The Walking Dead Got Me In My Feels Tonight

latesti can’t even deal.
i just can’t.
this is all i have to say about “the walking dead” tonight.

lowkey: rick?
the damn rv?
i can’t…
i simply can’t…

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Got Me In My Feels Tonight”

  1. Can’t say I was shocked. I had a feeling his end was coming this season. I actually thought it would’ve happened last season. One thing about this show that I like…it’s so damn addictive.
    And I like the fact that they are not afraid to kill a lead character.

      1. Actually S&M, I was thinking the same. Perhaps he’s “playing dead”. I wouldn’t put it past the creative team behind this show. We’ll see in the remaining episodes.

        1. ^maybe he covered himself in that asshole’s blood and was able to escape.
          there is a miracle somewhere!
          plus they didn’t have glenn on the talking dead.
          the usually bring the dead characters on for their final goodbyes!
          beth was crying on her final interview.

      2. All I know its about to be a riot in these streets because we both know next week is going to be all about Morgan and “Clear” and probably wont know anything til next year since they were the only ones together

  2. I’m interested to know what he was up to since we last saw him waayyy back in the beginning of the series. Something happened, besides the death of his son, that made him hesitant to kill.

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