this prince charming hates when “the uglies” try to date beautiful people like him

nothing is more disgusting to me than when “beautiful people” talk shit.
someone who claims they are beautiful but has to resort to talking shit about “ugly people”.
i love when they get that big meat of humbled up their cocky ass.
that jackal claims he’s a beautiful person and hates when “ugly people” try to date beautiful.
a Foxholer sent me this extremely weird flex



is he smoking crack?
he must have some UN-diagnosed mental illness going on because…

mofos got big meat and think they can talk to people any kind of way.
there are people we are not attracted to and that is how life is set up.
someone’s “ugly” is another’s “i want to fuck the shit out of them“.

There are PLENTY of “not so attractive” mofos who are in full blown relationships/married.
They got some folks so hooked,
if they told them bark like a dog,

they’d be on all fours with a dog collar on.

On the flip side,
there are PLENTY of “beautiful people” who are single and can’t find a date.

There are PLENTY of “i’m hit in the face but my body is nice” who are single as well.

see exhibit a:

his actions def make him unattractive to me.
there is nothing attractive about this behavior.

i think these folks say/font this kind of shit to get dragged for attention.
it helps bring eyes to whatever they are selling.
we gotta stop feeding some of these animals at the zoo.

3 thoughts on “this prince charming hates when “the uglies” try to date beautiful people like him

  1. The way I know this is inflammatory just to draw eyes and ears to his page and not because he truly believes that is a sad sight but not surprising on the bird app. Twitter is fully going down the drain because thoughts over there are not fully formed yet somehow backed by losers who just want to agree because they are attracted to the person or not bright.

    I would drag him for being an idiot who goons on Twitter for pennies but he’s begging for it and it feels like such an easy read.

  2. I’m not even gonna comment on it…🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂….. I’m just gonna sit and wait on the comments to come in!!!!

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