by the push of a button.

Is all of this really healthy tho?

when i made the foxhole,
i could have been like most.
i wanted to give you the real me and my issues,
which is usually forbidden within the rules of internet.
memes are supposed to express our true feelings.
i really could have played up the “internet ain’t real” stereotype.

fuckin all the baddest wolves
wearing nothing but designer
driving fancy cars

straight up flexing for likes and admiration.
that wasn’t my real life.
i wanted to show that within this made up world,
there are those who are actually struggling to just wake up in the morning.
escaping inside our phones is like a drug.
it’s like a hit of dopamine when we post and see it get attention.

i can’t tell you how to live your life.
let’s face it,
we all look for ways to escape the real world.
some of us become drug addicts and alcoholics trying to jump border lines.
the problem is we are losing our social skills,
and maybe even our minds,
due to all this internet consumption.
everything is so impersonal and it’s really hard to connect to a real outlet.
why get to know anyone when i can look at your life through a story?
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Can you separate your real world vs the internet?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.