Too Beyonce For The Nonsense (0 to Solange if All Else Fails)

Vera-Wang-Beyonce-Solange-at-Spring-2012-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Show-2in life you will come across many situations that require a reaction.
not every reaction is the right one.
it just mattes how you look at things.
sometimes it’s best to just let shit go with a smile on ya face.
you gotta be “too beyonce for the nonsense”.
other times,
you gotta “o to solange” on a mofo…

so everyone in the world saw the events of #elevatorgate yesterday.
one thing everyone was talking about,
besides jay getting the business from solange,
was beyonce just standing there.
she literally just stood there.
sure she moved around a few times,
even got hit in the head with solange bag,
but she was on some “i ain’t even about this right now” shit.
it was disturbing,
but interesting at the same time.
she knows she is beyonce and with that comes a power that surpasses many.
she can’t be getting turnt up over some hood mess.
you see she walked out that elevator with that smile ON.
45590-sNhSjgif-mYbr she was “too beyonce” for nonsense.
it was an excellent life lesson in about 3 minutes.
sometimes you just gotta be “beyonce for the nonsense”.
not everything requires a response.
sometimes you need to stay on the sidelines.
…other times tho,
you may need to go from “0 to solange” and let a mofo have it.
“0 to solange” means you TRIED being “beyonce to the bullshit”.
it didn’t end up working.
the disrespect was just stinkin in ya face.
solange-jay-z-fight-gif-datait doesn’t have to be with lethal kicks and spit.
no never.
we are gentleman here.
you had to flip on a muthafucka to get them to understand your POV.
the one they clearly missed since they fell and bumped their little heads.
“o to solange” can be very respectful or very ratchet.
don’t matter.
whichever one you choose for whatever situation,
you can never go wrong with the execution.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Too Beyonce For The Nonsense (0 to Solange if All Else Fails)”

  1. I wish I could be too Beyonce. My head automatically goes Solange tho. Maybe I should smoke some weed or something.

  2. Beyonce is a Virgo, she would rather be shot dead than to do something embarrassing in public. Virgo’s will always pull it together for the public and camera, you will rarely know what they are thinking and they are not going to give you too much, but you best believe she has thought out every angle and how she is going to play this. I am not the biggest Beyonce fan, but I understand her as I am Virgo too. She did just what I would have done. I rarely get between two adults who are arguing. She is going to play like it never happen and will probably never address again until she writes her memoirs. At the end of the day, Solange is still her sister and she will be back in her life in due time, she knows that she is one of only a few people she can really trust and who has her back regardless.

    1. According to TMZ Jay and Solange went jewelry shopping today .They are family Jay is like a big brother to her,she is signed to his label.I could tell by the video that this has happened before Solange going off. Every family goes through BS.

      1. Yeah, that’s been proven false. Wendy Williams personally knows the jeweler reported by TMZ, and he says that neither Jay nor Solange visited his place of business.

  3. Tajan i agree virgo here i was doing exactly what bey did, clearly this isn’t their first fight would make no sense intervening.

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