this time,
ten years ago,
i don’t think there was much lgbtq representation.
as the years went on,
we got to see more and more of it on tv and on social media.
we had lil nas x dominate the charts.
i’m even seeing a lot more tolerance with some of the straights.
these days,
being lgbtq is not as big of a deal as it use to be.
for some,
the black community still has its issues to work on.

there has been a boost in people who identify as lgbtq in 2022.
per usa today

The number of U.S. adults who identify as LGBTQ has rocketed to a record 7.1%,and young people are again steering the increase, a poll released Thursday shows.

The 7.1% is double the percentage from 2012 when Gallup first measured identity and is up over last year’s poll that showed 5.6% of adults identify as LGBTQ. In a 2017 poll, that number was 4.5%.

The upswing is significant, Gallup Senior Editor Jeff Jones told USA TODAY. “I think it speaks to society changing in terms of acceptance of people with different sexual orientations and gender identities and people’s willingness to identify that way,” he said.

And the trend is likely to continue, Jones said. “It’s not going to be too much longer before (LGBTQ identification) is in double digits in the U.S. population.” 

One of the most striking takeaways of polls in recent years is the wave of younger generations embracing their identity, Jones said. Now those youths are moving into adulthood, meaning more people are entering the 18+ world as LGBTQ. “That population change is what is driving this,” he said.

About 21% of Generation Z Americans – those born from 1997 to 2003 – identified as LGBTQ in this year’s Gallup poll, which was based on aggregated 2021 data.
Among Millennials – those born from 1981 to 1996 – 10.5% identified as LGBTQ. The numbers dwindled in each older generation.

Nearly one is six Gen Z adults also identifies as bisexual, the poll shows. That number is not surprising and again reflects the dynamic of youths transitioning into adulthood comfortable with their identity and orientation”, Jones said. “They probably never experienced a time where there was discrimination like in the past,” he said.

that’s not bad.
i feel more like more people are experimenting these days too.
i’ll allow it.
 my millenial wolf is in this new batch and as soon as he sees me,
he is gonna be LOVE/LUST.

i can feel him coming soon.

lowkey: imagine someone from your past professing their love for you now.
i knew you were gay/bi.
time to make up for the lost time.

article cc: usa today

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. If they keep adding letters, it’s gonna be 90% of the population! If American society was allowed to acknowledge the fact that sexuality is indeed a spectrum, and that attraction to another male doesn’t mean 1 of yall has to be ‘the girl’, we’d legit see waaay higher percentages.

    1. Nothing but facts! I love to see this new generation being so free to be themselves and recognize their identity at a much earlier age. We helped lay the groundwork for it so it’s a heartfelt win for us all.

  2. See we remember back then when we had to be forced to separate because it seemed too gay. Now they are allowing it. I remember we had to give the whole class Valentine’s candy because picking one boy out would cause a parental fight and they want to put the kid in evaluation to see if they been touched or seen something they wasn’t supposed to. High schools, girls are holding girls hands kissing on the wall. Boys are dressing up and the girls are rooting for the gay boys to stay together because they so cute. Its just a shame too many people had to die and kill themselves to get to this point. I’m loving the inclusion… but enough of these got damn letters. You either gay or straight. Bisexual has split into pansexual, its too much! Bisexual meant you were attracted to both regardless. Its too many labels which is confusing even the LGBTQ+. Queer doesn’t even mean the same thing anymore. I mean we got straights saying don’t put me into the alphabet but love Transwomen. Too confusing and some people just don’t like labels.

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