This Is What The Truth Feels Like (For Jamari Fox)

tumblr_o2d5nacJZo1u2pphqo1_1280i love love love LOVE personal music albums…

“rated r”,
“the mis-education of lauryn hill”,
“in the lonely hour”,
“my life”,
and the velvet rope” comes to mind.

these albums are statements of releasing.
letting it all out and being real with us.
they take us on a journey.
personal albums are not for everyone.
not yet anyway.
you’ll get the message once you can relate.

i love when artists strips down and gives us “real”.
i’ve been taking the foxhole on my own personal album.
some can relate.
others don’t.
“what the truth feels like” from gwen stefani>>>
it’s inspired by her break up from gavin rossdale.
i have been lowkey waiting for this release and i’m not disappointed.
music is my therapy and i need it every day.
she has me at full attention today.


lowkey: i always liked gwen’s music.
am i the only one?

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12 thoughts on “This Is What The Truth Feels Like (For Jamari Fox)

  1. No you’re not the only one I likes me some Gwen, I could never get into no doubt but once she went solo and started doing all of these artistic visuals and cool songs I became a fan. I reall like make me like you of the new album.

    P.S. Still waiting for her and Eve to do another song together , they have good music chemistry to me.

    1. ^i agree mikey!!!
      i really like this new album.
      it’s not sad.
      it’s “break up pop” so even tho she is sad,
      it feels good.
      i am ignoring adele and anyone else who provokes sadness.
      hell for the last week,
      i been listening to “house of cards” soundtrack.
      it’s just music.

      i agree with gwen and eve.
      they made good music.

      1. Break up pop is the best way to describe it. I’m listening to it now and I’m digging it I see myself playing this when I’m in a cool mood

  2. That “make me like you” song grew on me, dammit! Funny story, actually first heard it from my brother. He’ll listen to anything and doesn’t give a fuck, bless him 😂😂

  3. Gwen is cool! I don’t listen to her music much, but I like her creativity! She’s a natural trend-setter without having to Lady Gaga, or Nicki Minaj, or Miley Cyrus the situation. She does her craziness in her music, and it is always tastefully done and thought provoking sometimes. Her music is fun!

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