Mama Said Emotionally Knock You Out

tumblr_static_roses“i got to tell you something…”

that was work wolf in my texts today…

“i’m happy you are in my life.
you tell me things that no one tells me about me.
you always make sure i’m on point.
your mouth is real reckless,
but you want the best for me.
i don’t know what i would do without you big head”
tumblr_mb762u3Khh1qmfh3wjlo did it to diddy.
rihanna did it chris brown.
beyonce did it to jay z.
kanye west did it to kim.
you can do it to “him”.

its actually easy to get someone to be emotionally connect to you.
it involves a little trick most usually fail at.
the “most” is usually “the hoes”.
you can latch onto someone physically,
but sooner or later,
they will get tired of fucking you.
if you lack other key qualities,
like “listening” and “being a total he(bitch) when needed”,
then you could as well forget it.

and this is for you,
but i know its hard.
in this life we live,
we meet people and our hormones go buck wild.
everyone with a penis and nice bawdy a mark.

aren’t you tired of being good for one night?
aren’t you tired of being someone’s “11pm to 3am” entertainment?
aren’t you tired of them not coming back?

well you are only good for one night.
you don’t have much to offer besides naked pics and pleasure promises.
that will make anyone “play the game” until you let them come through.
once they get what they want from you,
then you are in the “already beat” files.
you can’t hit him up to see how his day went.
don’t even ask him to take you out.
why would he?

tumblr_mb76apgQka1qmfh3wsome of us have a gift.
we are able to attract wolves and draw them in.
its usually an energy.
these wolves know they can trust us.
we also allow them to be themselves.
we don’t judge or make them feel uncomfortable.
we see the good in them.
the potential.
we suggest where they eat,
what looks good on them,
compliment their bawdies,
and why “something” in their life isn’t working out.
the “life changer”.
in turn,
we give them every inch of our emotions.


they start to learn who we are.
they feed off our energy.
once we get in their heads,
we become a type of addiction.
we allow space so they’ll come to us.
even during intense arguments,
and being completely wrong,
they will find a way to let us back in.
that’s a power not everyone has.
your skills become so good,
you can have a straight wolf acting out of character.
he won’t even care because he is way past the limit.
if he happens to be gay/bi,
then you aren’t like “the rest of them”.
he believes he can have you in a relationship.
he knows you are different.
different is good.
the foxhole is different.
when you finally have sex,
it is off the wall.
he fucks the soul out of you.
he can’t stop looking in your eyes or finding ways to touch you.
he can’t function without your opinion.
even when you break up,
he still hits you up.
that’s how you know you got him.
emotionally speaking.

you shouldn’t try emotionally connecting with everyone.
your life should always be a kind of “vip”.
not everyone gets to experience “you”.
once they do tho,
they’ll never want to leave.
well they can’t.
you got them all fucked up in a good way.


23 thoughts on “Mama Said Emotionally Knock You Out

  1. So true!! Everyone doesn’t get the VIP treatment, the amount of work it takes to support it would not be good on a multiple man, multiple person situation. But as you said when you got the right one and it’s tuned just right they act all types of foolish regardless of situation and whose around, the homeboys or the known associates

  2. I admire what yall have J. Cherish that friendship. I love how he told you that he is happy you’re in his life…..not to many people show appreciation like that! 😀

  3. Wait he called you “big head”? This guy only known you for a little while and calling you pet names? This is getting ridiculous now

  4. Nonsense be his friend –stop wishing for a magical relationship with a man that has stated that he is not gay. Put your focus on finding someone who can fulfill all your needs as he isn’t the one.

  5. Nothing but facts. Getting someone emotionally attached is something that many people don’t possess, but for the people who do, it can be a dangerous gift if it isn’t used wisely. lol

  6. He called you “Big Head.” When girls call me big head, I know what the deal is…….



    *pops popcorn*

  7. I agree with this, but…

    What happens when you’re emotionally tied to that one person in which nothing ever comes about? In essence, it sounds & feels amazing… Until you start to realize that you to are only that: emotionally attached. They never make that move & don’t see you two becoming more. Emotionally attached as friends, but that’s it.

    Been there twice, and the thought of emotional attachment scares me now…

    1. ^that is why you have to be careful who you emotionally attach yourself with.
      sometimes it’s all about patience.
      sometimes it will never happen,
      but you have a friend that will grow with you.
      with anything in life and love,
      there are always risks.

      don’t be scared b.
      look back at where you may have went wrong,
      or the other person,
      and don’t make the same mistakes again.

      1. ^in relationships,
        some sort of emotional attachment has to happen.
        we do it with our friends.
        we are emotionally attached to the family members we are close to.
        we can’t not give ourselves to anyone without connecting.

        that’s why there are so many half sided relations going on today.

    2. Communication is important in this. If you become close enough with someone you should be able to express the direction you want to go in your relationship. Yes, there are some boundaries ofc (straight vs. gay for ex.) but in those cases, as the gay man you have to be prepared for the worst.

      There comes a point where you start to ask: “what do?” to yourself, and its at this point that you actually have to ask him too. If you both are not on the same page, its not going to end well for you!

  8. I’m going to call you big head like work wolf. But I totally agree with your statement, big head.

  9. That’s why I rarely ever hookup. I only did once this year & that was it. Once a dude screws you then you’re history to him. ESPECIALLY if he’s fine (because he has options). So then you have to go on your next quest to find another 4am partner. And all that searching for the next thing every 3 weeks is tiresome to me. Before you know it you would have checked all the local guys on your Jack’d feed. There ain’t enough fine men in the world for me to get my walls bust through every week. The only dudes that will usually hit you back are the dudes who are out of your league (less attractive) and that’s normally because they’re unlikely to get somebody cuter than you since you’re out of their league. However there are exceptions to this, some people are able to keep their FWB so I’m not speaking for everyone. I’m just saying, typically the good looking men are the ones who will never call back.

      1. pretty much. Unless that person is a straight 10 in my books then I’m won’t be messing around randomly because I’ll end up feeling like used tissue

  10. What work wolf texted you was mega sweet, I would have melted 🤗

    I can’t wait until I have a boyfriend that’s appreciates me the same way I will him.

    1. ^it takes time.

      emotionally connections def take time.
      time and patience.
      just be you and don’t change for any man.
      if you feel disrespected,
      then flame his ass.
      always let him,
      and anyone know,
      you don’t need them.

  11. Nice! I agree! I love the V.I.P bit. That’s how I view anyone I connect to. They get some sort of “special entry” to to speak!

    WW went out of his way to let you know that. He def ain’t kiddin!

    1. ^yup!
      once everyone can get the same treatment from you,
      your stock goes completely down.
      in order to be different,
      you always need to look at yourself as a prize.

      i believe work wolf.
      we been fighting and making up as of late.
      he knows how to get me vex as i can with hIm.
      we might be emotionally connected to each other.

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