The Actress and The Attentionisto

the actress and the attentionisto.
one is being used to help calm all the backlash.
the other tries to be at every cock fight to try and make “fetch”happen.
milan is the perfect example of the gays auntie viv feels comfortable with.
am i wrong for thinking this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Actress and The Attentionisto”

    1. ^after everything that his been happening with auntie viv,
      i’m a little turned off from watching the show.
      it’s not the “ladies only” shit,
      it’s the way how she handled it that left a bad taste in my mouth.

  1. Exaclty jamari. I wasn’t even trying to watch it in the first place so i’m not hurt by the ladies only thing, but she looked almost digusted by the idea of having gay men there. Girl bye!

  2. She’s the kind of woman who has no problem having the gays do her hair, makeup, fashion, and be around her to uplift her so she can take from their culture and use their lingo. But would have a problem with one of her kids being gay.

    Like it’s been stated no one had a problem with her saying that she didn’t want gat men there it was it was the way she say it. Some of those men there surrounding her during that interview shouldn’t be talking since most of them there are questionable. I was surprised that Charlemagne didn’t bring up the fact that most of them have gay rumors or questionable things on their connectpal for their gay viewers ( cuz women aren’t paying for that).

    I’m tired of gay men being put into a predatory box. The ones that do the most are just doing the most because They’re thirsty ( The same thirstiness that straight men do to women all the time ) not because they’re gay. All gay men don’t want you just because you’re a good-looking muscular guy.

    1. Your last paragragh was spot on Mikey! I wouldn’t be interested in any of these “men”, but whatever, we will always be the gay men that supposedly want them (in their eyes) and they’ll continue to use the thirst buckets as a means to justify that (at best) theory. These clowns need to stop flattering themselves and learn a skill or something. I wasn’t offended at all when Viv says: “women only”, go ahead, have them lol, I’m not missing out on anything. Viv is funny sometimes, but I don’t take her seriously so I’m not concerned about her opinions lol.

      All that corny dancing stuff is a hard turn off for me. But I’m sure the vixens would like that though…oh wait.

  3. Why are you all so bothered by this not being for gay men?

    None of these dudes have danced for men in the past to my knowledge and now that they are going to be more recognized they certainly won’t be doing it now, so what’s the problem?

    Let women have their exclusive spaces. If it was for men it would be on LOGO and not Lifetime.

    Y’all have dancers in gay clubs anyway and yes women invade gay clubs too, but that’s only because you all bring them!

    1. Maybe you can’t read or are New to inside Jamari fox, but as clearly stated above, no one has a problem with her saying “it’s not for gay men”. But if you read the comments above and on previous post you’d know that.

      1. Lol hardly. Maybe you’re new though.

        I can comprehend just fine and it all sounds like people being butt hurt for no reason.

        Milan is about as stereotypical as it gets as far as a gay man. Furthermore, he’s an opportunist that goes wherever the publicity is.

        Wtf cares how she said it? Validation is parking.

  4. this type of foolishness I can’t deal with .
    this picture giving me back peddling and pussy popping.
    theirs nothing Ms. Fox can do to make this situation right.
    taken a picture with a gay doesn’t mean you have no problem with gay guys.
    what is done is done.

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