They’reeeeeeeee Back! ( #havesandhavenots )

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 1.03.06 PMyou know i had a lot to say last season.
a lot.
well here is the trailer for the summer return of the haves and have nots

will my benny finally raise out this coma?
will wyatt propose to me and benny have to fight for my love once he returns?
will we see hannah’s wig again?
will madea show up to save candace?
will jeffrey become a raging queen?
did that guy amanda stabbed got the knife out his back?
will veronica have classic one liners?
will david finally bang that snow bunny?
since last season was “two days”,
will this new season be at least be “two weeks”?
-1i won’t stop supporting the show tho.
well until an alien abducts someone or madea shows up.
the haves and have nots come back for their summer season may 27th @ 9pm on OWN.

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Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “They’reeeeeeeee Back! ( #havesandhavenots )”

  1. If TP doesn’t make changes, the show will definitely lose viewership….expressly me. #getittogether

  2. Well according to the notes for the upcoming show, Benny is gonna show signs of brain activity so he’ll come back slowly but surely. I too hope some changes are made in the show for the better.

  3. Angela Bassett is directing the Whitney Houston Movie for Lifetime.What do you think of Tika playing Whitney?
    Also Kimye got married ,bridesmaids wore white like they did at Royal Wedding because Kimye are American Royalty. LOL
    Jay and Bey apparently didn’t attend Bey posted new picture on IG looking like she is on vacation wearing new braids.

    1. Celebrities do all that expensive shit for their weddings only for it to be a waste because they end up divorcing a few years later. I’m telling y’all Kim and Kanye won’t last. Kim is gonna use the custody battle over North to keep her name in headlines… Watch!

  4. This is still the same season. The show went on a mid season finale. The new season does not start until next year, so Benny will probably still be in the hospital for a minute. I wanna see what happens to Candice tho.

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