they allegedly took the train in lsu but they all might have got thrown off?

2022 seems to have all but exposed the alleged debauchery in sports.
you’d be shocked how many baller wolves love a good sex party.
it’s discreet,
they can live out all your secret inhibitions,
and it’s just how some folks in power actually get down.
sex in most industries can be transactional.
the latest rumor sent in from a foxholer comes from lsu.
pre baller wolf,
kayshon boutte,
was all set to return to lsu for the 2023 season.
he changed his mind and said he was gonna go to the ’23 nfl draft instead.

was it because he was kicked out for attending an “all-staff only” sex party?…

these are the other alleged participants in this bang bros gon’ wrong:

x Destiny Wilson
x Cortez Hankton
x J.R. Belton
x Corey Phillips

destiny has gone private and j.r. socials have vanished.
corey phillips last tweet on his twitter was:

if this is all true,
how did folks even find this out?

if she has an alleged “history” of this kind of behavior,
she might have been a liability.
that or typical wolves who had to gossip about how they smashed.
some males love to pour pipin’ hot tea mixed with penis and pussy.
even though this situation sounds like a train crash,
the straights should…

Learn from the gays and how our sex parties are run.

we tend to keep all participants,
regardless of status,
a secret behind those walls.

lowkey: if this is all true,
i wonder who set this all up?
was it in a group chat or…?

5 thoughts on “they allegedly took the train in lsu but they all might have got thrown off?

  1. I’m confused by something. Isn’t Boutte a student if he’s planning to declare for the draft? So this wasn’t just a sex party involving LSU staff but staff and a student, which is a HUGE no-no these days. Or am I missing something?

  2. There is a gay sex party every day and most people don’t know it can be next door to them and they won’t even know it. Before these apps came out, remember the partyline, “you have a message from…”, then came A4A, BGC, then Jacked, Grindr, POF, Tinder, now Bumble, BLK, and Christian Mingle… its a sex party everyday and probably one going right now

  3. Wait a minute. She has a “history” of this type of behavior. So she is the one who gives her permission for an all-staff gang bang and they are in trouble? Why are they being treated like they raped her when it was consensual on both ends. She wanted to be fucked by all of them and she did it, multiple of times and they so happens to be the ones to get caught? She should have been the only one to get fired. What are you firing the coaches for participating for? She set it up! She set up a Mandingo party and LSU decides to punish the guys for it because let’s call it what it is, this is a racist situation. I dislike that card but you got to call it out looking at the evidence. She has a history of fucking black male staff and possibly players too and they get in trouble? Why are they being dragged for participating in getting their dick sucked and fucking a woman who wants to be fucked by big dick black men.

  4. The Freaks Come out a Night. Sex parities in the gay community are hardly a secret as well. Nobody cares because they expect that type of ish from us.

  5. Congress can’t elect a Speaker-
    being held hostage by right wing tweakers.
    College sex parties being put on blast while 2022 ain’t even hardly yet passed.
    2023 shaking and breaking-
    if it ain’t authentic, don’t get caught faking. Khalil31 ❤️👁️💓👁️💓

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