Third Thought (3)


Here goes a good one..

What is the first THOUGHT that entered your mind?


Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Third Thought (3)”

    1. If you’re paying attention to the sheets when you’re about to get laid there’s a problem. Lol

      Don’t ask me to describe any of the sheets I’ve been on. lol

      1. But the point of this is what comes to mind when i see the picture and that’s the first thing i paid attention to. I sort of glance at the people of the picture and recognize something sexual is going on but it doesn’t really catch my attention in the way the background does. Two people photographed about to have sex is like… eh… nothing new. I’m more concerned with the circumstances around whats going on than the actual subject matter itself.

        Like there’s also a third person in the image and that headboard looks like it has suede or some velvet material on it. But i noticed all that after i saw the bedspread which is kinda juvenile and basic.

  1. “Well, hello…”

    Because he’s got a hot ass, and I’d join them and make a threesome out of it – foursome if there’s a photographer

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