The Yellow One Has Another Sex Leakage?

/the following entry is foxxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

yellow is such a beautiful color.
as you know,
yellow matches perfectly with brown.
our favorite yellow attentionisto is at it again in a new video.
one of the f-bi sent this clip and well…

if that’s the alleged yellow one,
he sure loves him some raw sex,

doesn’t he?
can we see a condom in these leak videos?
i bet he has some good tail tho.
these wolves can’t seem to allegedly get enough.

lowkey: that wolf’s bawdy looks good in that alleged video.
is it the alleged wolf from ( x this video )?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “The Yellow One Has Another Sex Leakage?”

  1. He should flatout just do porn now. I mean if you’re going to have all these “leaked” videos you might as well get paid for it

  2. And in other news Water is Wet. Trump is an idiot and Mariah Carey hates J-Lo. Moving along nothing to see here folks. Jesus Be Some Prep.

  3. I have to admit, his ass looks good. I am just being honest foxhole, don’t judge me. You know I am a wolf, and I appreciate cake lol

  4. I agree, he might as well go ahead and become a pornstar. I’m surprised he hasn’t started a connect pal, he might as well he has a nice body and that booty is goals I won’t even lie lol. He pulling these fine muscle dudes, I ain’t mad at him except a condom would be nice.

  5. I feel like he leaks these videos for more dick.. It’s his way of getting more. That’s why he regularly posts pics of his ass on Instagram, it’s his way of trapping & securing (black) dick. It seems to be working though LMAO!

    1. ^LMAO. DEFINITELY seems to be working for him! Although if it was me…we ain’t fuckin’ raw. Not happening!

  6. He’s the perfect example of a pass around. Anyone can pretty much have him. He’s like the hoe in high school or in your neighborhood.

  7. Interesting. I won’t say anything about him putting on a condom cuz he a grown man. They are both grown and know the risk. Im not a fan of raw sex but condom sex isn’t 100% percent safe either. I say let these dudes fawk each other into the next dimension like a character from Dragon Ball Z if they want.

  8. That “dick” in the pic is @forever_mistah all the Instagram elite and socialites stick together and fuck and pass each other around.

    1. ^Myles…how can you tell?! Forever_mistah has tats on his stomach region and arms…and the dude in the clip doesn’t have any tats, unless it’s an old clip.

      1. I had “forever_mistah’s” dick and I know what it looks and feels like. He bragged about fucking him and showed me that pictuare. If you google “Yellowboi126” name all his sex videos & nude pics will come up.

        1. ^FM came on here upset when everyone was speculating it was him in the first video ever released.
          he was saying it could get back to his job,
          which I can understand.
          he is nice tho.
          he didn’t come on here acting like an asshole.

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