It’s All Her Fault (Said The Boy In Blue)

460191ea728a9822266f7514d319a1f3you know whats crazy?
i was just thinking to myself how vixens go unscathed by police brutality.
not in a “national breaking news” kind of way.
excuse my ignorance if i missed a story.
well how soon did this happen?…

this is the background of this video:

Distressing footage has emerged appearing to show a school officer attacking a female student in front of horrified pupils.

A mobile phone video captured the incident, which is believed to have started when the girl refused to leave class at the school in South Carolina.

The man, identified in reports as a school resource officer, is seen approaching the girl and asking her to get out of her seat.

He stands over the student’s desk and tells her “either you’re coming with me or I’ll make you.”

Without warning, he then appears to grab the girl in a headlock and flips her backwards, slamming her into the ground while she is still in her seat.

The man then drags the youngster out of her chair and pulls her across the room by her arm before pinning her face down with her hands behind her back.

As the classroom of students look on in horror, the school officer can be heard telling another pupil: “I’ll put you in jail next.”

The shocking incident took place on Monday at Spring Valley high school in Columbia.

Students at the school reportedly identified the officer in the video as sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields.

According to the Richland County sheriff’s department’s website, Fields is a senior deputy assigned to Spring Valley High School.

Fields is now believed to have been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

The female student was reportedly under arrest for disturbing school and resisting arrest after refusing to leave the class, the Daily News reported.

The school’s superintendent, Dr Debbie Hamm, said the video was deeply concerning.

In a statement seen by the Daily News, Hamm said: “Student safety is and always will be the district’s top priority.

“The district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of our students.”

what shocked me was how frozen the students were.
its like they already knew.
i’m sure some knew this was about to be a news headline.
well two students spoke up about it after:

x niya kenny statement

x tony robinson jr, who recorded incident, statement

i am deeply disturbed by this.
the police are out of control.
i don’t even feel safe anymore.
i see them now and avoid eye contact.
i get real cold when i see one even looking in my direction.
cop brutality has been happening for decades now.
can we really stop it?
you give a badge and they start wildin out.
all you can do is pray you aren’t their latest victim.
be careful out there foxhole.

giphy-1lowkey: i just don’t understand why she needed to be “wwf” like that.
she wasn’t doing anything but sitting there.
so out of pocket,
its ridiculous.
that lawsuit is going to be fantastic!

article credited: the mirror

24 thoughts on “It’s All Her Fault (Said The Boy In Blue)

  1. SMH!!!!!! Foxhole, do not read the Youtube comments. I’m so disgusted! like wtf? This looks more like assault than arresting her. Smfh!!!!! That’s someone child!

    I thought i was the only one to be scared whenever passing by the police. I’m even more scared when i see one looking in my direction.

    1. That someone (her mom) passed away earlier this year. Her grandmother passed away this summer. Shebwas recently placed into foster care.

      The school failed to protect this child at every level.

  2. So hard to watch, that was totally uncalled for.

    These police get away with this shit because they don’t see black people as humans that deserve basic respect. These crap had been happening for too long and it just seems to grow larger with this year.

    Let that had been a white girl, none of that would have happened because he knows all hell would have broke loose. But a black girl he feels the need to manhanded smh he needs to be beyond fired.

  3. About to get dragged, but I’m just not feeling too upset by this. Probably because of my experience with high school. Before anyone goes in, let me explain myself.

    When I went to school, I feel like I saw so many students like her, I felt sorry for the teachers. The teacher asked her to leave, called one of the staff that came and asked her to leave, finally they had to get an officer to ask her. They aren’t mentioning this girl’s age, but a student in that class was 18.

    So my question is, how else could this have been handled? She chose to not leave, so force was their only option. I can agree he was rough, but she wasn’t injured or bruised.

    1. I agree/disagree with you. I agree that high school students can be a pain since my mom was a high school teacher and certain students did give her hell. But I disagree because I think the situation could have been handle in a different way, but to be honest from the kids and teacher reaction I can tell this isn’t the first time that happen.

    2. I knew someone was going to say this.

      Just like with any other job, working with kids is a skill. That was not an 18 year old.

      If you don’t have the skills to reason with kids, who can be difficult at times, GET ANOTHER JOB!

      1. She’s not 18, but my point was, she’s in high school.

        Have you seen the videos of how teachers get treated nowadays? Disrespected and even being swung on.

        They had three people in there reasoning with her to leave, which she ignored. The only option was to remove her. I can agree he was too rough, but I don’t feel like this is a big tragedy.

    3. PLEASE don’t EVER get a job where you have to deal with children. Students in HS are evil, hell yes, everybody knows that. That’s exactly why people working in HS have to know how to handle difficult situations without using excessive force. I dare you to say that officer didn’t use excessive force. And have you listened what other students had to say about this? She used her phone for like few minutes, what student never did that? And then when the teacher asked her to leave she was kinda begging and apologizing. That’s where the problem starts. That teach could have handled this himself. She wasn’t a punkhead, she is a child who made a mistake. And then you put the other in jail because what? She stood up to say what you’re doing is wrong?

      Who knows what could have happened when she fell with that desk? How do know she wasn’t injured or bruised. I bet she was. Do this to a white child and see all the bruises, but on a black skin it’s harder to see. Or maybe you have to see the blood to say it’s too much. The only option was to remove her ok, so he had to throw her like and then drag her like a bag trash? And don’t say she was resisting, she wasn’t, you know she couldn’t when you see the size gap and he didn’t even try to remove her gently, but he could have, with all his muscles, took her away without all that. That officer it’s a bully, an animal, plain and simple. And many other students said it wasn’t his first time.

      I’m really sorry that your experience in HS was so tragic and so bad that you think a thing like this is ok, because no matter what she did or even said, IT’S NOT OK!!!! And it’s because of people like you that it won’t ever stop, because there will always be people like you to justify atrocity like this.

      1. Exactly! I’ve worked in psych where we can’t hurt a client even if they are coming at you, so I know there are better ways to de-escalate situation or decrease the possibility of someone being hurt.

        I don’t feel bad for these teachers or police officers because no one is forcing them into their professions! They chose it! Doesn’t give you rights to hurt people.

      2. @Louis Phillipe, Preach Bro, how someone can say this is even the least justifiable is beyond me and got me ready to go all the way in, but I am going to be nice because this is not my website. When police officers start doing this to white girls on a regular basis, then I might can see a different point of view, but I dont have to worry about that. Why the hell does she have to leave is my question, they could have called her parents to come get her, called her to the office after class and just suspended her. She was not disrupting the class by hollering or screaming, she did not hit anyone, the teacher who by the way aint shit either could have just let her sit there and dealt with her by using pen and paper. Dont preach all day about schools being bully free zones and then you have a school representative bullying the students. This dude is a powerlifter and probably on steroids and thinks he can flex his muscle because he is big and you are suppose to be scared. I am glad his racist punk ass will join his other racist brethren officers to live the rest of his life in shame. This child has been forever traumatize.

    4. I agree with you to a point, Dee. While it was totally uncalled for, I’m sure there was a better method to get the young lady out of the classroom. Where was the principal? If the young lady ignored the teacher and other staff, I’m sure she may have listened to the principal. Or maybe not.
      But there are kids in school who are so disrespectful it’s disgusting. They talk back, cuss like sailors, yet if mommy/daddy are called…it’s the teacher who is wrong. I remember my niece telling me that a girl in her class was being very rude and disrespectful to the teacher, so when the teacher had her removed from class, the girl’s mother came up to the school ready to fight the teacher. The teacher didn’t put her hands on the girl or anything, she had her removed by the vice principal..but the young lady told her mother that the teacher put her hands on her.
      The girl was showing no respect for authority..but it was clearly handled wrong. I keep saying it…they need to do better pysch evals for people wearing badges. You have the wrong people becoming cops for the wrong reasons.

      1. I’ve seen stuff like that happen too.

        The teacher pleaded with her to leave, they called someone from the office that came down to plead with her, and finally they got an officer to plead.

        I can agree he definitely lost his temper in this process and threw her, that was wrong, they definitely need to evaluate him.

        I’m just not feeling this dramatic, tragedy reaction. Call me insensitive. I mean I’d see if she was injured, not given any chances, or even got insulted. Hell, maybe even if she was not in high school yet.

    5. Why was it necessary to use so much force though???? I’m confused on why he had to mess her up like that.

    6. Force was not the only option. If you have to result to force, then you’ve failed at humanity.

      That’s what happens when you fill schools with people looking for paychecks instead of wanting to educate.

      1. Man, be a little less dramatic. First off, the cop wasn’t there to educate, he was there to handle these situations. Teachers aren’t paid to deal with this, especially not high school teachers. They’re paid to educate the entire classroom, not a single disobedient student.

        Though I still want to know, how else could this have been handled? They called 3 different adults to reason with her. She had to be removed, but not this roughly. I do agree 100% he was excessive, don’t get me wrong.

  4. You know what I’m so sick of this shit!!!! The police have gotten totally out of hand that kind of force was totally unnecessary and as for the people who just sat there it just goes to show you how much of a bunch of jellyfish the American people has become but I’m sure you’ll have somebody saying she deserves it and most likely it’ll be a black man on YouTube saying she if she just acted like a well behaved white women it wouldn’t have happened to her lol! smfh!

  5. Disgusting!

    The officer and the teacher should be fired!

    If you don’t know how to handle kids, find another fucking career! All that training they go through before they teach kids and ongoing training they all receive and this is the best they can do?!

    If a parent were to do that to a child, no matter the situation they’d be arrested but the police can?!

    Jamari, black women hardly are unscathed by police brutality. They’re just marginalized in the media and the black community is more inclined to give attention to men. Black men as a whole don’t stand up for black women like black women stand up for black men anymore. Fact!

    1. I agree this girl is 14 just like the girl manhandled by the cop at the McKinney,Tx pool party.The difference between women and men is we aren’ t normally killed by the police so the stories are often ignored.

    2. Man. If I knew you, I would dap you then hug you! You are correct when you say Black Men as a whole do not stand up or take up for Black Women like they do us. It is a damn shame! I would either be dead or in jail because the cop and I would have gone toe to toe. I don’t play that ish. I grew up fighting my aunt’s boyfriends/husbands and even went a few rounds with my step dad over some DV ish.

  6. Wow, I have no words, I am waking up to see this on here and on Twitter. I am so tired right now. It is like we cant win as a person of color in these United States. Our election of a Black President has brought out the worst in most other nationalities, it is like they go out of there way to show us that they dont see us as humans but animals. Sadly, most Anglo’s are justifying the actions of the officer as they always do when it comes to any type of brutality against People of Color, and that is why I cant take any of them seriously when they say things have changed. I guess things have changed for the Oprah’s, Jay-Z’s and other Black entertainers and political figures who have wealth but to the everyday Brother and Sister who have to live in this country, not only do you have to worry about just making a living, but you have to worry if you or your child is going to be victim of police brutality.

  7. I literally cried, like really. I guess i would’ve ended up in jail too because i’m not the type of person who can just see that and say nothing, no way. But i definitely get why the other students couldn’t speak, i just saw it through my screen and i was like “OMG”, so i can’t even image the fear in that classroom. But the worse part is how the teacher (a black may i add, yes it’s relevant) didn’t do anything, he was just there looking at it like “do your thing man”, he even moved to make more place for that bastard. he was the only other adult in this room and he did nothing to stop that. And they said they asked him after if he feels like what just happened was ok and he said that she shouldn’t have resisted. Like that’s resisting? That vocabulary is not even appropriate for children. Of course if a child feels like he did nothing wrong or if he was begging for forgiveness like the boy said she was, of course he wouldn’t want to move, that’s how most children react. You work in a hs you should know that, you should know how to deal with children. An of course after that at least one of them would have stood up and screamed and cried. You can’t just put her in jail too for acting like a normal kid. I know that officer felt like a hero, he had to display all his force, show how strong and powerful he’s. But let’s be real here, what resistance a teenage girl can give to a fucking big grown ass man who lifts 7 a week? I can even count all the solutions he had the make her leave but he chose that one. That man is simply disgusting. And many alumni tweeted that he won’t be fired, students have been complaining about him for so long and he’s still there, that he even slapped a pregnant girl once. So the superintendent and the administration only speak now because somebody finally caught it on a video, that’s it. Sad world, the people who are supposed to keep you safe are the ones you should fear the most, that’s really sad.

  8. Jamari! I swear you read my mind. Beyond what actaully went down in the video, the other student’s reponses hurt my heart as well. They were so numb to it and they looked helpless. And I feel the EXACT same way with police. I always get tense when they’re around because you really just don’t know. It makes you not even want to have children sometimes because I would shut that shit down. They’d just have to send my black ass to jail.

    1. Actually another student did speak up she was on GMA,he arrested her as well.This officer is also the defensive line coach at the school.His nickname is Deputy Slam according to another male student who was interviewed.He is known for being aggressive with students yet he has worked there since 2008.

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