They Don’t Like Me

tumblr_lt8eklcxcs1r4lkteo1_500you know what i realized today…

i’m better than these shady ass people i work with.
it was a quick realization when i saw i don’t fit in with them.
or is it they don’t want me to fit in with them?
yes i guess i’m back in another high school.
honestly speaking i usually don’t fit in anywhere.
i thought this great new job would be different tho.
people are starting to show their real colors.
things with my bosses and higher ups are still cool,
but i have been pushed away by everyone else.
i guess liar liar’s campaign to destroy my reputation is full on.
people she associates with,
which is almost everyone,
have slowly stopped speaking to me.
i heard from thing 2 that i was a “snitch” amongst other things.
she also said liar liar seething because a vp admired my writing.
tumblr_mgsh3pcLrm1r2mfhgo1_400its not my fault her emails need a ghost writer.
the attention i have been receiving actually turned against me.
the older women bringing me presents and always speaking about me.
always getting compliments about my wardrobe and style.
talking to random clients and making them feel comfortable.
i don’t do anything but be the best me i can give.
that’s it.
people seem to hate that.
they can’t take it.
Kirk-chokewhy does this always happen to me?
“all my life ive had to fight…
seriously i don’t bother anyone.
i come in,
do a job,
a GOOD job,
and people in higher positions recognize that.
at first my coworkers were grateful i came along.
“a breath of fresh air”.
“not a hoodrat like the others”.
so now they’re jealous because they were… right?
making up stories and lies.
ostracizing me.
honestly i don’t do anything but be myself.
is “being myself” doing too much?
GinaMarie_confusedi don’t give myself nearly as much credit tho.
i have this great website that i started on my own.
i update daily no matter how tired i am.
connecting with strangers from all around the world.
i would consider myself a good writer.
i get ideas in everything.
from a paper blowing on the street to a single star in the sky.
i’m also a good person.
i mean i’m not perfect,
but i actually care about people.
i even put some before myself.
hell that makes me a GREAT person/friend.
i really need to recognize that.
stop looking for acceptance with everyone.
not everyone will appreciate me.
i’m not for everyone.
if it was that easy for someone to “back away” from me,
with lies or envy,
then they weren’t meant to be in my life in the first place.
i need to go in,
do my job,
my best job,
collect my check,
and come home.
simple as that.
now say it again jamari and mean it.

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “They Don’t Like Me”

  1. That’s horrible but karma will get liar liar. That type of high school behavior is ridiculous tho.

    With the way they’re acting toward you, it’s safe to say they’re all a bunch of hoodrats.

    What if liar liar was the reason all the other so called hoodrats were fired?

    I’ll pray that the devil aka liar liar doesn’t ruin your blessing.

    You’ve got 99 problems but a bitch shouldn’t be one.

    Your work will speak for itself, as it’s been doing.

    1. ^it does scare me because what if these people ban together to get me fired?
      its been stressing my brain out.
      i will NOT go back to being broke again.

    2. Why did you make me think of Jay Z Zen?

      Maybe someone should call Solange to come and fuck em up a lil bit. That will stop em lol.

      1. I wrote that line because it fit his situation. Remember he was just saying how he was dealing with loss of his mother and his best friend. He’s got enough on his plate, he don’t need this catty ass clique drama at a job of all places. I wish Solange did catch liar liar on an elevator. She couldn’t use her boo hoo tears to get her out of the ass whooping.

        Not to say you’re giving in J but maybe it would hurt to look for other jobs even though you already have one. Hopefully you can find one with less hoodrats. That’s some bullying type of shit. I guess the only thing you can do for now is ignore the foolishness and do the job to the best of your abilities.

        However, if I was a higher-up, I’d be pissed to know that this is going on at my place of business.

        You need security wolf back. He can stiff arm all those cunts for you.

  2. You are the shit bro and they can’t take it. You done came in a shook em up more than a California earthquake. Maybe if they will do their jobs properly, they will get praise.

    Let’s give it up for Jamari.

    1. ^right.
      stop looking at me because the ones talking are terrible.
      very unprofessional and awful.
      its like i’m dealing with hoodrats.
      no wait…

  3. Let those haters be your motivators, they are just jealous because you are good at what you do. Haters don’t like hard working people who are above it all. 🙂

  4. On the real… why are you worried about pleasing your haters. They gonna hate anyway. Please God..yourself..then let chips fall where they may. .now turn up

  5. As long you mind your business and don’t bother them.
    And you know what it good you’re not their friend because they are their co-workers and that’s a place of business. Just focus on your work and that paycheck because your boss is the one who paying your bills, foods, and electric. So send them to hell.

  6. Jamari I know your pain bruh and I’m gonna pass on what my mentor has tried to instill in me. Always do your best, arrive early, keep calm and be phenomenal. Reflect on yourself and seek ways to improve the small stuff. Celebrate and honor what you do. She also encourages me to keep my resume update and constantly keep my eyes open and resumes out for a better gig because its easier to find a new one while you have one.

  7. i’m not running from these people.
    if u run from this,
    i’ll be running from everything forever.
    i committed to this job,
    my boss,
    mr green,
    and i will NOT let a few hoodrats know they won.
    they will have to really go to battle.
    i doubt they want to see that.
    i already made liar liar cry.
    i can do it again.

  8. Trust your got, and do what’s best for you. Wishing you all the best. Co workers are a bunch of messy, sneaky people. Thank God I work for myself. It’s been over a year since I left my job and I don’t regret it one bit.

  9. Stand Still J. God has brought you too far out that hole to drop you back in it now. Dont think your family in the foxhole is still not praying for you just because you got your new job and thing are working out, we still praying for your success. Remember when you were at the end of your rope and you never gave up and lost the faith, go back to those days and renew yourself because if you can survive all of that, this is small potatoes. Continue to smile through the pain, continue to say hello, be cheerful, do your job, smile at the haters even the messy shit starting hyena. That ditch that she is digging for you, she is going to fall into it. People get insecure around people who are well groomed, professional, and do a good job because it exposes all of their short comings. I notice that many people have given up on life not believing in themselves that they can change their circumstances, instead they would rather bring others down to feel good about themselves.

    At one of my jobs in the past, I work with this Black dude who was a nice looking brother and dressed nice everyday, well I also dress nice and pay close attention to my personal grooming. I started to get attention from the females at the office, granted it wasnt really nothing to me because I was checking the dudes out anyway. Well this dude just stop speaking to me and acted a complete ass out the blue, never knew nothing about me and never gave me a chance. I continued to be myself and dress nice and I have been gone a number of years, he is still there and even when I come back to say hello to old co-workers who literally run to me, he is still a hater, so some people are always gonna be assholes. Even though its hard you only have to suffer through 8 hours a day with these morons, you have your foxhole family who loves and support you regardless and we dont even know what you look like LOL! Keep your head up bro because its gonna work out in your favor, you are a child of the KING!

  10. It’s sad but this sounds 100% like some hs mess. Just like hs ppl are tend to pick the evil that they know over something new, so it’s not uncommon that they believe her. Unfortunately, ppl tend to believe the negative w/lil to no prove then everything they do seems to conform in order to support negativity. Please correct me if im wrong but from what i see u have a good thing going on w/thing 2 so maybe all is not lost.

    It’s kinda funny b/c all of the things u have described sounds like in time u would probably get promoted over all of them since u have great work habits. So maybe they see it too and are jealous? Or getting an early start on trying to find the base so they dont have to like u if u become their boss? All i’ll say is keep being warm and kind to them and it will weigh in on their conscience. Remember patience is a virtue.

  11. At least you know who are your real friends. If there is a plot to get rid of you, document it and don’t leave a trace or let anyone in except someone hire up or a boss. Don’t worry about making friends it sound petty. Show them who is the real diva in the office and sashay on the runway like the Diana Ross “The Boss”. Also look into your employee handbook about retaliation.

  12. In this society today, it’s amazing how grown-ups can act worse than junior high/high school kids. Corporate America is just as bad as the cafeteria and playgrounds where the bullies make their presence known. You came into an environment where many who were already there before you probably felt you wouldn’t go far. Seeing you get complimented and “rewarded” for the good job you’re doing makes them insecure, laying the groundwork for sabotage and jealousy. Keep doing the job that you’re doing, don’t get involved in office politics/gossip (this gives them ammunition), and above all…keep track of everything that is said and done to you. Document EVERYTHING! In the event you need to “protect yourself” it’s always good to have some documented backup! Feel me?

    Those people you work with are insecure, low-performing, slackers. PLEASE don’t let them get to you. They’re not worth it. Trust me, I have people like that working with me…and I work in Human Resources. Bonafide snakes-in-the-grass! Will stab you in the back to save their asses in a heartbeat. But you’re a better man than I am because I call people on their B.S…so when they come to my office looking for something and want to chit-chat, I ask them what is it they want. They know I don’t care for them, and I don’t hide it. Don’t speak to me…you’re not hurting my feelings AT ALL! LOL

    I say all of this to basically say…DO Y-O-U! Keep up the good job. The appreciation and recognition comes from those who can benefit you most!

  13. Keeps doing what is right. Be you. Employers value high integrity. Don’t compromise your values. Document issues on the job and everything will be alright. It’s hard being great but you can do it.

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